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  2. pretty

    FPS Drops?

    Mine is the most current graphics driver. I already checked for that.
  3. Hi, May I first suggest getting the most current graphics driver for your machine, reinstall those, and go from there. I have not updated to that version yet, and I have seen numerous stories on issues this latest update has created, and all were not the same issue. I hope this helps, John
  4. Words of wisdom to be sure. As reluctant as I am to admit it 😏. We will put occasional, unforced, abstinence up there with going to the dentist then. Usually not a lot of fun, but worth doing just the same... ...which reminds me, probably overdue for a check up. 😏
  5. pretty

    FPS Drops?

    I have not had any recent updates to my operating system, but have been experiencing lag, frame rate drop, whatever it is for several days. It comes and goes, and is not related to peak and non-peak times. This is an issue with 3DX itself. @Gizmo Please fix this issue soon.
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