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Found 199 results

  1. Gold transfer between 3dxchat members. I see this feature as an investment in the quality of gameplay, interest for the game, as a platform for those who love to play and for those who love to be social. Just in a nutshell why I do the poll. I have seen many events such as fashion show, model photo contest, best dancer of the month etc. Most of event hosts want to reward their participants. I saw 5 gifts for the 1st place, 3 gifts for the 2nd etc. Why don't we reward them in a civilized way, by gold? Just this question was on my mind. Few days ago I was on fashion show(I will post few screenshots under spoiler) and it was fun, but something was lost in my subjective opinion. Some reward would be nice as a appreciation for participation. Not a gift, but gold. It would be awesome to spend it on everything you want. Right? We don't live and work for special tickets for bread, cheese or a pair of sneakers, as it was in some communist countries, but we are getting money. Just money and this is fair. Those gifts with pics are really cool in special situations, but seems we need a little bit more freedom. I hope, I am not alone with such a wish. How it was looking: How I see this with place for words from a sender: This feature can give us a reason and motivation to be longer in 3dxchat, to play more interesting, for helping friends, to create new events with rewarding, to buy a beer for a friend and so on In the end it will give us a breath of fresh air and freedom to use our money as we want. I tried to be short in words. Leave your comments.Thank you for your attention.
  2. Also Including 3DX Chat Fully Monty and Bare Bunnies Every Hour the full Monty Crew will come onto the stage to give the community a show with a song, as the song goes through they will take off one piece of clothing and throw them into the crowd I wanted to give the Community something not done before, Enjoy the show ! The Full Monty event will start Friday 6th December @9pm Cet - 4pm Est, all are welcome to have fun and enjoyment in this special Event.
  3. You are all cordially invited to THE SOAP FACTORY ooo0000ooo The Grand Opening of THE SOAP FACTORY. Too Dirty for Soap - Be there or be clean!!! All Are Welcome. FRIDAY 21 SEPT 2018 AT 7.00 PM EST. MIDNIGHT - GMT (+5) with the ONE & ONLY DJ SHOVEL - WILD & FREE WITH A LIL BIT OF DEVIL! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE and beyond !
  4. It is the season to be jolly fal lah lal lah lahhhh lah lah lah lahhhhh Post your favourite Christmas Songs to spread the Good Cheer. Merry Xmas Everyone & Fantastc Wishes for the New Year. Merry Christmas Everybody - Slade
  5. Others may try to imitate, but there is only one "Legendary" Gone Country. The best in the Country Music you want to hear, the Best Friends both Old and New, the most fun you can have with your boots on (or off), and the very best LIVE DJs on all of 3DX. Add it all up and it's why Gone Country is still, and continues to be, the Legend since June of 2016. Join us this and every Tuesday evening, 6 pm EDT, and see what the Legend is all about!
  6. The Biggest Halloween Venue on 3DXChat is back for its 5 Year Anniversary! Prepare for Scares like never before! Enter the Haunted Mansion and brave the monsters within! SIGN UP NOW BY MESSAGING ME ON 3DX OR ON DISCORD
  7. The 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event Is Coming Back to 3DX! Please Wear Pink to show your support for those fighting against Breast Cancer! Join The Fight, Donate at www.bcrf.org
  8. The Horsemen Return 2018's Scare-fest is back until 2019's Scare-fest 2 this is not photo shopped this is 1/3 of the room.
  9. PREPARE TO ROCK!! The Vibe Stadium Will be Open again to bring the Summer Heat one Last Time before the Holidays!! Join us in this all out Rock Concert style event to hear some of your favorite rock bands played by some of the hottest DJs of 3DX! Events starting @ 2pm EST / 8pm CET
  10. White Breeze proudly presents a new chapter in its history. White Breeze Berlin will open its doors officially on September, 11th. We will start with an Opening Party at 20:00 CET.
