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  1. Infinite loading screen You are able to login, but can't get past the loading screen, no matter how long you wait. Reset your avatar: Login to https://3dxchat.com/members/ Under "manage account" you can see a list of your avatars and click the "Reset avatar"-button next your avatar name. Missing mouse cursor Your mouse cursor is nowhere to be found in game. There is a shortcut to hide the cursor, right click anywhere on the screen (outside of the chat box and the menu) and press: Shift + C Missing UI / HUD / Chat, name, gold & Menu Your user interface is missing from the screen. There is a shortcut to hide the UI, click anywhere on the screen (outside of the chat box and the menu) and press: Shift + Z Connection problems If you get connection refused or lost connection, but nobody else is having the same issue. First of all, check your own internet connection. Then you can use this site to check for a live status of 3DXChat here: https://status.3dxchat.net/ If that isn't the problem you can try to run a self-test to see if your ISP or firewall is blocking any of the connections 3DXChat needs to function here: https://status.3dxchat.net/selftest for a more accurate and detailed troubleshoot, you can download and run the troubleshoot file: https://status.3dxchat.net/troubleshooting (Follow the guide on the page) If your connection is blocked or slow try the following steps: Use a VPN there are plenty of free VPN options out there. Use a cable connection instead of WiFi. Allowing 3DXChat through your firewall and antivirus software. UI went missing when closing the camera window with (Hide interface enabled) You UI is gone and the shift + z shortcut doesn't work. You can press F1 you open up the settings windows, closing it again will restore your UI. This might cause the action menu to go missing, see question 6. Action menu went missing If your action menu is missing from screen and it doesn't come back when using the icon at the bottom right side of the screen. Open the in-game camera tool and uncheck "hide interface", this should restore the action menu. If not restart the game. Launcher says 3DXChat is already running When you do a fresh install of 3DXChat for the first time, the launcher might complain and say that 3DXChat is already running. Simply close down the launcher and go into the game directory and launch 3DXChat.exe from there, it will proceed to update the launcher and you can then get into the game. Launcher first time download failed after 5 attempts The launcher might also be stuck on: Settings initialized! Checking for updates... When you do a fresh install of 3DXChat for the first time, the launcher might complain and say that it failed because of a network error. Make sure that your antivirus does not block the launcher and try to launch it as administrator. Some countries block adult content like 3DXChat, so you might need to install a VPN to complete the download. There are some free VPN options available like Proton VPN. Installation and removal of 3DXChat When downloading 3DXChat it should be noted that the launcher is a self extracting file, placing the game in the current folder where the launcher is located, once you run it. You won't get a normal installation window, and it has nothing to do with the version of windows you use, it's the way 3DXChat is developed. Side note: Be sure that the folder you placed the launcher in has the correct read/write permissions for your user. You possibly want to place the launcher somewhere else e.g. X:\3DXChat\ and create a shortcut onto your desktop or taskbar from there. Once you run the game for the first time it will create a new folder Documents/3DXChat where screenshots and settings etc. are stored. It also creates a table within the registry database of your windows, where it stores your in-game settings, saved colors, login information (if "remember me" is selected) is stored. Removal of 3DXChat Delete the folder where the game files are located e.g. X\3DXChat\ Then you delete the 3DXChat folder in your documents folder. To remove the registry files you can use Gizmo's tool which can be found here: I have another question that you haven't answered I will try to keep this post updated when I see a lot of people asking the same questions. These are the most frequent questions I have seen and answered on the forums. If you have any other questions about the game please check the official FAQ: https://3dxchat.com/support/ And if that doesn't help you, make a new post and someone will try their best to help you. If you face a serious issue you can contact support on Discord by posting a ticket in the #support channel. You will need to be verified there (#get-verified channel).
  2. I am having trouble using my Apple Magic mouse and Magic keyboard in the game. They work, but not very well. I find I difficult to Zoom out and gain perspective in any number of situations. I find it difficult to stop walking when I can see the floor near my feet. Does anyone have any suggestions for more effectively using the Magic Mouse in the game. I'm willing to buy a different mouse or its equivalent. I've read in the user manual that some of the function keys are mapped to specific functions, e.g. F5. With the Magic Keyboard F5 doesn't do anything. Is there a way I can map the function of the keys? I'm using Windows 10 64bit from BootCsmp.
