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Found 17 results

  1. Planet Pandora welcomes you! Come visit the Metkayina tribe. We are opened every weekend. If you are one of the Na'vi, our Labaratory will help you create your avatar. When they created your Avatar, they took your DNA and the Avatar's DNA. Instructions for creating an Avatar (color settings, settings in the Character Editor) FACE: eyes #879B1E lipstick #414155 facial tattoo #13, #4B465F, full intensity, contrast 0, half contrast eyebrows half intensity BODY: tattoos 2 with intensity about 1/4 skin #37A0D2 nails #376478 HATS: ears in the first row outer texture - zebra #326478 and #325064 inner texture - first skin #C8AFC8 TAIL: devil style - #3C6473 and black
  2. This is my new/old room. This is the Purgatory.. one place with two direction... one in to Paradise... one in to Hell! I want to show you both before make a grand opening! (The room have many secret alternative way to travel.. example: escape from Hell) Let me show you the first direction: Paradise
  3. DIE 3DX Kirmes öffnet ihre Pforten um 16 Uhr ! Heute um 16 Uhr darf wieder Achterbahn und Autoscooter gefahren werden. Vom Anbaggern am Autoscooter, bis zum schlecht werden in der Achterbahn ist alles erlaubt. Bei tanzbarer Musik, markigen Kirmessound und guter Laune sind alle herzlich eingeladen die Atmosphäre eines Rummels mal wieder hautnah mitzuerleben. Ob als Fahrgast, Losverkäufer oder Anschieber heißt es wieder "Junge Frau/Mann zum Mitreisen gesucht".
  4. Gold transfer between 3dxchat members. I see this feature as an investment in the quality of gameplay, interest for the game, as a platform for those who love to play and for those who love to be social. Just in a nutshell why I do the poll. I have seen many events such as fashion show, model photo contest, best dancer of the month etc. Most of event hosts want to reward their participants. I saw 5 gifts for the 1st place, 3 gifts for the 2nd etc. Why don't we reward them in a civilized way, by gold? Just this question was on my mind. Few days ago I was on fashion show(I will post few screenshots under spoiler) and it was fun, but something was lost in my subjective opinion. Some reward would be nice as a appreciation for participation. Not a gift, but gold. It would be awesome to spend it on everything you want. Right? We don't live and work for special tickets for bread, cheese or a pair of sneakers, as it was in some communist countries, but we are getting money. Just money and this is fair. Those gifts with pics are really cool in special situations, but seems we need a little bit more freedom. I hope, I am not alone with such a wish. How it was looking: How I see this with place for words from a sender: This feature can give us a reason and motivation to be longer in 3dxchat, to play more interesting, for helping friends, to create new events with rewarding, to buy a beer for a friend and so on In the end it will give us a breath of fresh air and freedom to use our money as we want. I tried to be short in words. Leave your comments.Thank you for your attention.
  5. Hello to the devs, hello to the community. I suppose that most of the things presented here have already been asked or suggested. As I didn't explore the whole forum, I'm allowing myself to express my suggestions. First, a bit of context. I first started to play this game out of curiosity, like many people over here. Virtual sex is fun, but it didn't hook me up that much. On the other hand, community roleplay and the possibilites of the world editor convinced me to subscribe for a longer period; as I didn't find a way to create and roleplay that easily in other games. Today, I spend most of my time buidling maps with the editor, and roleplay when I find intersting people. Still, I strongly believe that this game have an huge potential in roleplay. Even more that you have the possibility to build maps quickly, and directly integrate then online. As I want the game to go in this direction I would suggest you, devs, to add more ropleplay / life sim element to the game. By "life sim" I mean the possibiliy to devellope a "non-sexual" face of the game, than ressemble to our IRL current life. Some of my current idea are : * Role definition. the map-admin (or more) could define "role" for their visitor, not necessarily with special right, that could help build hierachy relations (admin, mod, watcher, etc..), roleplay jobs (cooker, plumber, police, etc..), relationships (couple, boss, etc...) * More "everyday" life interaction (cooking , washing , wandering on your phone, getting drunk ,etc...) * Casual clothes. Basic ones are great, but sometime a pull-over or a tailleur, high-waist jean are cool too. + every other user-based suggestion for the roleplay field If you want some argument : - Some people have already asked for less sexual / roleplay / lifesim content - Everone will, at some point, need complex interactions. Even the "No chat just sex" will need this in their gaming experience. The long term subscribers are already looking for this - It will attract a more diverse player base, as you will be one of the only game with a lifesim gameplay that allow sex interaction in a simple way. Of course, that's just my opinion, no big deal about it and people could disagree Thanks for reading me ! (and sorry for my non-native english) -