  11. I created this topic for everyone who interested in DJ stuff. I'm not DJ but I'm working with some of them in real world. I love any kind of music since I was in crib. I remembered chat with Chilles about famous DJ like Zedd years ago about preset mix for venue. It was true and I'd like to share about how important of making those set. Let's watch discussion between Laidback Luke and Afrojack. P.S. Believe it or not, Live Broadcast like "Eurovision Song Contest". It delayed for very short time, in order to prevent any unexpected incident during the show. I'm not joking but entire production team said same thing πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  12. With Valentines Day looming, I thought it would be nice to know the history of Valentines Day as explained in the video below and a nice friendly topic to send Valentine wishes to your loved one & friends. The History of St Valentine's Day.
  14. Hi my fellow lewd buddies, July 15th will mark my 5th year of being on 3DxChat! Thank you everyone for such a great time these past 5 years. So many great adventures and memories were made. I am proud to announce the grand opening of a brand new Strip/Night Club called: Erotic Frequency! It is based on the design of Story Night Club in Miami, Florida! I have asked great friends to spin music with me monday night and hope you're ready to dance the night away! Big Thank You Xanar Chloe WildHoney Ukari HandsomeDevil OOlisa
  15. "The 1st 3dx Artist`s Festival" Warm welcome to every "world editor" user. How to take part in the festival. Link to the Poll - information about how this should happen. Conditions: 1. Up to 8 participants. 2. Up to 80 KB for each file. 3. 1 week (since 1 July) for preparation,1 week for presentation. 4. No more than 1 file (working place: 20x20x60(height)) per each artist. 5. Google Drive should be used for uploads. 6. Only own creations, which haven`t been published anywhere must be used. 7. Theme: freestyle Explanations/recommendations. "Up to 8 participants, Up to 80 KB per file" was made for optimization. Everyone looking forward for beautiful works, but less reflective textures and lights for better optimization are very welcome. Since Today till July 7 - preparation time when you can create, fix, test your work. July 7 is a time for creating final test and festival file. When your work is done, upload it to google drive and send me the link by private message on the forum. Since July 8 till July 14, the festival should be open everyday for everyone in public place by me or participants. If you see that a place isn`t opened, just use the place and open by yourself. Festival file will be given to each participant. Theme: freestyle. "It could be a graffiti on a wall, a car, a bed, a statue, or whatever you have in your imagination(except something can break the rules of the game)." Conditions can be changed. I may lost something(info). Nothing is perfect. Feel free to post you questions/ideas here or by pm.
  16. Hello Everyone! The E-Series have returned with E7: Evolution! I'm inviting all DJs and music lovers both new and old to play and share their love of music this June. This music festival will take place for 3 whole days! If interested please click the link below and follow the instructions provided. If your name is not listed, please DM me via Forum, Discord, or In-game. There is room for everyone! IMPORTANT: Be sure to put down what genre of music you'll be playing, as well as the Day you wish to play. Depending on the number of DJs there is a slim chance that DJs may play more than once, depending on the circumstances. More details about the stadium and schedule will be provided throughout the weeks prior to the Event. E7: Evolution is provided by DJ NinjaGirl Entertainment, 7 Sins, and will feature the lovely Bare Bunnies! - Link to Planner - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SkY9X3Z_JJ3v_AVaBbSBSv-oPvXi_1Oog0twB-wJEnU/edit#gid=0
  17. Its Time for the Next Underground Special Event! Presenting: Naughty Nights at Wet N Wild, The Best Beach ROOM EVER! DATE: Saturday, June 15th. Times: From 7 PM EST to Midnight EST with the AFTERPARTY being DJ'd by Handsome Devil until whenever he passes out or you all have had enough :-)
  18. Posted on behalf of the host & owner - JohnnyMature. Should be a great night.
  19. HELLO all, we have a reason to PARTY HARD !!! February 2016 one evening at the SIN club a idea was born... The BDSMetal Gang !!! This we wanna celebrate with a 3 day party !!!
  20. Piano Performed by Natsumi Kusunoki With Special Guests DJ Ukari DJ Xanar DJ AAK
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