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Socks for males.

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🇫🇷 Bonsoir,

Oui, c'est triste... Nous voulons des chaussettes dans notre tiroir 3DXChat. Je me dis toujours que ça pue des pieds, quand je retire les chaussures de mon avatar...
Et j'ai dit à ma copine que je refusais de me marier, parce que nous n'avons pas de smoking et que nous n'avons pas de chaussettes et que je n'ai pas envie de me pointer comme un tocard en plus d'avoir les pieds qui sentent choubichou à coté de la mariée. Elle est désespérée...


🇺🇸 Good evening,

Yes, it's sad... We want socks in our 3DXChat drawer. I always think my feet stink when I take off my avatar's shoes...
And I told my girlfriend that I refuse to get married, because we don't have a tuxedo and we don't have socks and I don't want to show up like a loser and have stinky feet next to the bride. She is desperate...

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Mmmh that will give men the chance to fuck up even more their matching oooh god not to mention the risk for us gals to have sex with guys with socks… so now we must add a no sex with socks to the no colds policy!
but on the bright side that will open the door to new kinks such as smelly socks rooms or even a torture machine built with said socks…

and when asked how a man was in bed we could simply say “he socks” 😹

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