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  2. And someone called "snowflake" others. I have enough time. Do you know why all these people you call names don't call you names? They have more arguments in their brains. Instead of using your brain, you use name-calling. Intelligence.
  3. Or you will run away and tell me that I am ignored for trolling? And then unignore because you are too thirsty for attention.
  4. And yet you fail to capitalize the first letter of your name? Low self esteem huh? Also, nice projecting you've been doing around the forums here luv. It's always the same people that call others 'snowflakes' and project all their own failings onto others.
  5. Ahaha You call people around "no-lifers" being a no-lifer yourself. You calling people snowlakes being snowflake yourself, but trying to picture yourself as not. Get a doctor or a pill. Your logic is broken. I showed it to you a time. I can repeat. And of course I will try not to descend to the level of the scum of society and call other people names. At least I'll try.
  6. You're a snowflake and you know it. Get over it. The world will always be too difficult for you and the other snowflakes, because you are all too terrified to stand up on your own two feet and face it. By the way, I did not pick "pretty" as some lame attempt to feel pretty or to try to make others think I am pretty. Pretty is actually my real life first name. So your childish attempt to insult me with your little meme failed, snowflake. Keep replying back. I won't waste any more time on you.
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  8. Let`s vote for this. https://discord.com/channels/537730036485193748/633627618075344897/639570547105071116
  9. Feel free to put me on your ignore... Ah, you said you did it. Such a No-lifer.
  10. This is the new server. It is only called "test server" because it is in the test phase. Once the test phase is finished, it will simply be called "the server".
  11. Also, if you are worried about lag, fewer animated objects is better. Trees, bushes, etc all move constantly and the more of them you have, the more lag they produce. Same with any other animated objects. By the way, 3000 kb is 3 mb. We're talking about mb here, not kb.
  12. that's true= =... I remember I 've seen somebody talks about the in game market months ago, maybe 3dxmods is a better way to solve this,although the texture of furnitures are usually messed up badly... btw: patch 421 is still in test server, so the new server t's not officially online I guess
  13. Hey, at least it's not XML - could be way bigger! πŸ˜‚
  14. People: *doing absolutely nothing but uploading a image of a pair of cute-neko gloves* Some random rage real-lifer in this virtual life game
  15. The server has been up and running for days now. It is doubtful the developers will implement such things. Some players have asked many times already for such things but none of it has been added to 3DX.
  16. I think the occasional bout of abstinence can be good for you. That way, when you come back to whatever it is you've taken a break from is all the sweeter. Of course, forced abstinence is rarely kind to the soul. Hopefully with things stabilizing people can get back to having an awesome time in game
  17. We had that topic dozen times before... no need to make another one to that collection. Can read more here.
  18. I know it's kinda stupid to say when the server is still down but......we got daily xgold, and we could only using it to purchase a beer, get married, change names, up the rooms or gifting each others.... so I was thinking: could players upload their own items/clothes, or furniture for sale just like second life/imvu, and use the xgolds they earned/purchased to buy some official items(such like rare clothes, sample houses/official made rare furniture)? Or maybe simply......allow the players transfer money with each other? ^ ^III
  19. Main issue with JSON format is that it makes savefiles grow HUGE because a lot of values saved as strings of text. In example such things as "respawn" or "oceanlevel" are not needed at all. It could be just a first 3 floats inside the file used for xyz coord and 4th float used for z-axis rotation of the respawn area. In a human-readable form "respawn":{"p":[0.0,0.0,0.0],"r":180.0}, could be saved as 000180 In fact it is not correct representation, but it gives you an idea.
  20. Blood diary? That sounds positively Clive Barker-esque, Jack xD But yeah, sometimes not engaging is the wise course of action.
  21. To prevent this from happening again. Either convert your room to Group and then Clear and Close. Or open the room in the Editor for a second. Both should eject any lurkers. But yeah. Creepy as fuck.
  22. Sheesh! I've had my share of creeps on here, but the waiting around your place after you leave, that's dedication 😬
  23. Nektar


    I really should start masturbating again at some point
  24. Yep. Walk away little girl. Let the grownups have their talk. On topic. I’d Love gloves like those in the Picture.
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