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  1. Me personally, I'm not speaking about catfishes; you are right, that will continue to happen no matter what. I'm speaking about seeing things as they are and having a penis pop up on a girl because someone clicked the wrong pose etc... Also, anything that will improve the gameplay experience isn't a waste of time and resources. If you are a girl and you choose to play as a girl in the game, why even have the option for a penis on your screen? It's just a turn off for a lot of people. Take the new doggy style facedown-assup animation they recently added. A girl could be having a three way with
  2. Twiggy, I agree. I know for a lot of straight men it's a turn off to see a female avatar that also doubles as futa. Making a third gender isn't a lot of work; the infrastructure is already mostly in place for it. The problem is 3dx is understaffed and don't want to hire extra help. Also I agree on the collars, if they're going to allow females to wear a collar with the word "sissy" on it, then they really should add a third gender with a permanent penis. People who make the argument that, that will open the flood gates for people to ask for a 4th, 5th, and 6th gender are just arguing for the s
  3. Honestly, as far as model quality, the hairs in 3dx are fine. The biggest issue with them is the design, they're not sexy at all, or attractive at all. Which is why most of the females you see in the game are all wearing the same few hair styles. I would love for the girls in the game to have an updo, long hair with bangs, etc... I mean the possibilities are endless, the developers just need to outsource some of the work to people who would do it. There are so many passionate people who play this game.
  4. Honestly, at this point I would rather for the developers to just add a third gender to the game and let them be shemales/futas. I know a lot girls hate it when they mysterious grow a cock during intercourse and I can only imagine how embarrassing it is for them and their partner. Having female avatars who are always female no matter what would be a big help and relief to the community.
  5. I would honestly prefer to see a Mac port first and foremost.
  6. Blackjack, Texas Hold'em, Spades, Dominos, and even slots are easy games to code. No reason for us not to have them. It's even better if we can use our 3dx gold, because honestly it serves no purpose. INB4 someone mentions gambling... As long as 3DX gold can't be exchanged for real currency then it's not gambling, this is how Rockstar was able circumvent gambling in GTA V.
  7. Not even then I'm afraid, I've seen several users in world chat dropping the hard R word (n-word) for days on end, and they still haven't had their account actioned.
  8. I have to agree; this game has become nothing more than a sex simulator. 3DX has so much potential, mini games like blackjack or slots would be so easily to code for an experienced dev, there's no excuse for it not to be in the game. Integrating the walking animation and standing animation with a "browse cell phone" animation would go a long way to making the world feel more alive. I even suggested a fight animation that's basically RNG as who wins, but honestly, I don't think the rigging on the models are good enough for such animations.
  9. Assuming the models are rigged well, the animations are super easy to make in Autodesk Maya. Though I'm not sure how the Unity stuff works.
  10. I see your point Twiggy, and I agree with you that it does suck for for people to get really involved with someone only to find out their sex doesn't match their in-game avatar. However it comes with the territory of any game that allows players to be female. Especially in a game like this where sex is the major focus. The funny thing is you can make a survey irl, and ask 500 guys are they gay and have they ever thought about being a girl? And probably very little will say yes if any at all. But you come to a game like this where all the females in the game are almost exclusively played by guy
  11. Agreed, I think it would be better if people could just check a box in game if they would rather play with gender verification on or off, and have the people who checked yes be phased in another server from people who have it off. That way no one gets their feelings hurt. I mean if people are really getting that emotionally involved with someone in this game, then 3DX needs to take the dating site approach to this. You can't force people to change how they play the game for other people. But I theorize that not a lot of people would go for the gender verification server because it would be bor
  12. Most people don't care, because it's not as prevalent as the counterpart. But I did read about a woman in the UK who got arrested for tricking her friend into believing she was a man. Somehow, don't ask how, they ended up sleeping together and she found out during intercourse that it was a woman, and now her friend got charged with rape.
  13. You don't know anything about me, I find it hilarious that whenever you disagree with someone you never try to listen or debate your point of view, you instead resort to insults and little "cute" remarks. See I come on these forums a lot and read the stuff you post in game on world chat, and I just now created a forum account, so I know the kind of person you are Rob just from reading your previous posts in other threads. Also I don't care if you're a bigot or not, or whether you give a damn about my opinion or not. Maybe if you're weren't such an asshole I would care. And I can honestly say t
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