  6. Greetings, 3dx-ians! Thought I'd stop in and make my inaugural post on the forums, having only been playing for about 9 months now! Have had amazing, sexy, wonderful times here; and it's time I give something back to the community! THUS: I'm here to invite you to ~~DECADENT DEVOTIONS LOUNGE~~ A little bit classy, a little bit kinky; and always naughty! My aim is to open and maintain a space for folks looking for something a little different - relaxed, fun and flirty. A place for role-players, and others who love kinky detail, and appreciate some extra effort in their interactions. No colds or tomfoolery; actively enforced by the host. Some pictures of a few of the locations in the interior; including some from our first little crowd! I'm planning an official opening on the 19th January around 7pm (US-Pacific); but will need some help with preparations! Dancers for the smattering of poles around the club, bartenders, greeters, maids... You name it: if it's a little bit naughty and a lot of fun; I'd love to have you there in an official capacity! MOST important! I'm seeking a couple of DJs; both for that evening; and to create mixes/streams for me to play at other hours the club is open. If any of these positions or roles appeals to you (or you think of something I haven't!); drop into the club and chat to me; or leave me a message if I've been forced to go afk. Testimonials: Sakie: "Le Corbusier Art Deco Gold Award for best nightclub/red room. Originality 20/20, style 20/20, effort 20/20, egress 20/20, funky 20/20. Extremely professional job; you're a natural, keep up the good work!" SallySilly: "I think I have myself a new fav place xD" AbbieBlue: *pants excitedly* "Master, this place is wonderful! I feel like a naughty, happy little pet, here - and you can quote me as saying anything you wish about your club!" RandomDudeAtColdFuckSlutsRoom: "I was just at that Decadent Devotions place. They were all talking and RPing. It was shit." YourFavourite90sAnd00sRadioHost: "That Eirick dude plays allll my favourites; but he REALLY needs a DJ!"
  7. The Succubus Lair ​a role-play session November 18th, Saturday 9pm CET / 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / noon PST About the event Let's continue the story below together at the above time and date! The room will be called "The Succubus Lair (RP)". It's gonna be the beach, the succubus lair is the cave with the campfire in it. Because of technical limitations, there will be daytime in the room when you join. Please turn it to nighttime manually to have a more immersive experience. The story so far There he was, inside the cave near the beach with a thick book next to him, on the ground. Its pages were turning into yellow, some of them had already fallen out. The weight of the wood pile he was carrying started to put a strain in his biceps, he was really glad he could finally put it down. It was almost 2 am, not a soul around except for him. The chilly night air and the monotonous sound of the waterfall joining the lagoon outside the entrance made goose bumps appear on his skin. He built a nice arrangement out of the branches and logs, put some paper around the thinnest pieces and clicked his lighter. A minute later the dancing flames painted the walls of the cave innumerable shades of red and yellow. He crouched down and carefully opened the old book at the light of the fire. He had read this part at least a dozen times already, but he wanted to go through it once again, just to be sure. His whole body was shaking because of the excitement mixed with deadly fear. "Why am I doing this? I should be in my bed right now, I've got to go to work tomorrow." - he thought to himself. Andel had never done anything spectacular or even very memorable in his life. Deep down he knew he would not go back home now. If there was even the slimmest chance of his dream becoming true, he must do the ritual. The book said that spirits were especially receptive on the day of the summer solstice. He's got to do this here and now. He took a deep breath and counted to ten in a hopeless attempt to calm his nerves a little. He reached in his pocket and his fingers closed around the handle of his knife. He brought it out and pricked his left palm. He let out a muffled cry. The dark, scarlet blood dripped out of the wound, he quickly placed the small glass vial he brought under it to collect the liquid. He took out the carefully wrapped up feather and dipped the tip in his blood. He began writing on the piece of paper he laid down on the cave's cold floor. The Latin sentence was so deeply engrained in his memory, he could have repeated it if someone