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  1. Hello everyone, this is a little preview about my work as 3DX Photographer and photo editor. The project started on June 18, 2022 by me, LordArthas, a photography and editing enthusiast with the intent of trying to break the monotony of 3DX and bring news with a different activities than usual. Specifically, the photo / video sessions are NOT meant to be as RP (Role Play) but there is no specific rule that prohibits it. If you wants to know more, join the model team or hire for events, you can contact me here, on discord Lord Arthas - Discord or trought the website S.G. Photo Studio - Contact Us. Here you can find the full list of contacts/socials! Best regards. S.G. Photo Studio™ - Introduction Video
  2. Hi all, a question for all the community members, how do you see 3DxChat, as a game or a virtual world ? In my point of view, which may not be the correct one of course, i see it as a virtual world, because a game has a purpose, tasks to complete, rounds to win, and so on. I see it as a place where we can come and winwind from the daily stress, wihout any worries of the rl, which should stay out of it, obviously there is always a connection between real and virtual, because there is a human being controlling the avatar, with this being said, i would like to read your opinions on the matter, and please, if you do not agree with someone's opinion, do not engage in any discussion, thank you all for your time, mwah
  3. ITALIAN VERSION Suggerisco l'aggiunta di due nuovi partner per la modalità singolo, oltre Betty e Bob. Benché sia usata relativamente poco rispetto alla modalità online, ritengo che la modalità singolo sia una cosa carina da completare. Non è ancora possibile fare i FFM o i MMF in singolo perché il terzo membro (computer) risulta invisibile. Se si risolvesse questo bug/si aggiungessero 2 nuovi personaggi in solo......sarebbe davvero molto apprezzato dagli utenti a mio parere. Me per primo Cosa ne pensate? ENGLISH VERSION I suggest to add two new characters for solo mode. Betty and Bob are not enought to do a FFM or MMF in solo, because of a bug. When you select two times Betty, the copy does not appear. The same thing happens with two Bobs. That's why i suggest to solve this bug, or at least add two new assistants (computer) for solo mode. That cangreatly improve game, and complete it. Online mode is a great one.....make perfect also the solo mode please Let me know what you think about that
  4. I never knew that my secret desires are to be ravished, lovingly forced open in unbearable pleasure, and taken fully open to love by a man of deep spiritual wisdom, strength, humor, sensitivity and integrity (David Deida) The room was semi-dark, cool, fantasies reverberating in every piece of tool he had created, my spine shivering with excitement and he - Mr.Delux, at last offered a demonstration on all the BDSM equipment. It is a demonstration not meant to just watch but to get engaged, bound, shackled with every holes of mine violated, hanging helpless defying gravity at the mercy of his sole hardness and he went through this one by one letting me experience what I couldn't even dream of. Thanks to Mr.Delux for the wonderful tour to his room 'Nude Apt only colds new poses' that unknowingly arrested my senses letting me feel the extremes of BDSM With love Mahima
  5. Been working with photoshop after a long time, brushing up on it, don't judge too harsh, i have feeling too... Naaah go ahead and criticizes the hell out of it, i need good feed back ^^ A few things that i found that photobucket blocks any "too much revealing" photos. There was lots of bla-bla-bla in the rules which i didn't read, who does read "term and condition" anyway, but kinda had to. So the gist of those rules - some ppl are getting butt hurt from seeing boobs and other NATURAL body parts we all have. If you come across this kind of problems do what i do - get a xvideos account and post pictures there which are more revealing ^^
  6. Hello, this is a room not a house, it's the nerd refuge or simpy a place where two people can stay,no more. NERD ROOM.world
  7. Describe 3DX or your experiences in 3DX with a song! There are thousands upon thousands of songs, so make a choice! I'll anticipate your replies. 3DX General Emotions:
  8. Calling All 3DXChat Builders! It is time for another amazing Build Competition to win some amazing 3DXChat prizes! Following the wildly successful building competition hosted by Mr. Ash. I was inspired to hold one of my own! This build competition is being sponsored by Ninja Entertainment, 3DXModz, and Bunnybot. It is time to once again take your world editing skills to the test to create something absolutely amazing! For this build competition we’re setting our eyes on the clubs! More accurately Night Clubs. It is time to see which bouncing, raving, and flashing gig is the best on the block! Good Luck to everyone who participates! Please be sure to follow and read the guidelines Carefully. Happy Building! Theme: Night Clubs When it comes to social gatherings surrounded by good company, booze, and awesome music, Night clubs is where the action is at. There are many themes that Night clubs can have. But building one takes planning and many steps to make it memorable. With so many possibilities it is up to you to choose a theme and stick with it. Guidelines to be Eligible to Win: Has to have Night Club elements e.g. Light features, Theming, DJ Booth, Dance Floor, Lounge/Seating Areas, and Bar. Rooms such as Sex Rooms, or strip clubs will not be eligible to win. Player Rooms participating can have pleasure areas separate from the Night Club but won’t count towards judging. The night club must contain all original work. You may use downloadable files in your entry to bring the scene together but the work MUST be credited to the original creators in the Build Entry. Failure to do this will result in automatic disqualification. The Name and design of the night club must stay true to your chosen theme. That theme can be anything from modern, futuristic, Rock, etc. If you choose