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  2. 2 Days left 😁 not showing too much of the work i'll let people find out themselves
  3. Leonard Cohen - Coming Back to You When it comes to love songs, accept no substitutes.
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  5. hey is ur friend a new account (new non registered email ) ? also for questions regarding the new refferal please contact support
  6. hi i just wonderd how i get my bonus from inviteing a friend? i invited 1 but i have not gotten any free month to my account . can someone plz help me
  7. Consequences of my actions? That's the point I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG. I made this post wondering why i was banned for no reason, i wasn't even in the game since 9th feb, because not only the devs didn't help me with my renewal problem, and now i get banned for no reason, on top of that i got 5 free days as a gift just to be banned during that time, amazing! First my account doesn't get renewed for "unknown reasons" now i get banned. A guy who was insulting me, didn't get banned eventrough i showed footage but i get banned wow!
  8. Mature people take responsibility for THEIR actions and accept the consequences, drama queens point fingers and make excuses why they are being singled out... I have been both... took me a VERY long time to "mature".

  9. A boot would be NICE, but it could also be abused. There is a much SIMPLER way to escort someone out and it is highly effective.
  10. No, drama is making a thread crying about facing consequences for YOUR actions. I have gone into rooms in a bad mood and cussed out the owner (believe it or not I can have a temper) because he was talking trash about me. I am sure MANY who run rooms know how to kick someone out the way the rooms are now (I won't give it away because it is VERY effective, PM me if you want to know how).
  11. I'm so so so ready =D
  12. the navy seal thing is a meme first of all.
  13. exactly, but seems like some people prefer the drama.
  14. Ermahgerds a Fake Cop, da lowest of tha low ROFL...….. Yeah too many coppas cruizin around these days, they tink just coz they have a badge they can just swagger all ova da place fining peeps fo running eeeps. Oh and everyone tinks they are in tha right so this will go one fovea LOL.
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