had woken him at the middle of the night. He finally threw the paper in the fire, got into a comfortable position and waited... and waited.... and waited. He could hardly keep his eyes open after what felt like hours of staring into the flames. His head bobbed down on his chest. Then suddenly he realized something and it brought him out in a cold sweat. The fire was burning just as bright as when he started it! And the pile of wood was just as big as before! Just as he had this thought, he noticed another shadow on the wall. It was a feminine shape but it was clearly not a human's. It had horns on its head and huge wings, not unlike ones on a bat. Andel was in sheer panic, he got up... except... he couldn't! No matter how hard he tried to stand on his legs, his limbs just wouldn't move. His pupils widened as he turned his head and saw the succubus... ...His mind was numb and his memories fogged up. In the dark of the cave he couldn't tell days from nights. Despite not being tied up, he still couldn't move his body. He couldn't tell if he'd been there for weeks or for years. The fire was still burning just as bright as on the night he entered this god forsaken cave. It seemed like the succubi used it as a portal between their world and this one. He knew some of them but sometimes new ones appeared. He couldn't really observe them as his body and mind were in constant agony. The demons used him as a source of food. They took him between their lips and sucked him until he exploded. This happened dozens of times a day and even though he was always thinking it was just impossible, he always got hard and then filled their mouths with his sperm. He hated his body for doing that. He was not sure if it was just for their own amusement or if it was another form of absorbing his life energy, but sometimes they pushed him on his back and rode him, flapping their bat-like wings from time to time. Some of the succubi even played with each other. Their lust was absolutely insatiable. The worst thing was watching other men suffer the same fate. The demons flew out to the nearby beach and rocks, prowling for more and more victims. Andel thought that's when it was nighttime, because he couldn't imagine these creatures on the sky in broad daylight and nobody noticing them and saving the captives. He wasn't sure though. The notion that it was him that brought these monsters to this world was just unbearable. Men like him were the lucky ones. None of them got anything to eat or drink, yet they were still breathing. He had no idea how this could be, the only explanation he could think of was that their torturers wanted them alive. Others were less fortunate and found their death inside the walls of this hellish place. Some by the claws and teeth of the succubi, others from exhaustion and starvation. Once, a few days or a few weeks ago, the demons brought a woman back from their prowl. They took her to the back of the cave, to a dark spot where Andel couldn't see her. He only heard her painful screams and lustful moans. He felt horrible for it, but he couldn't help getting stiff from listening to her. It took hours and hours but when they came back, the woman was gone. But there were one more succubi... Roles SuccubusFemale avatar with horns. You can choose to RP wings and a tail or not. Naked or in clothes appropriate to the role (not a Hello Kitty T-shirt ). Must be attracted to men, can be attracted to women. Succubi appear inside the cave first, they come to this world through the portal in the fire (going to have to RP that). They get their energy from their victims' cum, but they seem to like playing with them just for the sake of it too. Some like playing with each other as well. They can choose to keep a victim alive or end his life. They go on prowls seeking other victims and women that they turn into succubi. Female victimFemale avatar with horns, but take off the horns at first. In clothes appropriate to the role. When turned into a succubus, see above. Must be attracted to men, can be attracted to women. Female victims are ordinary women just trying to enjoy the beach at night until they are taken into the cave and turned into a succubus. Male victimMale avatar. In clothes appropriate to the role at first, naked when kidnapped. Must be attracted to women, can be attracted to men. Male victims are ordinary men just trying to enjoy the beach at night until they are taken into the cave and kept as a food source and play things. Can be killed by the succubi. If that happens, you can stay in the room, lying, but only talk out of character please . Summoner / Male victimThe idiot that started this whole mess. This role is already taken Final thoughts As per normal, do tell out of character if you don't like something and respect the other players' limits. I hope to see you on Saturday and that this will turn out to be fun for everybody! Questions, suggestions, comments are very welcome as a reply, in a PM or in the game as well (I'm Andel there too).
