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I was going to just make a diary entry, but perhaps my musings on this matter might reach a larger audience in its own thread.

Where I come from is a tiny community.  And when you compare the user base here to other platforms we are a tiny town too.  Although my town may look rather vanilla, dig down you still find a variety of personalities,  belief systems, and opinions.  Yes, we sometimes disagree, and sometimes even quarrel.  But, this is all tempered in the fact that because we are few, we desperately need each other.  Whether through providing helping meals when someone is sick, pulling over to yank a vehicle out of a snowed in ditch, or pitching in to help a neighbor in need when out of work.  You learn quick to be honest, humble, and to check the ego and bias, because you may be the one next to need a hand.

So, to those of you constantly seeking to take the high ground when you have no ground to stand on, those that spew hate and demean, and to those who only want their egos stroked.  If you keep it up, who do you expect to stand with you when you really need it? 

Next time you want to take a thread down this dark road, please.  Pause and think if it is befitting OUR tiny town.


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Good point there Jack. 
You make a good comparison between this community and a small town. 

Like any community we have little splinter groups within it. 
And we’ve got our share of troublemakers. 
(looking at myself when saying that)

But at the end of the day, we’re in this together. 
We choose to be here. We could just move away, and some have done that. 
Enough have stayed though, and some of us are trying to set an example. 
Give back to the community by helping even those that hate us. Be there for friend and foe alike. 
Not because we Have to. 
But because we Can. Because we Want to. 

Sorry for the random rambling again. 
I just get passionate about this stuff.  
Y’all are my people. My town. My home. 
Even if some of y’all are obnoxious. 
Still got love for y’all. 

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To add some additional thoughts.  I do feel what is lacking in Our Town is a strong mayor and sheriff.   We as residents agree to terms and conditions.  Other than random bans due to 'ads' in world chat, obvious hate speech seems to be ignored.  Now rooms dedicated to rape are appearing and allowed to run for days?

What good is a city charter (terms and conditions) if they are not enforced?


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3 hours ago, DustyWibbles said:

Is it wrong that I saw “Sheriff” and “Town” and immediately thought of “Blazing Saddles”? 

No particular scene, it almost encapsulates 3DX in its entirety!  Heck we’ve even got a saloon for good measure! 

Just stay away from the camp fire if it’s “beans night” 😉

This Mongo like candy!

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