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    Pheri reacted to Coldheart in Cyber-bullying & I love you   
    This place and people lying and hurting others. The way I see it, you got two choices. You can bleed to death as an open wound, or you can become a scar and be tougher skinned for the next time someone tries to hurt you. As far as hurting others, that has to involve valuing others, respecting others and having empathy for others. You can't make anyone else have those traits, but you can make the world a better place by having them yourself. That's it.
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    Pheri reacted to JackPine in Are you serious ?   
    I am not an elder of the game, but outside 3dx I probably have a lot of years on most of you.  I do find the lack of debate and agreeing to disagree here disappointing.  If you find the current status of the game so disagreeable,  then leave.  Not sure why Secretylia needs to GTFO just for stating an opinion.  Everyone here is here for their own reasons.  Respect and peace to all of you.
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    Pheri reacted to secretylia in Are you serious ?   
    Translated from French to English on google translation ... Sorry, it's not perfect!
    Since yesterday, I read the forum and I am sad and angry.
    Ok, we are on a game and we pay a subscription for it ... It's annoying and sometimes annoying not being able to play it as we would all like to be able to do. The repeated disconnections and the days without play are not pleasant and I was like everyone angry sometimes.
    But, we are talking about a game and not an essential tool for our life or our work, is it necessary to be as critical and mean in the words towards @Gizmo and @Lisa.
    I think it is not fun for them and they are doing what is possible to improve the cons and try to counter the attacks. I would not want to be in their places!
    3DX is a game and one of the best on graphic quality offered to us ... Many say they no longer want to pay and leave ...
    Strange, these are the people who scream the most and that we see first on the game when it comes back.
    I may have a lot of criticism, but not serious! I think right now they need more support than being criticized as I read on the forum! Criticism is so easy !!!
    For an elder on the game, it is important for me to confirm to @Gizmo and @Lisa that despite all the negative people, I wish them courage and strength for all these super difficult moments and that I will stay on the game!
    Texte traduit de français à anglais sur google traduction... Désolée, c'est pas parfait!
    Depuis hier, je lis le forum et beaucoup de choses me désole. 
    Ok, nous sommes sur un jeu et nous payons un abonnement pour cela... C'est agaçant et parfois énervant de ne pouvoir y jouer comme on aimerait tous pouvoir le faire. Les déconnections à répétitions et les jours sans jeu ne sont pas agréable et j'ai été comme tout le monde en colère parfois.
    Mais, on parle d'un jeu et non pas d'un outil essentiel à notre vie ni à notre travail, est ce qu'il est nécessaire d'être aussi critique et méchant dans les paroles envers @Gizmoet @Lisa.
    Je pense que ce n'est pas amusant pour eux et qu'ils font ci qui est possible pour améliorer les inconvénients et tenter de contrer les attaques . Je ne voudrais pas être à leurs places!
    3DX est un jeu et un des meilleurs sur la qualité graphique qui nous est proposé... Beaucoup disent ne plus vouloir payer et partir...
    Etrange, ce sont ces personnes là qui crie le plus et que l'on revoit en premier sur le jeu quand il revient. 
    Je vais peut être avoir beaucoup de critique, mais pas grave ! Je crois qu'en ce moment ils ont besoin plus de soutien que de se faire critiquer comme je lis sur le forum ! La critique est si facile !!!
    Pour une ancienne sur le jeu, c'est important pour moi de confirmer à @Gizmo @Lisa  que malgré tout les gens négatifs, je leurs souhaite du courage et de la force pour tout ces moments hyper difficile et que je resterai sur le jeu !
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    Pheri reacted to Jada Sinns in Useless Advice   
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    Pheri reacted to PussyGaloreXXX in Plea from a Programmer: The Server Problem   
    Bitch Bitch Bitch.... Server goes down and everyone loses their minds!!!
    For those saying they are leaving the game to find another... GOOD LUCK!!!  Good luck finding any other virtual world with the quality this has. I've been on others and updates??? NEVER!!!!! Every other Virtual World is cheesy compared to 3DX and the closest thing to this game isn't even close to 3dx. And the drama there is UNBELIEVABLE where there is 0 drama in here except from a few morons that love to cause it and World Chat.
    I've been here a year and a half and have been to all the other Virtual Worlds and I still LOVE IT even with the crashes and who cares about responses when I know they are working hard on the problem at hand.  
    Not worth it to stick around???  Where else do you get this quality that is all inclusive for just above $4.17 a month when you pay for the year? So GO!!! Get Lost!!! See Ya!! wouldn't wanna be ya out there paying 20-30 dollars a month plus paying for poses, clothes layouts(rooms) and everyone else that charges fees. Go open up a club and spend over 4k a year when it's all free right here with quality that surpasses any other world like this on the net. In fact I pay 30 dollars a month for special VIP to be able to do more in another game but have spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years just for clothes and avatars, and all I got from there is pure drama. So, have fun looking for anything better!!!
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    Pheri reacted to Lisa in And Again ....   
    Please do not grieve ahead of time. 3DX is our child. We made it from scratch with you. 3DX has grown and gained fame as well as ill-wishers and terrorists. In this difficult hour, we will fight.
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    Pheri reacted to Lisa in Maintenance   
    Hi all! 
    Sorry for my bad English 😌 
    What is happening right now?
    - Our "plane" crashed. We are checking the black box. I will keep you posted.
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    Pheri reacted to Stellania in Dangerous Divas Events   
    The Dangerous Divas and Dudes would like to wish EVERYONE a

