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Found 8 results

  1. Lexxxxi


    block this person for spamming inbox. name is metasmith
  2. I thought 'NOT' but today when I log on I see this so am wondering if the rules have been changed again
  3. Hi All, There are so many brilliant & experienced people on the forum that I'm sure this has been discussed many times before. I'm looking forward to your participation in this discussion. With the "Spam" ban that swept game recently and the perpetual room "monopoly", it seems like this thread would be helpful. The aim of this thread is to discuss solutions to room advertising. Problems: 1. repetitive advertising on the world chat 2. 300X coins paid to get to the top of the room list lastly very briefly before someone else bumps up. This can be very expensive to stay at the top of this list 3. a few rooms are open 24hrs/day and attracting alot of users keeping them at that top of this list. This makes it tough for other rooms to attract visitors. Solutions: 1. A separate "Room" chat similar to the World & Local chat features When a user selects to share the room "For All", another text box opens specifically for that room's advertisement. Users can enter their room advertisement in that box. There should also be check box to "Advertise" or "Do not advertise". Once the "Advertise" box is selected then the room ad will be included in an automatic feed of scrolling text for room ads in the separate "Room" chat. A "Room" chat menu will be added next to the World & Local chats. It will display the automatic feed of room ads A rule should be applied that as long as the room contains less than 30 people then it will be included to the "Room" chat feed. Rooms of greater than 30 people are already benefiting from being at the top of the "Locations" list. Therefore they do not need to be in the "Room" feed The aim is to give all rooms that are not already full, a fair method to advertise their room without "spamming" the world chat I know similar ideas have been shared about this in other threads. But feel free to discuss it more in depth here. Other ideas have been promoting your room in the Forum and other social media platforms. I believe those are good ideas as well. Hopefully we could find additional in-game solutions to assist. Thanks for your feedback Overfiend
  4. I wanted to make this topic so every player might get answers from @Gizmo and @Lisa So world chat spam/advertizing isnt allowed anymore . what about our own rooms? can players advertize in their own rooms in their own local chat ? would be cool if players know so we avoid unpleasantries
  5. Hello Everyone, My account was recently suspended for 48 hours due to spamming. However, I did not spam at all and was puzzled how a spam report on me could have been taken seriously. Well after some thought on it, I figured out why the report was taken seriously... Some troublemaker in World Chat saw that i was chatting. He/she then put everyone else in World Chat on ignore, which only left what I was saying showing up in the chat. Then after I had posted enough times to fill the person's chat window, the person reported me for spamming and the screenshot he/she included gave the false impression that I had been. I'm asking everyone to please ask the 3DXChat Developers to add timestamps to the chats so this sort of deception, and subsequent suspension of an innocent person, cannot be repeated by troublemakers in the future. Thank you.
  6. Question for devs... I just wanted to know if you are planning an option to choose to block the home invites ? (invite for all at 750 xgolds) It is extremely annoying... we can decide to just click it off but they just pile up on the screen, and when 10 people decide to spam invite on same night, each about twice/minute, all evening... I end up like this.... Please give us an option to block the massive invites. Thank you Ps : I know this has been talked about several times over and over again
  7. Dear Devs, Mods *laughs* and the community. TL:DR at bottom There is something that's been bothering me for while and that's layout of this forums. Specifically Open Forums. Now let me explain bit. We have subforums dedicated to 3DX chat - these are: Read FirstAnnouncementsDevelopment & Suggestion Technical SupportEvents and ActivitiesUser Diaries And then last 3 subforums are kinda off topic. these are: Art & ImagesOpen ForumsOther Adult Games & Movies So dummy Riela what's wrong with this? Well, problem in my mind are subforums dedicated to 3DX chat. Only place were to leave feedback is Development & Suggestion. Which is also locked forum, most likely to prevent spam. So people are forced to post most feedback or discussions related to 3DX Chat into Open Forum. The problem about Open Forum is also something that other forums would call "Off Topic" and it does mix useful information with general fun or spam topics, which results in informative topics slipping to the page 15000 while 1 word games take their place at the top. Example of 3DX related topics - Example of random topics - fun topics, off topics or spam ones - What I mean to say by all this is simple: Dear Devs please do one of these - Unlock Development & Suggestion - So these topics can be put there. Rename Open forums to Off Topic or leave it as it is and move all constructive / informative topics to new sub forums something like - Discussion & Feedback Related to 3DX Chat. TL:DR: Open forums are full of spam where constructive feedback get lost at the bottom, Let's slice it into two parts - Off Topic and Discussion about 3DX. Edit 1: Links are not clickable because forum wont let me post more than 4 and it choose at random those that allow and those that don't.
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