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some dumb little thingy...I guess


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so... I made this lil game since we can now throwing things 3.0 version, it might be glitchy but... could be a choice to fulfill the lack of in-game minigames? 

feel free to use it anywhere, but please don't malicious use it for earning xgolds

please  measure the distance(top of the stairs) before throwing vapes into the board



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5 hours ago, Whimsy said:

Not really a fan of things that costs xgold to use in the game, but i like the idea.

Unfortunately the only ball-like shaped little thingy we can throw it's vape. But by this logic, it could be fun if we have some other little things in future such as caps or coins, that will make the game a lot cheaper to play

ps: maybe we can use lollipops instead of vapes? they're a lot cheaper and small enough

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