  8. The Founders: The Members: Elinor Luisa Mirella TheNight Note: Not all of them play TheCrew but are active in our group in 3DX. Its also not a requirement for new members. Out of Character: The idea of a group with close friends already sparked in my mind in the beginning of 2015 but I never really got around it to do it properly. I also wanted it to be well thought out and themed based on one of my favourite games. With TheCrew beeing available for free I wanted to give it a shot and asked around my circle of friends if there is interest for such a group. Our activities are both in TheCrew and 3DXChat as combination of the two worlds. We race and have fun and meet up here at 3DX to have small parties or just hang out in one of our friends room. We are a group of friends that banded together to spend their free-time together while adding a bit of roleplay character to it. It sounds more serious then it actually is. Usually we are very relaxed and have fun in our spare time here. Activities & Membership: Usually we play TheCrew on uPlay together or we hang out at rooms available for group / friends only. There are ideas for more public room events or hangouts in the discussion. Currently its not possible to join the 5-10s directly as the group is invite only. If we see you fit in we let you know. If you want to hang out with us feel free to look for us ingame and we might toss you an invite to our closed rooms. Feel free to subscribe to this thread Dont miss any upcoming updates!
  9. i will hold a simple class to advanced wednesday the 14 at the velvet br 19hpm (gmt-4) come if you need pointers help or others and listen i will give example description and pointers a lot of tricks failsafe things to avoid and exceptions too so come over and learn
  10. i will make it quick and simple... 1. my rooms arent to be blamed for being themselves constructive criticism can be good but blaming The Cave for being a cave was kind of... so in the future i will disregard anithing about my rooms 2.RP/roleplay/descriptivesex: if you think your good you might need lessons.. maybe even more on the advanced courses... if you need pointers there come to me.. i'm getting tired of seing some things but i will hold a class lesson soon on some different topics about descriptive sex that some others do not cover 3.stop pushing your drama on people i had enough to help with and resolve in the past i need peace and quiet keep it out of worldchat and local /issues to resolve should be done in pm or groupchat or your own empty room with said people respecting others is also respecting yourself THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME
  11. Forget Dungeons & Dragons! Come play Truncheons & Flagons, a freestyle, funny and erotic roleplaying game where brave adventurers face off against Pennywinkle the Merciless (the fourth) and her horde of hentai themed monsters! Grab some eleven sided dice, pull up a chair, and match wits with the most off the wall game Mistress in 3dx! Trolls (and other fantasy creatures) welcome! Open to everyone with a love of erotic fantasy and a great sense of humor. Love, For more weird and wonderful events, check out my website at http://sugarbunny7.wixsite.com/sugarbunny
  12. Forget Dungeons & Dragons! Come play Truncheons & Flagons, a freestyle, funny and erotic roleplaying game where brave adventurers face off against Pennywinkle the Merciless (the third) and her horde of hentai themed monsters! Grab some eleven sided dice, pull up a chair, and match wits with the most off the wall game Mistress in 3dx! Trolls (and other fantasy creatures) welcome! Open to everyone with a love of erotic fantasy and a great sense of humor. Love, Princess Sugar Bunny
  13. Hello Everyone! Fairly new member here, but figured it couldn't hurt to have my presence known in the forums as well. This is intentionally lengthy, but frankly, i know those who are interested will enjoy reading it 3DxChat, despite it's notable shortcomings, is truly a fine game to me, easily one of the adult social/sexual sims out there. During my time here, I have learned a lot about what I want and come to treasure. When I first joined, I truly had no idea what to expect, thinking it was mostly just a sexual rompfest with little connection but at least a good time sharing pleasures with like-minded strangers. However, in short time I was happy to find I was quite wrong about the community, and can honestly say I've met some of the loveliest, most like-minded people here of my life. This is a place with real people and real feelings, and it's an amazing thing to see. Thank you 3DxChat for that and I hope to remain a member for quite some time! So while the game can certainly be fun for its intended for, and a good RP of just about anything can be fun with good engaging description, what I'm excited and looking forward to find here is truly find my intended dream relationship. And in an odd way, I actually believe that a social sim like this is the best way to go about finding the 'perfect' relationship because one gets to explore another starting from their mind and soul, from the inside out, with little of normal social barriers we'd have to