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Found 9 results

  1. This week at the Dangerous Divas : The lovely Quizmaster SPACEGIRL will be hosting her TRIVIA event. All this while our cast of Divas entertain you with the best rock on 3dx! Curious aren't you ? Come by our room this saturday and test your "metal" (intentional mistake there .. don't worry) against the Divas and our kickass regulars! See you then! STELLA
  2. Justy

  3. Love, Want to learn more about my other workshops and events? Visit my website at http://sugarbunny7.wix.com/sugarbunny!
  4. Think you're smart enough to keep your clothing? Let trivia expert SaraBug challenge your general knowledge and quickness of wits! And when the questions are over (and all those pesky clothes are gone), get ready for more adult escapades as an orgy ensues! Regular trivia was never this X-rated, and it sure as heck was never this fun! Event begins at 7:30 pm CDT, with questions starting at eight. Love, Looking for more wild and wonderful events? Check out my website at... http://sugarbunny7.wixsite.com/sugarbunny
  5. Hello 3DX Community, Join me on the yacht this coming Friday for a Pirate Party. DJSpYroUsss will be in the house spinning those tunes! After the Party is The Bday Party in (After Arrs Room) with more music and fun! During this event we will be hosting pirate themed trivia and you can win the treasure. Stay tuned for gold details and rules 9PM Est. 2AM UK time, Saturday for those of you in that zone.
  6. Join me for Trivia Night, aka pub quiz, we'll have lots of fun and even win some xgold. Yes you heard right! First and Second place winners will get a boat load of xgold! Gizmo is loosening up the purse strings, people, don't miss out! Hope to see you all there. Poster design by the amazing Luli Trivia Game Play and Rules 1. Responses to questions must be made in local chat only. 2. First correct and correctly spelled answer wins. 3. Only one response per player per question. 4. Players that continually respond more than once will be ignored and disqualified from the game. Players will be notified if they are ignored. 5. Spammers in local during game will be ignored and disqualified from the game. 6. New players can join game at any time. 7. 2 Players with the most correct answers win. 8. Only questions with fact responses will be asked. 9. Recommended that Attendees not greet friends in Local Chat so as to not disrupt game. Use the PM, people, please. Post any suggestions that you think will improve the game.
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