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    Hello, i am Stacii i was diagnosed with bipolar,schizophrenia,depression recently which I'm on pills for now.
    Update....PTSD now too
    It's Like That,And That's The Way It Is!!

    i like anime, video games, rock ,metal, hip-hop,rap, drawing, demons, futanari, being creative, cars , racing , adult video game production , creativity , MMORPGs , and more
    Actually Started 1-13-2015.

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  1. Just got out of the mental hospital because i was going to kill my self. I told my shrink and doctor that i had plans to do it and they called the police on me and i got put in the mental ward and put on new drugs for depression. I learned very quickly i do not wanna be in a mental ward and issues will land me there if i do not keep them check. That's all

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