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  1. Infinite loading screen You are able to login, but can't get past the loading screen, no matter how long you wait. Reset your avatar: Login to https://3dxchat.com/members/ Under "manage account" you can see a list of your avatars and click the "Reset avatar"-button next your avatar name. Missing mouse cursor Your mouse cursor is nowhere to be found in game. There is a shortcut to hide the cursor, right click anywhere on the screen (outside of the chat box and the menu) and press: Shift + C Missing UI / HUD / Chat, name, gold & Menu Your user interface is missing from the screen. There is a shortcut to hide the UI, click anywhere on the screen (outside of the chat box and the menu) and press: Shift + Z Connection problems If you get connection refused or lost connection, but nobody else is having the same issue. First of all, check your own internet connection. Then you can use this site to check for a live status of 3DXChat here: https://status.3dxchat.net/ If that isn't the problem you can try to run a self-test to see if your ISP or firewall is blocking any of the connections 3DXChat needs to function here: https://status.3dxchat.net/selftest for a more accurate and detailed troubleshoot, you can download and run the troubleshoot file: https://status.3dxchat.net/troubleshooting (Follow the guide on the page) If your connection is blocked or slow try the following steps: Use a VPN there are plenty of free VPN options out there. Use a cable connection instead of WiFi. Allowing 3DXChat through your firewall and antivirus software. UI went missing when closing the camera window with (Hide interface enabled) You UI is gone and the shift + z shortcut doesn't work. You can press F1 you open up the settings windows, closing it again will restore your UI. This might cause the action menu to go missing, see question 6. Action menu went missing If your action menu is missing from screen and it doesn't come back when using the icon at the bottom right side of the screen. Open the in-game camera tool and uncheck "hide interface", this should restore the action menu. If not restart the game. Launcher says 3DXChat is already running When you do a fresh install of 3DXChat for the first time, the launcher might complain and say that 3DXChat is already running. Simply close down the launcher and go into the game directory and launch 3DXChat.exe from there, it will proceed to update the launcher and you can then get into the game. Launcher first time download failed after 5 attempts The launcher might also be stuck on: Settings initialized! Checking for updates... When you do a fresh install of 3DXChat for the first time, the launcher might complain and say that it failed because of a network error. Make sure that your antivirus does not block the launcher and try to launch it as administrator. Some countries block adult content like 3DXChat, so you might need to install a VPN to complete the download. There are some free VPN options available like Proton VPN. Installation and removal of 3DXChat When downloading 3DXChat it should be noted that the launcher is a self extracting file, placing the game in the current folder where the launcher is located, once you run it. You won't get a normal installation window, and it has nothing to do with the version of windows you use, it's the way 3DXChat is developed. Side note: Be sure that the folder you placed the launcher in has the correct read/write permissions for your user. You possibly want to place the launcher somewhere else e.g. X:\3DXChat\ and create a shortcut onto your desktop or taskbar from there. Once you run the game for the first time it will create a new folder Documents/3DXChat where screenshots and settings etc. are stored. It also creates a table within the registry database of your windows, where it stores your in-game settings, saved colors, login information (if "remember me" is selected) is stored. Removal of 3DXChat Delete the folder where the game files are located e.g. X\3DXChat\ Then you delete the 3DXChat folder in your documents folder. To remove the registry files you can use Gizmo's tool which can be found here: I have another question that you haven't answered I will try to keep this post updated when I see a lot of people asking the same questions. These are the most frequent questions I have seen and answered on the forums. If you have any other questions about the game please check the official FAQ: https://3dxchat.com/support/ And if that doesn't help you, make a new post and someone will try their best to help you. If you face a serious issue you can contact support on Discord by posting a ticket in the #support channel. You will need to be verified there (#get-verified channel).
  2. Heey guys! I need some help... I merge in a part of the room built by someone else, but there's an extra 300 size ... I don't know where it is. IF I DELETE EVERYTHING, there are still 300 hidden somewhere. How can I find it ??
  3. