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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone I just want to ask if anyone can help me out. I was playing 3dx 2 days ago with my gf and I was having a strong drink. I mistakenly mentioned the forbidden word in the chat as I was making fun of it I got banned but unfortunately I don't have the order ID so I can't contact customer support to explain that I was actually drunk. I'm not a person that breaks rules but I wasn't thinking straight that night. It's still displaying a "?" next to the thing that tells you how long is the ban. Can anyone help me out in anything please? I hate breaking rules and that mistak
  2. Yo this is my first post, not sure where to put it but i need some help. Its kind of complicated and i'm not even sure if anyone here is from the support that can help me out but....I need to switch the email address associated with my account. There are 2 issues though, I do not remember my 3DX password, and the email associated on the account is super old and no longer active. To reset my password through the "forgot password" wont help because it will send the password to an email address that no longer exists or one that might belong to someone else. If anyone here can help beyond directin
  3. So now I'm trying the last fix which is uninstalling the game and deleting registry files and then installing the latest version. Things I'm encountering: Shared Worlds not appearing My world is always water Public worlds don't have any users in them my money is always 0 Didn't get any compensation for either gametime or gamegold but maybe that's because my subscription ended before the compensation dunno maybe it's related to the problems and maybe not I tried all the fixes I can find on the forums and reported these bugs for support but still waiting fo
  4. Hello, for restriction reasons for the adults' website, I cannot use my bank's credit card to pay for the subscription. I contacted support and they recommended me find a virtual credit card on google, but I did not find something helpful for 3dxchat that I will be able to use in my country (in the south of Europe). Most of them are useful to pay only for specific websites or inside the united states or a few other countries. I want to know if you can introduce me a valid website to provide useful virtual credit card to use for 3dxchat, or if you can pay for my subscription and I pay
  5. Does 3dx customer support really exist? I opened a support request last Thursday (5 days ago) asking for my account to be reset. I can't get into my room or into room editor without the game crashing. I've now sent 3 requests through the support website and I'm still not reset. Is there a phone number to their support? Adriano
  6. @Gizmo Hello. Can you please look at this as I am at my wit ends on what to do anymore. Edit: See the second post on follow up Since last day update my xgold, my profile, my friendlist doesn't work, talking, interacting etc all works fine. I know the issue is with my PC but I am not sure where or how to find it. It gotta be very specific perhaps or most likely a bug in client. What I tried: Connecting over my phone internet instead of my main ISP Using ancient laptop installing 3DX and using same internet down to same cable - worked on my laptop, not on my de
  7. Okay here it is. This topic will have only one purpose. Thank something to the devs. To Gizmo, Lisa, I don't know who else is there but this game is not running itself. This game is not getting better on it's own. This game is not operated with hot air. We have seen a lot of posts taking things granted, complaints and demands. Asking for something all the time, offering "feedback" all the time, complaining all the time, and so on will never motivate the developers to please you. One thing is much more powerful than legal stuff, being right or being knowledgeable is gratitude. I made
  8. Hello Mods, I am currently in the game and have two conversations about the exact same issue: Two members now waits 3 days to get a comment verified so it show up in the forum. We all know why we have that verification system (New members need to have their first 6 comments or post verified, before they become full forum members), and this system is good, it protects us from massive trolling but... Waiting three days is way to long! If you now multiply 3 days with 6 posts a new member will wait more that 2 weeks before he or she can post immediately. I think it is not to much to ask fo
  9. Hello everyone MrAsh here, hi! I am creating this thread to let you all know the specifics of things to do with the game that aren't featured in the support center, I get asked many questions daily, so rather than answering all individually over and over, I shall create this thread with links in to other threads that relate to your questions you have. Streaming In Game Achilles has a thread on the forums which explains streaming in the game in good detail it can be found here: Winamp: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/876-private-radio-stream-feature-tutorial/ VDJ 8 very straight
  10. well, im brazilian and my english not the best. I installed version 2.5 and most rooms are all black. Many rooms. I cant play the game! Someone had suggestions? thanks! (my room number two its normal) beach My home number one My home number two
  11. Greetings, excuse my broken english I would really like to buy a membership but i dont have / want to use a creditcard as payment. But a paysafecard for me is the best way to pay via internet but this seems to be no option when subscribing ( only creditcard) In the Support section FAQ here im told to register at netteller.com , create an account , pay with paysafecard ( which isnt an option there, i tried , still waiting for support answer there) Even if this will be working i find this rather uncomfortable. So my question is why cant i pay with paysafecard , and if i can how do
  12. My account is under a different email account which is deleted but I can't get it back. But I don't know what to do to get it back.
  13. The game fails to run/update OR 'Map' button is disabled, how can I fix it? 1) Run the game (and patcher) as administrator but first add the game (and patcher) to an exception list of your firewall OR antivirus. 2) Try to turn off firewall and antivirus software. Because it can block the game. 3) Make sure that your ISP, router and firewall don't block following ports: 8124, 81 (TCP protocol) 4) You can configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS. It's not so hard to do. See how to do it here Google article or YouTube video Safety proved: 100% Clean site (checked with 62 antiv
  14. Guest

    Texture pop in

    I'm pretty sure it was in a recent patch, zooming in and out of a male character with muscle tone causes the textures to pop in and out. It makes it look like your character is scrawny from 10 feet out and even smaller from 20 feet out. If this is an optimizing change that's fine for rigs using lower settings. For all of those running at max settings I think we shouldn't be seeing any pop in at all. Hopefully it's just a bug. I'm also seeing the texture rendering pop in more with tree plants and some other textures. If this was a huge open world I can see the use, but here it's a little muc
  15. List of well known bugs as of August 2014 and known workarounds or temporary fixes. I hope this list helps both players and devs with resolving problems related to these bugs. Some fixes might seems obvious but plenty of newer people have no idea about them. So hopefully this topic will help someone and reduce amount of spam in open forum and tech support as well. Will keep this list updated together with Rochi. - TV ”Missing flash player plugin” - Starting TV in user rooms results in error line. Solution / Workaround: Update flash player and any related plugin in your primary browser,
  16. Greetings again, I would really like to give this a try, but I am having a bit of trouble with my CC. I live in japan and I am using my American credit card, it keeps getting declined. is there any other way to pay? BTW I do not have a CC in japan, most people do not, its a mainly cash system here. any help would be appreciated! Thank you
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