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Found 14 results

  1. Insatiable Present The Polar Express December 10th ~ 8PM EDT The Magical Spirt Of The Polar Express Gliding Along The Ice! Stopping By To Show Some Holiday Cheer ! DJ MommaBear DJ Muffin DJ Lioness DJ NightSong Bringing You Into The Sprit Of This Wonderful Time! The FLAUNT Express! Dancing Ontop ! Hosted @ Cabin Heart, Being Turned Into A Winter-Wonderland, See Santa With His Trusty Reindeer The Magical In-Large Gingerbread House Village The Stunning Glow Of Ornaments & Lights All Around The Soft Cold Breeze Thru The Shining Tree Giving That Instant Smell Of Pine& All The Snow & More To Hope For!
  2. Insatiable Presents A Special Opening Victoria day We Bring You A Day Of Celebration, A Day Filled With Anticipation, Tasteful Tunes & Tempting Moves, isla flaunt deco'd to Honor The birthday of Queen Victoria Monday (5/23/21) - 3 PM EDT DJ MommaBear DJ Lil Hops The FLAUNT Dancers
  3. π–πŽπ‘πŠπ’ 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐑𝐞 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐒 Present A HEART-felt Christmas December 25TH ~ 7PM EDT Bringing You The Real Reason Of Christmas, As Its Not What's Under The Tree, But The People You Spend It With For The First Time Ever DJ MommaBear & LilHops DJing Co-Opt Bringing You Into The Sprit Of This Wonderful Time! an Outdoors Christmas Celebration at Heart Lake Resort , Being Turned Into A Winter-Wonderland , See Santa's Last Stop Until Next Year With His Trusty Reindeer , The Magical In-Large Gingerbread House Village , The Stunning Glow Of Ornaments & Lights All Around, A Soft Cold Breeze Thru The Shining Tree Giving That Instant Smell Of Pine , The Small Elf Workshop! Already Starting On Next Years Line Of Toys, & All The Snow & More To Hope For!
  4. Join us on Dec.10th 3pm Est/9pm Cet celebrating the Christmas Holiday! Live music by some of the hottest DJs on 3DXChat! Lots of fun and prize giveaway to one lucky winner!
  5. Its that time of year again! The Holiday Season has arrived and with that, our Second Annual Ultimate Christmas Party brought to you by the Underground Staff and friends! The party will be held in the Enchanted Forest Room. We look forward to everyone coming out and having fun, joining in lots of different activities and games and just enjoying the music and people! The evening will begin at 5:00 pm ESTwith DocQ and DireTeddyBear warming Up the Crowd with their humor and great music. Next the Wild Cat Women will take over and do five hours of music Shaking their Sexy Bootys and playing music for your pleasure. And Last but not least, HandsomeDevil Will take over and Dj the Afterparty! It will be an Amazing Night for Everyone! Our Wild Cat Dj's are ready to rock and shake your body's down to the Ground. Plus we will have the Bare Bunny Dancers! Our Helpful male Fill ins are :Dire, DocQ and Devil We Look Forward to Seeing You ALL THERE!
  6. The Biggest Halloween Venue on 3DXChat is back for its 5 Year Anniversary! Prepare for Scares like never before! Enter the Haunted Mansion and brave the monsters within! SIGN UP NOW BY MESSAGING ME ON 3DX OR ON DISCORD
  7. As you all know we are a global community here on 3DX and there are many holidays that take place that others may not be aware of. Fill us in won't you? I look forward to reading about all of the different ways we all celebrate life. I will get us started. What better day than to start with: Cinco de Marcho which marks the beginning of the season to train the liver for St. Patrick's Day, a holiday known for drinking that is just 12 days away. Cinco de Marcho is a drinking day for those who don't often drink, and want to be prepared to drink on the upcoming holiday. Cinco de Marcho is not just a day, but a 12 day season leading up to St. Patrick's Day, with the closing ceremony on that holiday. March 5th is also: International Pancake Day Multiple Personality Day National Potty Dance Day National Cheese Doodle Day Peace Corp Day National Sportsmanship Day Reel Film Day Unique Name Day Paczki Day But of course the main focus of today is Fat Tuesday, or the first day of Mardi Gras!! I love New Orleans and for many years it was my home away from home but I miss it most at this time of year.
  8. Steak and Blow Job Day seemed to deserve it's own topic. Celebrated on March 14th, Steak and BJ day is the man's version of Valentines Day. No one really knows who started this holiday. However, the generally accepted consensus is that it was invented in 2002 by Tom Birdsey, a radio DJ who invented the day while on air. If that is the case, then this holiday really spread far and wide thanks to word of mouth. First, it spread across the North American Continent and then it spread all over Europe. Now it is celebrated by people all over the world. Steak and BJ Day is a holiday that is based on the assumption that the traditional Valentine’s Day celebration is a day for women. Advocates of this holiday will say that men have no use for candy, romantic dinners or flowers. That the only thing men really want is some fellatio fulfillment and a nice big hunk of meat. Something I think most guys would agree with – unless of course they are vegetarians or vegans. However, since Steak and BJ Day is a conditional holiday, guy’s aren’t automatically get steaks and oral sex on this day. No, it all depends on how well they have taken care of their wives or girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. If guys failed to fulfill their duties on that day – or their women were dissatisfied with their execution of the obligations on that day – then women are not obliged to give guys what they want on this holiday. Therefore, some people see this holiday as a form of motivation to get guys to do the things they are supposed to do on February 14th. If guy’s cant cut the proverbial mustard on their ladies’ holiday, then they get absolutely zip on their holiday. This kind of makes Steak and BJ Day a Quid pro quo arrangement. So to sum it up if you did not hold up your end of the arrangement on Valentines Day and treat your woman kindly then do not expect much in return. But....if you were Mr. Amazing Romantic then enjoy your steak and your blow job. Do let us know how you plan to spend the day and how it went.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Yes its that time of year, the time to count our blessings and be grateful for all we have. Family, Friends, Freedoms, Food, Shelter, etc. Please join in here and post pictures or thoughts of what you feel Thankgiving means to you, what things make it a special day or event or anything positive pertaining to this day and the Holiday season it ushers in!
  11. ☒ Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Ɛяυρтιση Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― ☒ Friday, December 15, 2017 3 PM EST (9 PM CET) to start and going from there. DJ sets will be 1-2 hours long. Come enjoy the room you can run around in and have a little fun. Let the music take you away. Enjoy the holidays with a nice kick off. The volcano might not be the only thing erupting. Listen to great music provided by the DJs. If interested in DJ'ing just comment below with the time and timezone. This is about the holidays with good music, family and friends. Updated pictures to come.
  12. 3DXChat Christmas Holiday Season 2016 Dear friends, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! We have a very special offer for you. DISCOUNTED PRICE: $91.95 only $64.99 for 1 Year of 3DXChat membership (it's like $5.41 per month) (Sorry, special offer has ended) Limited time offer! So don't miss out! Rules: Special offer may end at any moment. Don't waste time and get your card right now!Prepaid Card will be available and can be activated at any time and it does not expireYou can use prepaid card to renew your account or create a new accountYou can gift prepaid cards to your friendsPrepaid card should be redeemed herePlease note: This is one time purchse, not a subscription - no rebills - you do not need to cancelYou can buy more than 1 card per order - just use Quantity field - yes, it works now Happy Holidays, SexGameDevil team
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