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Found 16 results

  1. Hey awesome community So...would you like a sport poses category .. Aside from sex poses i think would be cool if game had some sport poses to spice up game and give a much more variety to player experience . lately we got a funny sport pose hehe but the introduction of sport poses personaly i like the idea cause not only will give more variety but it will born a whole new room category and stuff to do ...and my personal motto is ''1 pose here 1 stuff there ..Game build up update by update '' Ofc we can have sport poses that include sex and solo sport poses or duo to give
  2. Hello everyone ,as the title states ...game changing updates First let me say what i mean but before that i wanna say ..That personaly I love 3dxchat i wanna see 3dxchat standing in the top with that being said . what i mean game changing updates ? well the kind of updates that will take game from one level and fly to another higher level So here post your ideas (yet another time hehehe ) but remeber Game changing updates to take Game to a whole new level So in my opinion As Gamer as 3D designer/animator(2d seamester^^ ) and as someone that also loves PR (mom side gene
  3. deleted pics to save up attachment space ^^
  4. First i wanna say we get cool stuff for next update for all orientations straight gay bi etc i also wanna thank Gizmo for the photo poses ,i had ask few months back for poses that can be used in my erotic galleries that i had started and now we got 3 photo pose that will allow us to make more erotic photo shoots Now i will point out that we need more bend over poses n ofcourse more 3 some it will be good cause many ppl incuding me making movies and upload those movies in many platforms with thousand viewers and that is a awesome advertizment for 3dxchat Anyway good job Gizmo n lisa
  5. Here I will post about the game updates, which will be added in the upcoming patches. Upcoming Updates Discussion
  6. Okay here it is. This topic will have only one purpose. Thank something to the devs. To Gizmo, Lisa, I don't know who else is there but this game is not running itself. This game is not getting better on it's own. This game is not operated with hot air. We have seen a lot of posts taking things granted, complaints and demands. Asking for something all the time, offering "feedback" all the time, complaining all the time, and so on will never motivate the developers to please you. One thing is much more powerful than legal stuff, being right or being knowledgeable is gratitude. I made
  7. I am curious to know what everyone thinks of the upcoming content. Personally I love the drinking aspect...hopefully this will be added to all of the bars as well as homes. Also its good to see a couple new animations.
  8. 23 days without ANY update at all 23 DAYS !!! what's the new plan for the dev's ??? getting in the guinness world book of records ??? longest time between 2 updates ??? i believe i read somewhere they were on holidays till Januari 11th , or do they mean Januari 11th 2017 ??? WAKE UP !?!?!?
  9. Can someone drop a link to the updates only ? I know we have the patcher and so on but the patcher it stops automatically when the connection gets to a certain low and so it lag's and wont do the update but show an error as an "error during update" . I am now in a slow and not constant internet access zone, to be more precise I am on the sea on a ship and tho have a internet connection via a link to a satellite its not the most reliable so I would like for a link to just the update and nothing else so I can update the game. I will return the favor and once at home I will make sure that I wil
  10. Guest

    C & G Productions

    Hello everyone and thanks for paying attention on our topic. Me and Goran are proud to show you our new website. It was long and epic but we finally did it in two readable versions. We invite you to follow us and also discover our few samples in french or english versions. Do not hesitate to share your ideas they are welcome. Although we are already working on it night and day now since 4 days ago. There will have updates and also the promo incoming soon, not the short one but during 5 minutes. Here the link to go to our website and ( I hope the attachment is working ) a pic from our
  11. PLEASE TO NOT DELETE THIS TOPIC ONE MORE TIME THANK YOU http://www.c-and-g-productions.com/news/ Hello everyone C & G is proud to present you their new movie "The Meeting" coming soon on your screens. New photos added on gallery photos, Chriistina & Goran " Part 2 " Chriistina' Sins " Chriistina back to school " Chriistina' Sins " Unfaithful Chriistina " Movie cover "The Meeting" New puzzle "temperature" in fun and minigames page Thanks for reading and have fun everyone
  12. Kathera

    Patch Notes

    Hey people. I was just wondering if ther could be patch notes released for each update, even when it isn't a majot one. Just would like to know what got updated/changed/fixed.
  13. version 150 Features New sexy topwear for the ladies has been added Fixes Removed loading animation when changing sex pose Changes Temporarily removed solo sex animations Because of improving animation system and making a group sex, woman orgasm features
  14. Hello everyone, I hope all is going well for you. I am a long time forum lurker and a player for a few months. This is quite obviously my first post I must warn you my post will be lengthy, but I feel it is necessary to get some things off my chest. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been in the game industry for nearly ten years, working for two developers as well as working as a free lancer. Currently, I have started my own studio and recently was accepted into the Xbox One Developer's Program. My expertise is in the art department: modeling, texturing, rigging and animat
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