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  1. Best option would be to move the Bra Harness and Leg harnesses into their own respective Acsessory slots. Then.......Make acsessories undressable like every other piece of clothing.
  2. I would say Accessories. Just for the aspect of it adding more clothing layerablility. Thus adding that much more to our individual uniqueness. Since our Faces and bodies are all preset with miniscule tweaks.
  3. Materials need to be put onto The following older clothing sections | Bra | Panties | Stockings | Shoes | Older tops | Older Bottoms | Bracelets | (Headphones/ Tails/Horns) | With the Addition of a solid Glowing material. Accessories NEED to be removable via Clothing menu. The laying down Female(Giving) Trans(Receiving) handjob pose needs to be available F->M Name alterations should be a 1 time purchase Incentive. Recurring will not work. Next FREE update to the UI needs to be personalization. Color change. Font change. Fade in and fade out (For a comepletely clear screen)
  4. Clothing Every guy I bump into wishes for more clothing options Addition: Allow female clothing to be worn by men With the Addition of the new Bras and High waist thongs. Came the metallic versions. Update on some older clothing using the new metallic and leopard [Like the boyshorts] Flared jeans [Come down over feet so that just the toes are peeking out] Tie in to later suggestion C-String FreuToy Strapless thongs Glowing Clothing. Not just Bracelets. Tops Bottoms Shoes Accessories BUTT PLUGS! Gem| Tail | Novelty sayings. As wearable insertables. Possible pose Tie-in LoveSense toys are already modeled in-game. Functionality for them. Instead of being just static World items. Nip Piercings H-Bar | V-Bar | Rings | ANKLETS! Chains | Strings | Ribbon | Glowsticks Cock-Rings | Glan-Rings for the guys Body Body Mesh update for both genders. So that new sliders can be implemented [Not cock length] Fitness Sliders. Possibly Split like: Chest Abs Arms Thighs Calves Feminine Slider for Men: Allows for a more feminine physique Speaking of Cock. I know you guys have to be tired of having to be 24/7 hard [Maybe xP] Flaccid option Addition of Ball size slider Circumsized and Not FLAT FEET! I'm probably not alone on the forever invisible heels. Tip toes is cute in moderation [+ Converse on tip toes is meh] Switchable Skin texture for Men: Skin Texture they have now | Clearer softer feminine skin texture ☠Tattoo's | Body Art☠ Tatt regions. Taking the existing Tatt sets and making them separate to individual body areas. Forearms | Upper arm | Back | Lower back | Stomach | Pelvic | Ass | Thighs | Calves | Feet | Hands Body paint: Possibly glowing SEX! | Lewd Additions Tit play: Nipple licking/sucking CreamPies Better Cum overlays More Footsie poses: Toe licking/Sucking | Hands free footjob | Foot petting caressing Cute MF Foreplay: Tapping the guys head on your tongue | Tapping the guys cock on your cheek ..More I can't think of atm More Ass licking poses ☢UI | Chat | Profiles/Gallery☢ Color Palette for HuD Transparency slider for HuD Full Emoji | Unicode Symbol support for Chat Player creatable Chat Tabs. Invitation only Gif support in Gallery [With MB limit]
  5. Looking for .. Fallout World (Red Rocket room) by Oleysa Youtube Link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CuaeNIcQ9g If its available for download.
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