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  1. we have a bowling ally now i think now we need a golf course
  2. Lol!! anyone who’s played here for more than 3 hours knows that! Hahaha! it’s cool if you like sticking your weenie in guys buttholes that’s great. Hahahaha good times
  3. not sure if anyone else has the heart to tell you, but all these ladies you are having sex online with 24/7 are actually men
  4. i say lock all the threads except yours perimeds.
  5. I am grateful to be laying in my bikini on the beach.
  6. i just had someone cold me for a partner invite in sin club four times. After the first two times i pm'd him and told him to stop and that i was not interested. so he responded by doing it another two times, so then i pm'd him and told him if he sent me one more request i was going to cut his balls off and shove em down his throat. Problem solved. no need to even start a topic or a poll about it in forums. I am not even upset, i realize it is part of the game. I mean this is 3dx afterall. Wow I can’t spell
  7. is it just me or is it a lot more peaceful on forums after perimeds goes to sleep?
  8. after piecing together all the separate threads for this i see there isn’t any room for new people any time in the near future. Good luck though it all seems kind of interesting, and wow sure is some juicy drama!! Hahaha
  9. ok, i guess misunderstood the other posting. i saw something about having to prove your gender to be in one of these videos. never mind.
  10. some of you really should sell your stuff for money. i very highly doubt 3dx would be motivated enough to do anything about it, besides remember, everything on the internet is fair game according to gizmo.
  11. this game guzzles up more CPU and GPU on my computer than a sports car guzzles gasoline. so yep, perfectly normal. lol
  12. I looked over all the threads that kind of involve this, how do i go through the gender verification, watched one of the vids and it definitely has got my curiosity.
  13. is this topic for real?????? hahahaha. just wow
  14. I kind of wish i could have voted both yes and no. I think who and what you are in real life can shape who you are here if you stay on the game long enough, and the reality of who someone is in real life will always shine through in their personality sooner or later. But like others said there is alot of fantasy here and i think that's a great thing too. also more than anything on this game there should always be privacy and anonymity if someone wants that. So hmmm, i go to say both yes and no.
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