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Thank you from the bottom of my heart....

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On April 28th, 2015 I sent a girl a PM. Three years later that girl is my wife and very best friend, and although our connection has evolved beyond the boundaries of this game, it was 3DX where we met. And from that simple one-line PM until right now, there has never been anyone else to match what she means to me or me to her. Not even close.


We've had brief breaks from here, but never from each other and although I respect everyone's perspective on what 3DX means to them, for us it has projected a sense of love which is both profound and meaningful, in-game and out.


So to my wonderful Freya, a simple thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


I love you, baby <3



* We would also like to thank those people who have been by our sides over the years - as our friends, supportive and respectful of how we choose to spend our time. In no particular order: Togo, Twiggy, Jameis, Pyro, Chloe, EthericEssence, Maelstrom and CrazyDaisy, And to any others I have failed to mention, thank you too.

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