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Super shiny stars! (Stargazing)


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Hey everyone! :D

So maybe a few of u know the room 'Stargazing'.

I build a room called 'Lo-Fi Lounge' and I would love to add stars like the ones in 'Stargazing' to it. I spend many hours trying to figure out how its done, but I just cant make them as shiny!

I already talked about that to some friends and other builders, but we couldnt find out how its done yet. We suspect its done with the color code glitch.

So i wanted to ask if someone has an idea how its done or can provide a file with the color code glitch? :)

Added a pic for reference. Also the stars blink and flicker when moving the camera. I was able to reproduce the blinking and flickering but never got close to how shiny they are :o


I would be sooo thankfull if anyone can help me out with that! ❤️


EDIT: We figured it out :D


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