  3. I used a file which collar is replaced by a dress. Then I clicked the same dress in "dress" and some glitch appeared, now I'm stuck in loading screen everytime I log in. Pls help! ;-;
  4. Help! I can login (Windows 11), and edit my avatar, and join the standard rooms, but can't see anything in the world chat, can't see any custom rooms, all the standard rooms like the beach are empty, and the friends I see online can't see me online, and if I try contacting them the message doesn't go through. I tried both using and not using a VPN. I set the VPN to a server in the US, and a server in Netherlands. I tried changing the game server between US and Europe. All to no avail.
  5. i have my own radio station http://thewilddragons.Caster.fm/ i have tried to play it into my club but it wont play any advice welcome here please but please keep it relevent, thanks
  6. Hello everyone My friend is having a problem. He can sign in but he can't see any of the shared worlds. and most of the times he gets kicked right when he enters the game. He tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the normal site, and he tried switching off and on his VPN. He tried changing servers. He tried also switching location of the VPN but nothing is fixing it, The problem is he got his code from a friend and that friend doesn't have the order ID for him to contact support atm. What can be done in this case? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! @Gizmo @Lisa
  7. Hello everyone I just want to ask if anyone can help me out. I was playing 3dx 2 days ago with my gf and I was having a strong drink. I mistakenly mentioned the forbidden word in the chat as I was making fun of it I got banned but unfortunately I don't have the order ID so I can't contact customer support to explain that I was actually drunk. I'm not a person that breaks rules but I wasn't thinking straight that night. It's still displaying a "?" next to the thing that tells you how long is the ban. Can anyone help me out in anything please? I hate breaking rules and that mistake won't happen again hopefully
  8. Yo this is my first post, not sure where to put it but i need some help. Its kind of complicated and i'm not even sure if anyone here is from the support that can help me out but....I need to switch the email address associated with my account. There are 2 issues though, I do not remember my 3DX password, and the email associated on the account is super old and no longer active. To reset my password through the "forgot password" wont help because it will send the password to an email address that no longer exists or one that might belong to someone else. If anyone here can help beyond directing me to the contact support page that'd be great. I have my order ID, product info, digital receipt for the purchase for verification.
  9. So now I'm trying the last fix which is uninstalling the game and deleting registry files and then installing the latest version. Things I'm encountering: Shared Worlds not appearing My world is always water Public worlds don't have any users in them my money is always 0 Didn't get any compensation for either gametime or gamegold but maybe that's because my subscription ended before the compensation dunno maybe it's related to the problems and maybe not I tried all the fixes I can find on the forums and reported these bugs for support but still waiting for response. @Lisa Please if you can help me out in any way I'd be very grateful.
  10. Hello, for restriction reasons for the adults' website, I cannot use my bank's credit card to pay for the subscription. I contacted support and they recommended me find a virtual credit card on google, but I did not find something helpful for 3dxchat that I will be able to use in my country (in the south of Europe). Most of them are useful to pay only for specific websites or inside the united states or a few other countries. I want to know if you can introduce me a valid website to provide useful virtual credit card to use for 3dxchat, or if you can pay for my subscription and I payback to you using paypal?
  11. Does 3dx customer support really exist? I opened a support request last Thursday (5 days ago) asking for my account to be reset. I can't get into my room or into room editor without the game crashing. I've now sent 3 requests through the support website and I'm still not reset. Is there a phone number to their support? Adriano
  12. @Gizmo Hello. Can you please look at this as I am at my wit ends on what to do anymore. Edit: See the second post on follow up Since last day update my xgold, my profile, my friendlist doesn't work, talking, interacting etc all works fine. I know the issue is with my PC but I am not sure where or how to find it. It gotta be very specific perhaps or most likely a bug in client. What I tried: Connecting over my phone internet instead of my main ISP Using ancient laptop installing 3DX and using same internet down to same cable - worked on my laptop, not on my desktop Disabling firewall, opening ports, disabling windows defender Deleting registry in sex game devil twice Deleted AppData in user folder. VPN Reinstalling game to different drives and folders Downloaded game from different installers and updated Making new host file Refreshing IP address Logging with different account Safe mode with networking... It's not IP address either Hell even updated GPU drivers and network adapter drivers as well. I managed to isolate it under single user account on my windows 10, if I try different user account on my desktop it works without issue. So it's not internet and its not computer overall. It's a specific window account under which it doesn't work. So what can I do? Cause I tried everything. What can be blocking 3DX gold server on one specific account but not on guest or other window accounts? I am admin ofc I made these accounts for testing purpose. @gizmo in this topic you mentioned " This bug should be fixed. " could this be issue on your side? Did you changed some server or something in last update that could affect this?
