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  1. I often see them, just forgotten how to do it. they'll come up as a coloured link to another profile.
  2. say, what's the code to text link to another's profile?
  3. would such a room stay open, even after the room owner has logged off? or is that new function only applicable to public rooms?
  4. spoke (typed) too soon... was in for about ten minutes, now can't connect to the server again. le sigh.
  5. tried a clean reinstall (BTW, looks like there may still be an issue with the security certificate, I had to disable my firewall to access the D/L exe file). still nothing. Login screen vanishes after about 3 seconds. UPDATE: finally in, login screen message says servers are back online. room list, profiles, world chat all back for me.thanks, devs.
  6. mine says "look, it's friday, you really should turn off your computer & just go to the pub." and who am I to argue with technology?
  7. unable to connect from australia. self-test says "high latency", but my usual speedtests etc all seem fine.
  8. thanks for the heads-up @ColinDude, but still no good at my end. and yes, I've tried all the exclusions as above. I've even disabled my AV, to no avail. I do agree with @chloe that most 3rd party AV clients are more trouble than they're worth. but as I'd said upthread, I tried to run the 3dx client on a laptop with NO 3rd party AV, and window firewall off. this didn't connect to the gameserver either. but obvs, some people seem to be connecting fine. anyone else unable to connect, and could you share your experiences please? I consider myself fairly technically adroit, so t
  9. banned from a forum from a game that we pay for, but are unable to use? alrighty.
  10. just tried installing 3dxchat.exe on another pc laptop, one that doesn't run kaspersky [or any other AV, for that matter]. it still wouldn't run. there was only a blue box with a large red exclamation point, disallowing the program to run. possibly triggered by windows defender or firewall. so if even windows is now refusing to allow this program, obvs due to a server-side issue, then there's no point in continuing to subscribe. after all the server crashes and DDOS issues, and now this... anyone recommend a similar game, one with a more stable platform and a support team? I was in s
  11. he's a well hung beverly hills businessman, who speaks highly of you
  12. this workaround isn't happening for me. I've tried everything outside of shutting off kaspersky, which I'm very hesitant to do. @Gizmo & the crew really need to look into this asap.
  13. agreed. after all the recent DDOS traffic, I'd rather wait.
  14. likewise. any workaround, or is this server-side?
  15. that'd be a good room name: "moans and morons"
  16. there's very rarely any tech support over the weekends. perhaps gizmo & crew go golfing with trump?
  17. hey @KylieSissyKitten, call me. we can do fonesex
  18. same. reminds me too much of dating in real life.
  19. re the new poses [@ 21 feb], what's with the strangle bit? isn't there already one for a barstool? how much bad porn do the devs watch? seems there were plenty of lovely suggestions made upthread that would have required the same amount of coding. or less, as in the lap/riding pose.
  20. I don't suppose you have her phone number or anything....
  21. agree with most of this. I'll add a suggestion I'd made a couple of weeks ago that dovetails with this thread: Posted January 19 Here's a useful suggestion that should be dead easy to implement. In Second Life, the profiles include a UI tab called "Notes", where one can type in comments regarding each individual we encounter. These notes are visible only to the user, and are really handy for tracking where we met, mutual friends, birthdays, ingame info, etc. I've seen peeps on my friends' list here whom I haven't spoken with in months, and often str
  22. @Kaitlyn1989, you're a gem. I hadn't noticed that the 'head' and 'body' headers were actually active links themselves. got it now and yes, I was in character editor.
  23. @Pandorra, I've been trying a combination of mousewheel & the screenshot cam's zoom slider. I still only get a closeup of my torso.
  24. unless I'm a complete idiot (always a distinct possibility}, are you talking freecam F5? or merely the mousewheel to zoom? I can't access freecam in edit mode, and all zoom does is allow me to gaze at my navel, not my face.
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