deal with IRL. Which is really kind of the 'most right' way to go about it, right? That being said, a verbal 'painting' of who I am and my passions and interests: I am an full-time artist with a knack for game designing. During work I spend most of my time creating illustrations and models for entertainment products, and I truly love my job. I've been an artist all my life, but aside from that as a career, the past decade or so I've become fascinated with spirituality, philosophy, and just much more contemplative 'meta-life' topics. Throughout this journey, I've come to learn so much about myself, who I am, and what life is all about. The kind of relationship I would most enjoy would be partner(s) who understand the importance of this type of self-contemplation about life/existence/the self, and so on, and perhaps resonate with at least aspects of teachers like Eckart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Alan Watts, or Bentinho Massaro, as just a handful of names to give you a sense. While on a daily basis I actually rarely bring up these characters or the topics they discuss to immediate social groups like work, I must say that they actually form the basis of who I am and seep into everything I do and how I see everything in subtle but profound ways. And again, I believe anybody who is even interested enough to have read this far might know precisely what I am talking about, and would probably immediately know the kind of resonance we'd have As a person, I can be anywhere from fun/goofy and center of attention, to more calm and contemplative, happily taking a backseat and enjoy the unfolding of all things. My lifestyle is pretty chill and laid-back, and as far as I'm concerned, when I come home to my partner(s), it's all about sharing love and feeding joy to one another. Life to me is not a chase to the finish line, but simply an adventure to be enjoyed and cherished day to day, moment to moment. Self-Clarity, positivity, intimacy, honesty, and caring are all pinnacles of truly great relationships to me, and I feel that it is the honoring of these qualities within oneself first and foremost that will truly garner a chance to love another in that unconditional way that everyone truly seeks. But if one does not understand how to love oneself, then I have seen that sadly it is rare they can 'sustainably' love another. If you are one to understand this deeper truth, then again, we are probably well on our way to something remarkably special. As far as relationship arrangements go, the title is meant to be stated as such. During my time here, as well as simply life experience, I have come to see that many different people truly want many different things, and the 'social norm' of a relationship is in fact, quite illusory especially in modern times. And even many who follow the social norm do not seem at all 'happy' by my definition. To me, life is absolutely about going for what is deepest and most precious to you, and to be fearless enough to expect it. What I want is a meaningful relationship connected from heart and soul, and it really isn't about 'number' of partners. I am perfectly happy with one woman so long as everything I've said bares some resonance to her, and knows the kind of love, loyalty, and commitment that I'm speaking of. If any woman finds this striking true, then know, my dear, that our love would be upheld, honored, and remained loyal to truly no ends. The notion of drama, cheating, pain, or any of those 'socially expected troubles' would be highly diminished if not completely gone. We'd be playing on a completely different level and you know the kind of level I'm talking about. That being said, it does seem that a very large number of females in-game show a desire for both men and women. As a long-term relationship, I would enjoy this prospect if, and ONLY if, both women truly delight in the presence of me and each other, and have 'gone well past' the egoic phase of jealousy for attention or any of that. I am a 100% straight male and as such simply do not delight in sharing sexual experiences with another male, and would never, ever refrain any of my partners from doing so. Life is about respecting each and everybody's freedom of choice in the moment, and I intend to do just that. However, I will state that I am a naturally 'loyal' person and do not wish to seek multiple partners or one-night flings. It would be splendid if my partner(s) shared similar desires, and the very idea of an exclusive relationship must be exciting. The most erotic sexual experiences to me are always the result of strong bonds and deep chemistry. Any form of roleplay would simply be a very exciting and delicious cherry on top Lastly, in terms of the big picture, yes, of course the dream would be to find a relationship that resonates so strongly here that it would feel sensible to take to real life contact, but please note I would never ever expect it or push against the partner(s) will. The only practical aspect of mentioning this is that my time is limited, and I have already met some very wonderful friends in-game that I tend to spend time with. So when it comes right down to it, the 'strongest relationships' will inevitably be the ones that lead us closer and closer to the 'real' thing and thusly warrant most of my time and attention So if you've read this far, dear reader, then I hope you are as excited to meet and make an acquaintance as I am. Just respond and I'm sure we'll meet up in game. Until then, go out, have fun, and I wish you the best of luck in living out your dreams to your hearts content! -Shadowpride