to build any exterior design, that too must follow the theming. Entries must include pictures, a brief summary of inspiration and description. Participants must have a world file available for Judges to use in order to judge the room. Prizes: 1st Place: 1 Year 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 2nd Place: 6 Month 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 3rd Place: 1 Month 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 4th/5th: 10,000 Xgold Meet The Judges: Natsumi - 3DX Ninja Kitty and an experienced event planner with 7 years experience of holding various themed events for the 3dx community. Chloe - Co-Owner of BunnyBot and Queen of Bass. Chloe has nearly 8 years experience of Club building and has thrown several events during her 3dx career. She is also one of the top forum posters with over 4,000 entries to date. Nym - The Head Admin of 3DXModz and a master builder with many of his works showcased by several groups through the years. Elements your Entry will be Judged On: Presentation - You will be judged on how you present your Night Club and how the theme you’ve chosen works. Creativity - How well you’re able to adapt with the limited tools and what styles and techniques you’re able to pull off with the World Editor. Functionality - Your night club will be judged on how it functions and if it would be something that could be possible in real design. We will be paying extra attention to see if structures would be considered stable or outlandish. Effects - How well and unique are your design and layout with effects and lighting and implementing them in a way that makes them work for the setting. Quality - With many builds, its all about the quality and not the quantity that makes a build epic. We want to see what you use to fill in empty spaces and how you layout and design your club. Performance - A crucial factor for any room is to make sure that the room is accessible to all parties and able to run smoothly for guests with little to no lag issue or loss of frame rate. Overall Design - Lastly, we’ll be judging the club based on the 6 key points that define a Nightclub. Lighting Sitting Area Dance Floor Bar DJ Booth Theming Credit - Please be sure to credit the creators of objects you use in your Build entry in the following format at the end of your post. Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Etc. Submission Guidelines The Build Competition will be done in 3 phases. Phase 1 - Build Time! Entries must be submitted no later than Sept. 6th @ 11:59 PM EST / 5:59 AM CET Phase 2 - Build Entries will then be judged and the Top 10 entries will be picked for a final round. Phase 3 - The Top 5 entries chosen by the Judges will then be entered into a poll and then judged by the community to determine which Nightclub is the best. (Further instructions will be given by the Judges during Competition). Prizes will be given based on the number of votes made by the community. Submissions - Must be submitted to the link provided below https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/108-3dxchat-build-competition/
  9. The day is here Queen of Diamonds will open its doors for the first time tonight 7pm est celebrating DesiMac and Kelzz birthdays and honoring our beloved EclipseCult. A memorable event not to be missed! Hope to see you all there!
  10. Join us on Dec.10th 3pm Est/9pm Cet celebrating the Christmas Holiday! Live music by some of the hottest DJs on 3DXChat! Lots of fun and prize giveaway to one lucky winner!
  11. 3DX Xtreme is having a builders contest with GREAT Prizes. Go here to register, enter your images and/ or vote ! Need to be registered by December 4th to enter contest !!! https://3dx-xtreme.com If you will, Please add this poster into your gallery in 3DX Chat & get it RATED! Want to say thank you and good luck to the many contestants so far!!!! Thank you
  12. Bran and Twee... ...two Sisters between the Dimensions.
  13. Different calendars from Different games
  14. decided to take some pics/short videos. Will add daily https://flickr.com/photos/posiden3dx20/
  15. We invite everyone to participate in a magical night, relive the Legend of STUDIO 54, a free place where everyone is the same, with lots of disco music, nice beautiful people, come share with us the joy of ERA DISCO, 6 guest DJs a lot of light, joy and love HOSTESS DJ BIACAT - DJS CARLALOVE - SILVIESUN, MACYLICIOUS, WILDHONEY, BIACAT AND DOCQ - Open hold from 7.45 PM / CET Sunday 19. Join us and have fun Nous invitons tout le monde à participer à une soirée magique, revivez la Legend of STUDIO 54, un endroit gratuit où tout le monde est le même, avec beaucoup de musique disco, de belles personnes sympas, venez partager avec nous la joie d'ERA DISCO, 6 DJ invités beaucoup de lumière, de joie et love HOSTESS DJ BIACAT - DJS CARLALOVE - SILVIESUN, MACYLICIOUS, WILDHONEY, BIACAT ET DOCQ - Ouvert à partir de 19h45 / CET dimanche 19. Rejoignez-nous et amusez-vous Invitiamo tutti a partecipare a una notte magica, rivivere la Leggenda di STUDIO 54, un posto libero dove tutti sono uguali, con molta musica da discoteca, belle persone belle, vieni a condividere con noi la gioia di ERA DISCO, 6 DJ ospiti un sacco di luce, gioia e love HOSTESS DJ BIACAT - DJS CARLALOVE - SILVIESUN, MACYLICIOUS, WILDHONEY, BIACAT E DOCQ - Apertura aperta dalle 19.45 / CET domenica 19. Unisciti a noi e divertiti "It was the most magical club ever," said Chic's Nile Rodgers, "Many clubs evoke a certain era - the Cotton Club, the Moulin Rouge, the Copacabana - but none of them did what Studio 54 did; where, if you come in, you are a star, not just a person. "
  16. Hi there and welcome to my gallery post, I love 3DXChat ad it's features but one thing it laks is the quality of the sperm. So I gave my own take on things here and with good results an good fun and reviews like a lot of "oooh" and "so real" and.... well you get the idea. Also Creating Daz3D for 3DXChat members. You can read all about me on my website: https://jmc3dx.wixsite.com/jmc3dx/about-me So without further a due lets start this gallery. Have fun! Kind regards Jason
