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Lighting control (on/off on timers, switches and/or scripts)

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Hi all,


New user here, so forgive me if this has been requested before or if I am ignorant.


I think it would be a great addition to add more control over lighting. I can imagine awesome light shows and firework shows to sync with the music performed by DJs.

When talking about lights, I think I would also refer to the "effects" materials. Specifically the one which gives static luminance. Also switch can be a trigger, like a walkable tile...or just a button to be pressed.


Current thinking is the following:

-On/off state for lights

-Have switches for on/off control for lights & fireworks. Would be good if multiple lights can be connected to a single switch. Also good a single light can be connected to multiple switches. That way you can e.g. display different images depending on the switch if you create a RGB light diode.

-add timers and delays to lights & fireworks, depending on when they are switched on. I think would be nice if multiple timers with their states to be added per sequence. Not sure if it would be better to have each sequence programmed into the switch which in turn will control the lights connected to it, or in the material/light itself.


Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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I wouldn't complicate things too much, but in the general locations to which we can choose from different skyboxes there are already lights that react with those, for example the lamps on Love Island or the Public Beach.

It would be great if we could also get such objects that already exist in the game

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