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    In a game where some peoples nameless anonymity maintains a conspiracy of silence and lies, only one word of the truth, sounds like a pistol shot. And i'd rather be real, crazy and a lill weird, than fake and stupid like some "bitches" in here, that are actually... men!!

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About Me









Atm probably pulln the parachute for some time again, what i always practice doing in frequent, irregular intervals @ 3DX for RL and just to get my brain not fucked to much, or even start fuckn it myself and to see as less bullshit as possible that this game, or better said, some people themeselfs sometimes produce! Lol, and i just hope that this time, i didnt grab a bloody parachute again, that is only filled with empty whisky bottles of the last Black-Xmas Party @ NC, just like it was the last time, hehee. But at the same time stepn a lill at side from and for my so lovely char chaostika and mostly for the person "inside it", that was just beeing itself 24/7 all time and nothing else! Ofc that wasnt always the best thing to do in here in the beginning, but what or who else would chaostika be or have been, just like her bro kyuss, if not always "just" that?!



So if your looking for contact ingame right now, you can just save your time looking, cause nobody knows, where or when, anyone should be found here in our "jungle", "circus", "asylum" or sometimes even little "battlefield"; game and forumwise! Sometimes now rather to be found, if at all when ur reading this after the 21.06.2015 somewhere between the bomb craters of our forum, that was starting to remind me of the moon  on some days. But since the best pose in this game finally arrived here: our 4 horsemen, the new mods in the forum with shanti, achilles, skar and ashbash, well now, it actually really looks and feels like a forum of a "game" and meanwhile one only should consider, that on some days forumwise, you now only maybe need a bulletproof vest, just like sometimes in the "game"!!!See you ingame at a bigger DJ Event, Party or in Privat and i have no fukn idea when and so till then, as arnie says: 

ILL BE BACK...and ill cya all in my surrogates!





In the beginning, it was only just a virutal sexgame and catburglar had it written for me to read in her profile: "One meets lots of ppl @ 3DX, but still u have to weed out the good, the bad, and the ones playing stupid"! Of course, all of that depending on what ones expectations here are or one is looking for in this game, or simply not! But what the hell your ever looking for in here or not, playing with someones heart n mind at any cost, just fuckn simply shows, that there is nothing at all in yours! And as one keeps on playing the game longer and longer, the more and more goodn interesting, awesome, wonderful, tolerant and nice ppl one discovers. Just like here in the forum and if your lucky, one also meets some real angels here, that helped atleast me, in "darker chapters" of my char chaostika, in my Rlive and can also be found, beside and outside of the game! Just like other ppl in ones Rlive, that one should treasure and be grateful for, and i am! Just like for all the other good n deeper friends i met in here and a tiny little few of them, also sneeked as new good friends into my heart and RLive1.0 outside of 3DX!

Without all of you mentioned above here, i guess i wouldnt have been "playing" here all that time, for so long in any case...and so for me its just as dande once wrote in the forum:

...the only reason why this place is not an empty server *** *censored **** *** honestly is becouse we made connections to other players and it is hard to let them go, that what keeps me coming back here. Take my friends away and i am done with this place in a hearthbeat as i am sure majority of old players feel aswell. I don;t think developers understand at what fragile state this place really is right now




So never cry because something is over, smile because it happenend and special people left and still leave footprintes in ur live and its funny how a person that you barely knew, could have such a huge impact on your life out of a "game" and in this life, we do things, some we wish we had never done, some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads, but they all make us to who we are, cause in the end, those experiences shape every detail about us. And if we were to reverse any of them, we wouldnt be at the exact place that we are today. So just live, make mistakes, and have wonderful times, but never ever second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly, where it is that you are going, cause in the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took anyway, but how many moments took your breath away and in twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines sail away from a safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails and explore, dream and discover!




Mustasch - All My Life

(maybe click?)




”There's a gender in your brain and a gender in your body. For 99 percent of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, they're mismatched. That's all it is. It's not complicated, it's not a neurosis. It's a mix-up. It's a birth defect sometimes, like a cleft palate. ” ― Chaz Bonzo






well, actually im a lesbian in a mans body, but its more complated than that
forgottn author and just listen to the other mustasch song below






Mustasch - Don't Want to be Who I Am

(definitely click!!)






Easily to be found ingame if online. Sometimes at my favourite chilln kopfkino dancingroom at my bro gismo (*Gis), or gettn a peace of mind at a fire on island or at the beach. Dancing on the pole at sins if a dancer is needed, or sitting down next to bro elvis beneeth the cross for a smoke and some sounds of metal for a change again!  In NC maybe on support for an DJ Event, or just dancing and fooling around together with my angels, sisters, or good and deeper friends. So if you see me maybe to busy with the last mentioned, please apologize me for not always greeting and cuddling everybody i know as usual and maybe sometimes, not answering to every chat, except with a 'hello' back and maybe also just not much more!! On some rare days, but ull noticed that and


So if you once get no answer through that, or im ~AFK~, or you catch me up on a day, were i just had enough of chatting with only keyboards, or of everything and that includes me too, then please dont nail me on the cross for that, even if one gets a cold by mistake, a cuddle to much or not one at all from sis chaostika or bro kyuss, thx!! Sometimes not at all quiet, but sometimes also that quiet, you might not even notice, but in what way ever, always still close enough!





