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  1. definitely project 1,2,5 \\o thx UπŸ˜†
  2. The game has been on for 18 years now and children see it.
  3. I paid my 3dxchat subscription for 12 months why, and why is my avi on youtube?
  4. I paid my 3dxchat subscription for 12 months why, and why is my avi on youtube?
  5. this is not a nice idea, please remove it video,Gizmo, this person should get a punishment for what she did
  6. there will be a very nice club \\o
  7. Gizmo bla bla bla 100,000 people play in 3dx ,load?It is a shame to spend your money on a better server
  8. heyyyoooo Gizmo Gizmo, you get the rules, okay why I needed help from the 3.1 regulations, I did not get any help, your rules are not good.The last update was in April, how much time,add more things will be fun,every month something new is enough because 3dx is really nice, it's graphically clean and it's worth taking care of people ,thx Gizmo <3
  9. hi nice idea ,Biene knows that,Biene was doing a fashion show in 3dx, I`ll be your model ! top 2018 \\o
  10. 3DX Help Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 10:21 AM Hi. The game can only receive sound stream and cannot broadcast it. We are not responsible for the actions of players.
  11. hi, 3DXCHAT , 3dx, please protect pirated vdj and Traktor pro 2 programs and downloading YouTube songs because it is thievery and theft,and please accept only original products,even in private rooms,3dx, I am asking for a positive settlement ,Thanks greetings Myszka
  12. thank all for the posts \\o
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