  17. Come out and celebrate Sept. 14th starting 3pm est/9pm cet. Music by Live DJs mixed genres.
  18. We invite you all to the GRAND OPENING of another amazing Room. BAIA IMPERIALE the reproduction of an amazing Italian Club in the city of Rimini, famous for hosting DJs like Tom Season, Bob Day and Gigi D'agostino, formerly called BAIA DEGLI ANGELI. Come have fun to the good music, nice people, at the Pool Party this Sunday 28/07 from 8 PM / CET-2PM / EST. Hostesses Dj Biacat. music by Dj Biacat and guests. Enjoy us and have Fun Nous vous invitons tous à la grande ouverture d'une autre salle incroyable. BAIA IMPERIALE est la reproduction d'un incroyable club italien de la ville de Rimini, célèbre pour avoir accueilli des DJ tels que Tom Season, Bob Day et Gigi D'agostino, anciennement BAIA DEGLI ANGELI. Venez vous amuser au son de la bonne musique et des gens sympas à la Pool Party ce dimanche 28/07 à partir de 20h / CET - 14h / HNE. Hôtesses Dj Biacat. musique de Dj Biacat et des invités. Profitez de nous et amusez-vous Vi invitiamo tutti alla GRANDE APERTURA di un'altra straordinaria sala. BAIA IMPERIALE la riproduzione di un fantastico club italiano nella città di Rimini, famoso per ospitare DJ come Tom Season, Bob Day e Gigi D'agostino, precedentemente chiamato BAIA DEGLI ANGELI. Vieni a divertirti con la buona musica, gente simpatica, al Pool Party questa domenica 28/07 dalle 20:00 / CET alle 14:00 / EST. Hostess Dj Biacat. musica di Dj Biacat e ospiti. Divertiti e divertiti
  19. This week at the Dangerous Divas : The lovely Quizmaster SPACEGIRL will be hosting her TRIVIA event. All this while our cast of Divas entertain you with the best rock on 3dx! Curious aren't you ? Come by our room this saturday and test your "metal" (intentional mistake there .. don't worry) against the Divas and our kickass regulars! See you then! STELLA
  20. We invite everyone to have fun with us, at Grand Opening RED PHOENIX SOCIETY PARTY, on June 22nd from 9 PM / CEST, lots of fun, friends, and nice people, guaranteed fun.Host KEOS, music by DJ 's Nadouce, Laeticat and Biacat, join us and enjoy yourself Nous invitons tout le monde à s’amuser avec nous, lors de la grande ouverture du RED PHOENIX SOCIETY PARTY, le 22 juin à partir de 21h / CEST, plein d’amusement, amis et gens sympas, plaisir garanti.Host KEOS, musique de DJ Nadouce, Laeticat et Biacat, rejoignez-nous et amusez-vous
  21. We invite everyone to the GRAND OPENING HOUSE OF EDEN, lots of music, fun, nice people, a perfect place to have fun with great DJ's. Hosted by Dj Simon. Sunday 16/06 - 9 PM / EST gates open from 8:45 PM / EST. Join us and have fun
  22. "To dance boldly where you've never has gone before" The crew of STUDIOS FANTASY LABEL invite everyone to the second episode of the ROCKOLOGY music trilogy, this time with Rock from the 70s and 80s, with the participation of great DJ's and the Amazing BARE BUNNIES - Host - Twin. Come dance to the sound of good music alongside friends and nice people - Decks open from 7:50 PM / CET -1: 45 PM / EST L’équipage de STUDIOS FANTASY LABEL invite tout le monde à participer au deuxième épisode de la trilogie musicale ROCKOLOGY, cette fois-ci avec Rock des années 70 et 80, avec la participation de super DJ et de Amazing BARE BUNNIES - Host - Twin. Venez danser au son de la bonne musique aux côtés d'amis et de gens sympathiques - Les ponts ouvrent à partir de 19h50 / CET à 1h45 / EST L'equipaggio di STUDIOS FANTASY LABEL invita tutti al secondo episodio della trilogia musicale di ROCKOLOGY, questa volta con Rock degli anni '70 e '80, con la partecipazione di grandi DJ e Amazing BARE BUNNIES - Host - Twin. Vieni a ballare al ritmo di una buona musica al fianco di amici e persone simpatiche - Decks aperto dalle 19:50 / CET -1: 45 PM / EST
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