  14. Roleplay is like acting in a play, but without a pre-written script. You have a character, and so do all the other players, and while you are playing in a scene, everyone involved acts out what their character is doing. The most important thing to remember about roleplaying is that In Character does not equal Out of Character, which means that it's just a game, and some other character's objection to something your character did or said shouldn't be taken as some personal offence against you. You are not your character, any more than Jack Nicholson is the Joker or Orlando Bloom is Legolas. When these actors leave the set, they stop acting as their characters, and go back to their regular lives. So should you. Since you are not the same as your character, it can also be important to separate what you, the player, know about another character or situation from what your character knows. When you enter a room, in F-Chat, you can see the names of everyone there. But, unless your character has been introduced to these other characters, your character probably doesn't know their names. The same goes for other information in a scene that might not be immediately obvious. Does your character know the guy in the corner is a werewolf, or do you just know because you read his profile? Does your character know what's behind that locked door, or do you just know because you were looking at the map? Sometimes this gets a little confusing, so don't be offended if someone points out that you've done it. Just re-write the post, and it's fixed! Another point that sometimes gets overlooked is that in-character actions will most likely have in-character consequences. This means that if your character breaks some in-character rule of the setting -- for instance, you're playing in a setting where the sheriff has said no dogs are allowed in town, and your character brings his puppy with him -- then you should expect that the in-character authorities of the setting are going to take action against your character. In our example, this might mean your character and his puppy getting run out of town. This can also apply on a smaller scale, to interpersonal interactions. If your character, Alan, is mean to another character, Beth, then Beth may go out of her way to avoid Alan, in the future, or if Beth is the type, maybe she'll even try to hit Alan. Etiquette In Character - IC - Action which you doing inside your char. Out Of Character - OOC - Action which you doing by yourself, not your char. The following are some points that are generally considered good form. If you are uncertain how things are done in a particular group, these behaviours are unlikely to be taken poorly. If you playing the group or Local chat where everyone is roleplayers - mark your OOC comments, to separate them from IC comments, if you must make them in an IC room. (Parentheses), [brackets], or even just putting 'OOC:' at the start of a line are good ways to make this distinction. OOC is often best taken to the OOC room, if there is one, or to PM, if it only involves one other player.Do not assume that actions involving someone else's character succeed. It's wise to break up important actions that other players may not be expecting, in order to give their characters time to react. Do not, unless granted permission by the other player, act or speak for someone else's character.Bad: * pours kerosene on Teal Deer and sets him on fire, laughing as he rolls around on the ground, screaming.*Good: * sloshes kerosene over Teal Deer, from behind, and takes out a box of matches.*If entering an IC space that is a business, have your character request the things they want, instead of serving themselves. Your character may be told to serve themselves, but it isn't polite to assume that they should.Perspective The first thing to become aware of is the perspective being used in the posts going on around you. Do characters refer to themselves as 'I' or 'he'/'she' in their actions? First Person The first person perspective makes 'I' the subject of the sentence. 'I purchased a tulip.' is an example of a sentence in the first person. Second PersonThe second person perspective makes 'you' the subject of the sentence. 'You smell the scent of tulips on the air.' is an example of a sentence in the second person. There are very few times when this perspective is appropriate, and it is usually when a scene is being described. 'You can hear dogs barking in the distance' is an appropriate addition to a room description or a scene-setting forum post, but 'You slip and fall on the broken glass' is taking control of someone else's character, which is a big no-no, unless you partner allow you to do it. Third Person The third person perspective makes 'he', 'she', or 'they' the subject of the sentence. 