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Found 19 results

  1. Pussy Quiet is feline the lurve, this Sunday, as we celebrate Valentine's Day in the most romantic setting on 3DX – Lake Keely. @Cinammon starts us off with a furtive first hour, before we make out to the serene sounds of @Mulan and the delicious delirium of Dota. Expect a few unexpected weddings... yours, maybe?
  2. Agant and Amora's Wedding! Sunday, August 30th @ 1pm eastern Officiant OOLisa , Wedding invitation done by AlphaWulf , Room name: To be announced - hosted by AlphaWulf Djs - Lillian, SexyCoyote, SusanLangtre,
  3. Engagement: Hosted by Maya and Kalmin Sunday, August 23rd @ 2 pm eastern Engagement invitation done by Winter Room name: Grand Opening - Howlin' Hooligans Djs - Wolf ,Kei, Night,
  4. Engagement: Hosted by Maya and Kalmin Sunday, August 23rd @ 2pm eastern Engagement invitation done by Winter Room name: Grand Opening - Howlin' Hooligans Djs - Wolf ,Kei, Night
  6. Last Exile invites you to the new Heart's Lounge, Tuesday, Nov 27th 6pm EST /12am CET Bring that someone special or come meet that someone special
  7. ☢ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ɛяυρтιση ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ☢ Friday, December 15, 2017 3 PM EST (9 PM CET) to start and going from there. DJ sets will be 1-2 hours long. Come enjoy the room you can run around in and have a little fun. Let the music take you away. Enjoy the holidays with a nice kick off. The volcano might not be the only thing erupting. Listen to great music provided by the DJs. If interested in DJ'ing just comment below with the time and timezone. This is about the holidays with good music, family and friends. Updated pictures to come.
  8. We are a little far from each other, but with 3DX and how close to each other, I hope soon to be in your arms of truth to never leave my love ♥♥RickPiassa ♥♥♥ Note: This video is a bit bad because the program I used to record was not compatible with my computer at the time of saving, however I used a cell phone to record from the edited video, and I'm sorry for my English.
  9. Hello Everyone! Fairly new member here, but figured it couldn't hurt to have my presence known in the forums as well. This is intentionally lengthy, but frankly, i know those who are interested will enjoy reading it 3DxChat, despite it's notable shortcomings, is truly a fine game to me, easily one of the adult social/sexual sims out there. During my time here, I have learned a lot about what I want and come to treasure. When I first joined, I truly had no idea what to expect, thinking it was mostly just a sexual rompfest with little connection but at least a good time sharing pleasures with like-minded strangers. However, in short time I was happy to find I was quite wrong about the community, and can honestly say I've met some of the loveliest, most like-minded people here of my life. This is a place with real people and real feelings, and it's an amazing thing to see. Thank you 3DxChat for that and I hope to remain a member for quite some time! So while the game can certainly be fun for its intended for, and a good RP of just about anything can be fun with good engaging description, what I'm excited and looking forward to find here is truly find my intended dream relationship. And in an odd way, I actually believe that a social sim like this is the best way to go about finding the 'perfect' relationship because one gets to explore another starting from their mind and soul, from the inside out, with little of normal social barriers we'd have to deal with IRL. Which is really kind of the 'most right' way to go about it, right? That being said, a verbal 'painting' of who I am and my passions and interests: I am an full-time artist with a knack for game designing. During work I spend most of my time creating illustrations and models for entertainment products, and I truly love my job. I've been an artist all my life, but aside from that as a career, the past decade or so I've become fascinated with spirituality, philosophy, and just much more contemplative 'meta-life' topics. Throughout this journey, I've come to learn so much about myself, who I am, and what life is all about. The kind of relationship I would most enjoy would be partner(s) who understand the importance of this type of self-contemplation about life/existence/the self, and so on, and perhaps resonate with at least aspects of teachers like Eckart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Alan Watts, or Bentinho Massaro, as just a handful of names to give you a sense. While on a daily basis I actually rarely bring up these characters or the topics they discuss to immediate social groups like work, I must say that they actually form the basis of who I am and seep into everything I do and how I see everything in subtle but profound ways. And again, I believe anybody who is even interested enough to have read this far might know precisely what I am talking about, and would probably immediately know the kind of resonance we'd have As a person, I can be anywhere from fun/goofy and center of attention, to more calm and contemplative, happily taking a backseat and enjoy the unfolding of all things. My lifestyle is pretty chill and laid-back, and as far as I'm concerned, when I come home to my partner(s), it's all about sharing love and feeding joy to one another. Life to me is not a chase to the finish line, but simply an adventure to be enjoyed and cherished day to day, moment to moment. Self-Clarity, positivity, intimacy, honesty, and caring are all pinnacles of truly great relationships to me, and I feel that it is the honoring of these qualities within oneself first and foremost that will truly garner a chance to love another in that unconditional way that everyone truly seeks. But if one does not understand how to love oneself, then I have seen that sadly it is rare they can 'sustainably' love another. If you are one to understand this deeper truth, then again, we are probably well on our way to something remarkably special. As far as relationship arrangements go, the title is meant to be stated as such. During my time here, as well as simply life experience, I have come to see that many different people truly want many different things, and the 'social norm' of a relationship is in fact, quite illusory especially in modern times. And even many who follow the social norm do not seem at all 'happy' by my definition. To me, life is absolutely about going for what is deepest and most precious to you, and to be fearless enough to expect it. What I want is a meaningful relationship connected from heart and soul, and it really isn't about 'number' of partners. I am perfectly happy