Once upon a time in the past



i discribed 3DX with
songs like these under here













Just some old anecdotes about|to 3DX





Somtimes 3DX|Worldchat feels like a middle-school playground populated by brats in ski masks who name-call and taunt with the fake bravery of their anonymity and one also discovers oneself ranting in there or local suddenly, so soz 4 that guyz, just saying. But sometimes - thank goodness - 3DX itself it's also nicer than real life and you have to be honest and admit and understand why im proud of so many things in my life, but nothing beats beeing a surrogate






The most lies you will get to hear will be during a war, before an election, after the hunt or after fishing and at 3DX - Bismarck/Chaostika

























Just what is a friend; do you ask of me?
      I think it is one who will ever be
      Loyal and loving, what ever may betide;
      One who will always stand close by our side
With faith and trust and a fond, cheery smile
      Of understanding for us all the while;
      One who is ready to give us a hand
      As we struggle on through the shifting sands
Of time: an honest, sincere friend is one
      Who will share our sorrows, our joys, our fun;
      And we know in him we can ever trust
      Till the time our bodies return to dust!
~Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, "A Friend" (1940s)


Amicitia vincit horas


3DX Wargames






Just like always on this fukn Planet, its atleast not often the same in this game:


But sometimes still too many people are
making too many problems
and not much love to go round

Can't you see?

This is a land of brainfuck confusion.



This is the gameworld we live in
And these are the hands we're given
Use them and let's start trying
To make it a place worth living in.




And to the few, please, fuck your own brains with your sick heads, minds, thoughts, rumors and lies!

Leave me or others just all out of it and just wake us up, when these unnecessarily:





that are known, seen and felt of ppl i know,
simply are over and they are where they
belong...right down the drain!!








Alts and Storytellers


Wellknown, high quality roleplay,
actually is a underpayed and a underrated thing

and only the so well known and continously, so often and sometimes so
obvious and also prestige like seen


ocscar worthy, bullshitvomit

Hollywood Altdetector

sometimes, just simply fukn peaks out too high and to often in this"game"









So actually besides some things mentioned of our game






but hey come on,
it was "only" a lill-temp.3dx.vomit_tour.exe
that was running in the background in those days

thinks: and whow, i also have a "RL 1.0" at the fresh air muahahaaaa
and some ppl really got the "3dx needles", really deep, tight and long in their arms, as also i once^^







And did i even mention, just like in the older days, when mankind
didnt even have any electricity for something kinda like pornhub or e-books and






also were professional jobs and well paid people for delivering extra
ordinary and unknown tales for the "entertainment" of other people for








Some 3DX players gathered in their masses,
 Just like witches at black masses.
 Evil minds that plot destruction,
 Sorcerer of death's construction.
 In the fields the bodies burning,
 As the war machine keeps turning.
 Death and hatred to mankind,

 Poisoning their brainwashed minds.

 Oh lord yeah!

















actually only sometimes
but i was, as i wrote that as u maybe notice ;)
if u even got down up to here till now^^

( I know, its soooo loooong, so what?!  You wanted some more infos or me? Ok, then lets sroll on!







3DXchat | Galactic Sounds of Dubstep *20th Sep.2014*
DJ Event @ 3DX Night Clubwith DJ CHILLES | DJ MIKEY






3DXchat | Christmas Party *25th Dec.2014*
DJ Event @ 3DX Night Clubwith DJ CHILLES | DJ ASH






3DXchat | 1st Event on yacht *29|5|2015*























My fav Band and Song:
TOOL - Right in Two


ATM fav Song:
Gary Newman - Dust


ATM fav Song II:
GTA 5 - Trailer Theme Remix


ATM fav Mood Song:
Seether - Weak



ATM fav Stoner Rock Song:
Unida - If Only Two

ATM fav Electro Song:
Julien K - Flashpoint Riot


ATM fav Music Vid:

Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love













...to be continued some day, maybe...



for poping by here and my love goes to @ll of ya out there on this planet, n especially
 to my: <beloved treasures, my gamepartner all my brothers and sisters/> just like to all
my good and deeper
friends n family out there in rlive1.0 & online @ my own
digital-livingroom2.0 and to all my 3DX3.0 from: germany, uk, belgium,scottland,

 cananda, norway, australia, united states of america, brasil, and
of course to our neighbours in austria and switzerland  
and to all your pets!! and u all know,
who i mean, if your one of
all these! hugn kiss u all!

ps:nymphpott - rulez the 3DxmatriX
and the cheese squeezn..so follow

all of the white rabbits





I would rather be real, crazy and a lill weird,than fake and stupid like some bitches in here!!



















have a great and awesome autumn + wintertime



The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.  -Unknow Author





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