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My little Eden


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One corner of the room has apparently become a library, because here herbs, vials, candles, a cauldron, plants and lots of books are piled up on shelves and on a table.






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So true, and it it rather poorly written on my part, but that happens when it sounds cool and i just run with it. To clarify :

I love the clean lines in minimalism and the look of concrete itself, but most of all the fact that it is virtual, so in here it`s beauty without consequences. In real life i do care about what i do and how it impact my surroundings.

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My little Eden continues to grow and develop. Recently, I spent most of my time revising already existing localities. The latest updates and my slowly developing skills have opened up new possibilities. Therefore, I have updated the pictures of some of the already reworked places, the rest will follow bit by bit.

First, however, a new, cosy place... a secluded hut in the shadow of the volcano with a beautiful view of the sunset...






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On our foray through the tree house, we find ourselves in a bright, cosily furnished Ateljer. The centre of the room is dominated by a large indoor fountain. In one corner of the room, hidden behind long curtains, is a cosy resting area. Numerous other seating areas also invite you to relax. A large balcony lets you enjoy the evening sun and floods the room with warm light.


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