with one woman so long as everything I've said bares some resonance to her, and knows the kind of love, loyalty, and commitment that I'm speaking of. If any woman finds this striking true, then know, my dear, that our love would be upheld, honored, and remained loyal to truly no ends. The notion of drama, cheating, pain, or any of those 'socially expected troubles' would be highly diminished if not completely gone. We'd be playing on a completely different level and you know the kind of level I'm talking about. That being said, it does seem that a very large number of females in-game show a desire for both men and women. As a long-term relationship, I would enjoy this prospect if, and ONLY if, both women truly delight in the presence of me and each other, and have 'gone well past' the egoic phase of jealousy for attention or any of that. I am a 100% straight male and as such simply do not delight in sharing sexual experiences with another male, and would never, ever refrain any of my partners from doing so. Life is about respecting each and everybody's freedom of choice in the moment, and I intend to do just that. However, I will state that I am a naturally 'loyal' person and do not wish to seek multiple partners or one-night flings. It would be splendid if my partner(s) shared similar desires, and the very idea of an exclusive relationship must be exciting. The most erotic sexual experiences to me are always the result of strong bonds and deep chemistry. Any form of roleplay would simply be a very exciting and delicious cherry on top Lastly, in terms of the big picture, yes, of course the dream would be to find a relationship that resonates so strongly here that it would feel sensible to take to real life contact, but please note I would never ever expect it or push against the partner(s) will. The only practical aspect of mentioning this is that my time is limited, and I have already met some very wonderful friends in-game that I tend to spend time with. So when it comes right down to it, the 'strongest relationships' will inevitably be the ones that lead us closer and closer to the 'real' thing and thusly warrant most of my time and attention So if you've read this far, dear reader, then I hope you are as excited to meet and make an acquaintance as I am. Just respond and I'm sure we'll meet up in game. Until then, go out, have fun, and I wish you the best of luck in living out your dreams to your hearts content! -Shadowpride
  10. Ever been in a long term relationship in real life (or 3dx) where after it's over and the dust had settled, you find yourself thinking... "Damn, a lot of crazy shit happened....so was it really love or some crazy trip off some good acid?" The things they did to you...was just...@.@ Of course, I do not regret any of my relationships (real life and virtual) but some of my past relationship stories could be sold to telenovelas. At least the ride was fun. -Ends Rant-
  11. Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my fourth instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special! I am surprised we are on the fourth instalment! Time is flying by it's crazy!. Soon it will be Christmas, but I hope you're looking forward to the Halloween Event soon! Hehe. So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island. And I will be your DJ for the night, playing Love themed music of all kinds. If there is any songs you want to be played please let me know in this thread and I'll be sure to put it in the set list ready for the event! The time and date are labelled in the poster which I kindly thank Miiya for making, especially with the "Love Guru" hahaha. It's amazing! I look forward to seeing you all this Saturday Night! Kind Regards DJAsh
  12. Hey folks it's that time again! It is time for my third instalment of DJAsh, Loving You, Love Island Special! I am surprised we are on the third instalment already! Time is flying by. Soon it will be Christmas! Hehe. So like always this night is a love themed night for all the newly weds, couples, great friends, partners etc... All to come on by and spend time dancing together under the moonlight of the Love Island. I am going to do something slightly different. I'm asking if you guys want to hear a song be played in my set for this event please post the suggestion here, preferrably just the title and artist rather than videos as I can search my Content Unlimited Library for the requested song at a good quality level! But make sure it fits in with the theme! The event will commence Sunday 20th September @ 00:00 GMT+1 (UK Time) which is 7pm EST Saturday 19th. Hope to see you all there! Will be lovely as always and to save a huge influx of requests that I had last time hehe. So post them all here in this thread and I'll be sure to put them in my set if I have enough time to. See you all there! Kind Regards DJAsh
  13. So it's that time again! My 2nd installment of my "Loving You" music event on Love Island is going to be taking place!! Date: Sunday 23rd August 2015 @ 00:00am GMT+1 (7pm Eastern Saturday 22nd August 2015) Theme: Love Countdown Timer is Here I hope to see you all there and I am excited for it! (Sadly no fireworks this time they are disabled)
  14. I decided with the weddings taking place that it would be nice to offer a room for those who wish to use it as well as the other services that seem to be needed. As you can see, it's decorated nicely, loads well and can handle a group of people comfortably without issues. Also offered, wedding ceremony packages, music and much more. Please contact me, MarMohan, if you wish to use the room.
  15. I'm sure some of you play it because I've talked to some people in chat that have... I have some questions. Who's your favorite companion? Character in the series? Romance option? These questions burn in my heart and must be answered. I shall answer first. My favorites companion just to pal around with was Blackwall. I know... brooding, rightous, and a murderer you say? Well what do I care if he killed some family somewhere? They probbably had it coming for something their ancestors did. We all do anyway. My favorite character in the series overall is Morrigan... It doesn't hurt that her mother is an old god herself and my Warden got in with her in DA:O. And went through the portal to boot so they raised little old god up together too for a bit... Just figures he couldn't keep that soul. Favorite Romance Option in Inquisition was Sera because the climatic scene was hilarious and my dwarf bow rogue and her looked quite interesting together. My overall pick would be Merill... I just loved her dialouge in DA2. Still makes me laugh whenever I see it in videos.
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