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Naughty Designer 3


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oK. So I have jumped onto the bandwagon like so many others and I"m tyring this out. I already tried out the other one, and that one was SOOOOO much easier to understand than THIS one and yet I still had a hard time figuring out the first program. 

So tell me, after I did some research online to find wtf a vector image was, how do I take...say.. a photo of someone like Aranon and myself or my DJ logo and turn it into a vector image? I have already downloaded Inkspace. And I can't break apart anything... because they NOT vector images? 

Anywhose, it's the crack of stupid here. (4:55 am EDT) So i'm going to bed. I'll check for any responses when I wake. 


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I just added a new version Naughty Designer 3.2.2. This is a small update which simplifies the interface. It enables the tab corresponding with the loaded file type and hides the other tab. For example if a raster image is loaded it will select the raster tab and disable the vector tab and vice versa so there is no way to access options that do not correspond with the loaded file type. 

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