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    Pheri reacted to Stellania in Dangerous Divas Events   
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    Pheri reacted to Anaganda in Dangerous Divas Events   
    were two awesome nights... had a blast... was happy to contribute to such great event...
    Divas & Dudes have created a nice community and I am honored that my design did justice to you all 😘
    also you forgot to mention @Maiveda for actually coming up with the idea and being awesome design adviser ❤️❤️❤️
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    Pheri reacted to Derai in Dangerous Divas Events   
    It was an Event that’ll be talked about for a long time. 
    We had tremendous support from our regular visitors, new faces and even the 3DX’s own @Lisa for actually allowing us to promote our event on the official 3DX discord. For that she has our thanks!
    So again a big heartfelt thank you to everyone that attended, supported and helped us make our Event great. 
    We will do our best to continue to be a regular staple for all the Rockers and other Music Lovers in the awesome community that is 3DX. 
    Much love. 
    Derai. (The Dangerous Dreamer, I like that @Stellania hehe, new Diva Name?)
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    Pheri reacted to Stellania in Dangerous Divas Events   
    So it's behind us .. the 1st Anniversary of the Dangerous Divas!
    There were a few unexpected hiccups for Day 2 but overall, we were there for 20 hours of nonstop kick ass rock music.
    What we've learned though is that we have some truly, devoted friends and we are touched by your support and friendship. Thank you.
    Like Day 1, held on Friday, the room was PACKED!

    - Thank you ALL for : 
    Coming in for HOURS(some of you almost the total duration of the event!) or minutes just to say hello and be a part of the action!
    All the regulars, all the new names and all the friends we've made.
    Special mentions going out to : @Zrix, @Pheri and NikkitaBlack
    - @Anaganda
    This event, in that location specifically, would not have been possible without her skills. She brought to life our vision of Camp Dakka. Thank you so much!
    I took the liberty to send MANY of your awesome comments to her as a tribute to the quality of her work with the venue.

    (picture courtesy of @TeresaScharfberg)
    - Thank you to all the DJs that made the event possible. :
    Day 1 : SlimeGirl, Sinthea, Binka, Biffy, SpaceGirl
    Thank you to Sinthea, on behalf of 6ML, who graciously offered a full month subscription to our trivia winner, BIKINIKIM
    Day 2 : Derai, Cicely, Icebox, Valkman and @Raeven(i'll make it up to you)
    Big CONGRATULATIONS to trivia winner ROBERTC, who's got a full month of 3DX subscription added. Graciously offered by the Dangerous Divas.
    also to runner up SEXEHMILLEH. She also got a full month of 3DX subscription added. Offered by @Icebox and @Maron from the BDSMetal gang.

    - Thank you to the DD staff!
    Derai, the Dangerous Dreamer. *Word Of Caution here* If she EVER tells you.. "Hey, I got this idea!" .. RUN, you're in trouble!  Love ya Dee!
    Cicely, for her outstanding skills, ideas and support and DJ skills.
    DutchBennie, our greeter extraordinaire. If you feel welcomed at our events, he's the 1st reason why. He's the 1st that will talk to you! Thank you.
    Valkman, our resident stuntman & lead of our geriatric department. For those that didn't know, Valk had been in a serious work related accident. While trying out for "Cirque Du Soleil", he fell down off a structure, sending him to the hospital for weeks. He got out of the hospital, on the Friday and Saturday was at his post doing his thing in the Divas. Thank you and wishing you a speedy and full recovery my friend.
    Spacegirl, for hosting the 2 trivia games and filling in for a DJ.
    Slimegirl, i just have 2 things to say. Welcome to the Dangerous Divas(insert devilish laughter here) .. and .. what a GREAT set. Thank you!
    Binka & Biffy, our beloved BB's in the DD's. Thanks for some great music! 
    Maureen, for sticking with us and helping out as much as you did! Ya tiny lil shite!
    VanessaLocklear & Youngmark for the AWESOME moments they immortalized digitally for posterity.
    All the other DD members who were there to back us up in case of need!
    **Special mention** going out to @FeliciaX for her extraordinaire support. She was there for 20 hours but also she was a witness, from DAY 1. Witness not of the Dangerous Divas but witness of me doing what i like to do best, play rock music. We were together, just the two of us for many -events-, in my humble rooms of the time. Thank you for your continuous support and believing. ❤️
    On a final note, before i forget, BIG THANKS to @Vampixie for coming to showcase her lovely butt cheeks in the room!(snickers)

    It was great .. and in 2020 .. we'll be back .. BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER.
    Keep watching THIS space for more about what's happening with the Dangerous Divas!
    (why do i feel i'm forgetting something .. or someone ?)
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