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Status Updates posted by DrGiggle

  1. Busy busy making money 

  2. 1196 more status updates and I would pass @chloefrom status updates :P

  3. april new life chapter starts, hope you all well.

  4. Hey 3dx peeps, hope you all well, I’m still in job hunting mode and don’t really find it would be good to return by now.

    those that are close to me, know how to reach out to me.

    shall you all have a good Xmas time, please be kind and reduce the drama to a mi

  5. Have all a good Xmas time!

  6. seems you vanished again, all okay?

  7. Why I’m still awake.

  8. Okay something weird occurred me, had a conversation going on, suddenly find myself removed from the friendlist, Person got offline, couldn’t send gift but wasn’t ignored, how the heck? O.o

    1. NaIIey


      Need to reboot PC

  9. Feelsbirthdayman

  10. Chooooo choooooo

  11. moof moof!


  12. happy xmas you filthy animals! ❤️

  13. boop!

    1. Thaméa


      you have to add me in game soon😄

    2. DrGiggle


      oh you coming back? when? poke me up! :D

    3. DrGiggle


      oh you coming back? when? poke me up! :D

      p.s happy xmas!

  14. Hey folks, whats up?

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