  13. Okay here it is. This topic will have only one purpose. Thank something to the devs. To Gizmo, Lisa, I don't know who else is there but this game is not running itself. This game is not getting better on it's own. This game is not operated with hot air. We have seen a lot of posts taking things granted, complaints and demands. Asking for something all the time, offering "feedback" all the time, complaining all the time, and so on will never motivate the developers to please you. One thing is much more powerful than legal stuff, being right or being knowledgeable is gratitude. I made a similar topic before the Gratitude topic but that is general where people can show gratitude for all kind of things. This one is though all to address the devs only. Anything you like in the game, their work, their communication or whatever you can think of just post it here and give a big virtual hug and a thanks! Now if you don't feel like doing that please just don't say anything. Once let's try to keep a topic clean without pointing fingers and stuff. If you really want to say something or argue with me I'm down for it just don't do it in this topic. Message me and direct me to a topic and I'll take it on if you really must argue but please don't do it in this topic. This one is to be fully dedicated to the developers. So. Thank something!
  14. Hello Mods, I am currently in the game and have two conversations about the exact same issue: Two members now waits 3 days to get a comment verified so it show up in the forum. We all know why we have that verification system (New members need to have their first 6 comments or post verified, before they become full forum members), and this system is good, it protects us from massive trolling but... Waiting three days is way to long! If you now multiply 3 days with 6 posts a new member will wait more that 2 weeks before he or she can post immediately. I think it is not to much to ask for to get a post verified in hours and not in days! So if new players are still welcome in this forum, something has to change! Thanks for listening... Kisses Chloe
  15. Hello everyone MrAsh here, hi! I am creating this thread to let you all know the specifics of things to do with the game that aren't featured in the support center, I get asked many questions daily, so rather than answering all individually over and over, I shall create this thread with links in to other threads that relate to your questions you have. Streaming In Game Achilles has a thread on the forums which explains streaming in the game in good detail it can be found here: Winamp: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/876-private-radio-stream-feature-tutorial/ VDJ 8 very straight forward: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/876-private-radio-stream-feature-tutorial/?p=34788 Forum Member Skar has also done one for Mixxx: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/876-private-radio-stream-feature-tutorial/?p=35028 Can I get the music played in the NC? Yes you can! Achilles has a thread up with the VirtualDJRadio streams you can play in your own personal room, the one that is played in the NC is the Clubzone. There is a link for you all. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/882-radio-station-links-for-our-homes Curious about future development? SexGameDevil Lisa's Development thread: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/3-upcoming-content/ SexGameDevil Gizmo's Development thread: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/123-update-details/ Have any suggestions for the game? The whole development and suggestions forum has got many sections for suggested content, and if your idea stands out to the rest it will be implemented into the game. Want to become a DJ? Learn more here how to become a DJ Got any Bugs? There is a thread created on the Forums by the member Shanti, this thread is looked at regularly by the Developers of the game, so post your bug reports there the link is here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/1081-bug-reports/ There is also the newly released Technical Support Center, which has many FAQs and how to fix them if you are facing that issue link is here: http://3dxchat.com/support/ Hope this helps Regards Ash
  16. well, im brazilian and my english not the best. I installed version 2.5 and most rooms are all black. Many rooms. I cant play the game! Someone had suggestions? thanks! (my room number two its normal) beach My home number one My home number two
  17. Greetings, excuse my broken english I would really like to buy a membership but i dont have / want to use a creditcard as payment. But a paysafecard for me is the best way to pay via internet but this seems to be no option when subscribing ( only creditcard) In the Support section FAQ here im told to register at netteller.com , create an account , pay with paysafecard ( which isnt an option there, i tried , still waiting for support answer there) Even if this will be working i find this rather uncomfortable. So my question is why cant i pay with paysafecard , and if i can how do I and why is it hidden. Im pretty sure you would widen your customer range when making such payments available Would really appreciate an helpfull answer With regards, Grimm
  18. My account is under a different email account which is deleted but I can't get it back. But I don't know what to do to get it back.