'He tossed the tulip off the bridge, watching it drift down the river below.' is an example of a sentence in the third person. This is the most common perspective. Also if you talking about yourself, you may replace he-she words with your name. 'Michelle tossed the tulip off the bridge, watching it drift down the river below.' Speaking When speaking to other characters, surround the words you're saying with quotation marks. If the spoken text is followed by an attribution -- 'he says', 'she laughs', 'it drones' -- end your spoken text with a comma (unless it's a question), and keep the attribution lowercase. If an action that does not generate those words follows, end with the usual punctuation, and follow with a capital letter and a new sentence. Or you can do it in another day and mark you actions, not text, with * * Good: "Hello, Marty," he says.Good: I'd like a pint of the nutbrown ale. * He nods and sits down on a barstool *Not so good: hello marty he says and sits down.Speech can also come after an action. If the action causes the speech -- 'He says', 'She shouts', 'It burbles' -- then there should be a comma and then the speech should start with a capital letter, inside the quotation marks. If the action is not directly related to speaking, then there should be a period, before the speech starts. Good: Finally, he answered, "Yes, let's do it."Good: *She put down her beer * Let's get this party started!Not so good: she put down her beer and said lets start the party. Spelling and Grammar It's important that other players can decipher what your character is doing. Since this site focuses on written RP, spelling and grammar really do play a part in that. Take, for instance, the sentence 'I helped my uncle jack off a horse.' Add some commas and a capital letter, and it becomes, 'I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse.' It's a whole other thing. If your English skill isn't really good, and you think that you'r partner got the better one, just let him know that you're not a native speaker. It's will save you and him from despair of dropping the play in the middle or beginning, because one of you got a bad English skill. Character list/profile For the new role players, the best way to make a solid character - making his profile or list. Topic of the beautiful Eroaulon http://3dxchat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/641-character-sheets-template/&do=findComment&comment=23267 will help you with that. Just try to write answers on all the questions, from the side of your char, and post them there, or keep as document on your computer. Also there is beautiful site https://www.f-list.net/ where you can make a character profile, putting in lots of info. You can set character kinks and fetishes there by choosing from the offered list, or writing your customs, can attach the pics of char appearance, set chars height/weight/breast size/penis size and etc. And it's easy to share with everyone, just follow the link in my Signature to see my profile on this site, and imagine how may looks yours. So, that's all I wanted to let you know for now. Ask me any questions about Roleplay. that you want to know, here.
  15. Hello everyone ! ​ Saturday 28 at 10pm i will host the Quiet Temple's roleplay contest. Anyone can participate ​​! How does it works ?​ Simple. You send me a MP on the forum with the name(s) of your partner(s). The event will last 3 hours at most and there every particpant will be able to present a show with his/her/their partner(s). People watching will give you a note out of 10 at the end of your perfomance and i will write down your average note. The only rules are : - Time limit for each group (depending of the number of groups) - Descriptive actions in local for everyone to see. In character roleplay is appreciated but not needed. - No scat. (Sorry i can't stand it. Not judging, it's simply that i'm the host, and i need to be able to follow everything.) The winners will recieve an official Quiet Temple gift and their names will be writted down here. Please take note that there is no other specific limit. You can bring your husband, pet, slave, master, handcuffs... Everything you please ! PS : The Temple does not open tonight, but i will be available on the forums to answer your questions !
  16. Hi to all. I'm here only day and few hours, but I'm experienced roleplayer, and were very excited with the features of 3DXchat. Despite on the lack of char customization and not so many locations, this game have a big roleplay potential. But... I wanna talk not about that. In the chat is many peoples, who came with different purposes and cravings: making friends, talking, having sex and etc. But I wonder, how many peoples here is actually roleplaying? I mean not the roleplay during sex like "Your resistance makes me harder babe! *stuffs his cock in the mouth*" But some kind of solid roleplayers, who makes a char, thinks about his story, likes, and such. And behave in the world like their char. I'd love to see them here, and actually, lets talk about roleplay in 3DXchat. What do you think about it? How to improve it?
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