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    Hello, i am Stacii i was diagnosed with bipolar,schizophrenia,depression recently which I'm on pills for now.
    Update....PTSD now too
    It's Like That,And That's The Way It Is!!

    i like anime, video games, rock ,metal, hip-hop,rap, drawing, demons, futanari, being creative, cars , racing , adult video game production , creativity , MMORPGs , and more
    Actually Started 1-13-2015.

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I value my privacy and do not like people who think they are entitled to my personal life what i choose to share or not is my choice and mine alone. Do not bug me about my personal life if i do not wanna share i will ignore you and have done so to friends in the past and will do so again...i see it as disrespect and that shit really fires me up, just so you all know where you stand! 

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