  19. The game fails to run/update OR 'Map' button is disabled, how can I fix it? 1) Run the game (and patcher) as administrator but first add the game (and patcher) to an exception list of your firewall OR antivirus. 2) Try to turn off firewall and antivirus software. Because it can block the game. 3) Make sure that your ISP, router and firewall don't block following ports: 8124, 81 (TCP protocol) 4) You can configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS. It's not so hard to do. See how to do it here Google article or YouTube video Safety proved: 100% Clean site (checked with 62 antivirus programs) VirusTotal Report I have a graphics groblem OR the game is crashing 1) Install the latest version of DirectX 2) Make sure you have installed and are running the latest video card drivers: For NVIDIA For AMD If you have older you should update it. 3) Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package 4) Make sure you restart your computer after installing new drivers before you play the game again. If issues persist, please contact support How can I play on MAC? 3DXChat is designed for Windows PC only, but a lot of users are playing on MAC. You can use PlayOnMac software to run Win apps on MAC. Learn more FORUM: How do I put someone on ignore? Click on your profile tab at the top right and you should see 'Manage Ignore Prefs' at the bottom. (more questions are coming soon)
  20. Guest

    Texture pop in

    I'm pretty sure it was in a recent patch, zooming in and out of a male character with muscle tone causes the textures to pop in and out. It makes it look like your character is scrawny from 10 feet out and even smaller from 20 feet out. If this is an optimizing change that's fine for rigs using lower settings. For all of those running at max settings I think we shouldn't be seeing any pop in at all. Hopefully it's just a bug. I'm also seeing the texture rendering pop in more with tree plants and some other textures. If this was a huge open world I can see the use, but here it's a little much especially with the small areas. Very noticeable. Thanks.
  21. List of well known bugs as of August 2014 and known workarounds or temporary fixes. I hope this list helps both players and devs with resolving problems related to these bugs. Some fixes might seems obvious but plenty of newer people have no idea about them. So hopefully this topic will help someone and reduce amount of spam in open forum and tech support as well. Will keep this list updated together with Rochi. - TV ”Missing flash player plugin” - Starting TV in user rooms results in error line. Solution / Workaround: Update flash player and any related plugin in your primary browser, DirectX, and graphics card drivers. If number 1 doesn't work, try reinstalling your flash plugin on Internet Explorer. Try it even if it’s not your default internet browser. (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/) Try to install older versions of flash player. - Client bugs - Game wont update, Crashes, Black Screen or Endless Loading with working internet or similar issues. Solution / Workaround: Uninstall 3DXChat Open Registry Editor Go in the Registry Editor to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/SexGameDevil right click to this Folder and delete. Close the Registry Editor Download and install fresh copy of 3DXChat - *NOT BUG* 3DX uses too much data - Many people have limited bandwidth but there’s a great fix how to reduce data from hundreds of MB per day to just about a few MB per whole day. Navigate to your 3DX installation folder. Locate folder 3DXChat_Data then go to Plugins. Save radio.dll to desktop or any other safe place (ctrl + c then ctrl + v). Delete radio.dll from your 3DX installation. What this does: It removes Sky.FM. Thus, radios in user rooms and music in all areas will be gone and only basic sound effects will remain (walking, moaning, etc). If you want to the music back, just restore radio.dll to plugin folder. Note: Tested with NetLimiter 4. One hour with Sky.FM results in about 65 to 80 MB. One hour without Sky.FM results in less than 5 MB. This included some bouncing around, but it was not at prime time. - *NOT BUG* 3DX freezes or lags for few second after pressing O (oculus rift) - I am sure this happens to everyone that once in while they press O and split their screen however shortcuts can't be disabled. But what we can do is remove lag that happens when you press O button. Navigate to your 3DX installation folder. Locate folder 3DXChat_Data then go to Plugins. Save OculusPlugin.dll to desktop or any other safe place (ctrl + c then ctrl + v). Delete OculusPlugin.dll from your 3DX installation. Note: This will disable Oculus Rift support until you put that plugin back so if you use it. Do not do this. - F/F Dance Animation - one leg always twitches / shakes / trembles - The trembling leg always happens on the person who sent the dance request. This is the newest bug introduced on August 3rd (ver 219). This happen only during the kissing sub-animation. - Eyes blinking - If you use dressing room too much or just rezon, this often happens. Eyes blink nonstop. Solution / Workaround: Go to any sex pose and moan. If this doesn’t fix it, moan again. - Black ink - After entering an area, an avatar or multiple avatars will appear to be completely painted black. Solution / Workaround: Re-zone to your current location or private room. If it doesn't work, make your partner invite you into his / her home. - Female Clothing - In dresses and some skirts female panties are cut off in half if you "peak" In newest dress everything under dress is missing. Note: needs bit of testing. - Disappearing Music - From locations and from DJs just cut off or music ending right after a song. Solution / Workaround: Leave and re-enter that location. Sometimes it can be the DJ’s fault as well if rezoning does not work. - Pitch Black user room - After adding a certain amount of objects, a room may become unusable. It will appear pitch black. You can still move add or remove objects, but you’ll just see a black screen. Solution / Workaround: Try to find the character button (second button in lower left corner) it will take you to dressing room. If you go to your user room again it should be fine, if not, just contact support to fix it. - Group chat - dance - PM bug - If you start couple dancing with someone while in group chat as well, your windows may get messed up. You will see yourself writing into group while no one else will see it, but in reality you will be typing into PM with your dance partner. Note: Need to test couple of things - If typing during bugged part still shows up in group chat after refocusing window or not. If you actually see Group chat or PM chat during that bug. Solution / Workaround: Manually click on PM or ”Group” to refocus your window. - New friend disappearing or not appearing in friendlist - Sometimes no matter how often you add the same person and that person accepts, he or she won’t appear in the friend’s list. He or she will dissapear from your list a few seconds afterwards or won’t show at all. Solution / Workaround: Let the other person add you first. If this doesn’t work, both of you can try relogging or re-zoning and trying again. - Floating Heads - People only visible from certain angles, Other angles showing floating head or heads. Happens while being in pose. Solution / Workaround: People with floating heads needs to change pose to become visible again. *Unconfirmed* Logging out of character and back in or restarting game. - Lag - person or people without nametags - and / or jumping around the rooms naked. Solution / Workaround: They have to relog... usually it happens right after they DC’d and logged back in. - Lag Related - Game crashes when loading takes too much time - If you happen to have slow internet ... loading to crowded zones can be a pain. If we can extend timer / buffer on this it would be nice. Yacht Specific bugs: - Stairs bug - Endless running up or down the stairs. Solution / Workaround: Clicking on the left or right usually helps. Note: Need more testing. - Camera at the top - Camera near two sun beds right next to one of spawn points. Jumps and cuts through ceilings or walls of that top roof above it - the one with radar, etc. Dressing Room bugs: Colour bug - There are 2 purple icons on glasses & masks, bracelets subcategories that are totally same shade and everything. Last female shoes had the option of orange in past now they don’t *need confirmation* Panties disappearing - Sometimes in the dressing room panties will get lost if you change clothes. Rochi note: Right now it is doing only with ribbon but bra stays on. We are not sure if other pieces did that in past but we were sure we didn't use ribbon so much. Even so its still bug if it leaves bra on. It should remove both or keep both. *NOTE* The dressing room and the home editor should be made server side - It is easily “hacked” and people can modify breasts, body shapes and colours. BUT please consider adding more colour options first, or it might negatively affect your community. *UNCONFIRMED * Drinking - Beer purchasing with one click - August 3rd (ver 219) - Many times in the Night Club or Public rooms that are crowded, lags can happen (both user and server side) and you end up 35 gold poorer. *UNCONFIRMED - if bug or feature* Text Formatting - People are able to change size, colour and other chat options such as bold or italic in profiles, user rooms lists and chat windows. Dev confirmation would be nice if we are allowed to use it or not. - Teleport / Blink “feature” - Everyone knows about this one and it doesn’t need much explaining. - Ignore List Bugs - everything reported and explained in more detail by Brun in topic linked below: http://3dxchat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/502-ignore-function-diagnostics/?p=17898 - Connection lost or Game and Forums are offline for 2 or 3 minutes - refer to topic by JamesJames linked below: http://3dxchat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/381-connection-lost-upon-entering-public-areas/?p=13080 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14.8 - Working on "levitate bug", XGold is still only visual but there might be DC associated when timer reset. 20.8 - Added Oculus Rift lag solution. 30.8 - patch 224 - Ignore list even worse than before. not working, - no workaround i think. People dancing or in any pose are bugged and standing on top of each other. Similar to floating head bug with same workaround. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not ask how to teleport, edit characters, or change the colour of fonts. No information will be provided until developers state their opinion on it. I ask others to do same. Please keep this topic strictly for bugs and workarounds. Thank you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to: Rochi - co - author of this topic. Brun - stealing some workarounds from her posts as well whole ignore list topic. Sengi - for being the best person ever and for fixing grammar.
  22. Greetings again, I would really like to give this a try, but I am having a bit of trouble with my CC. I live in japan and I am using my American credit card, it keeps getting declined. is there any other way to pay? BTW I do not have a CC in japan, most people do not, its a mainly cash system here. any help would be appreciated! Thank you
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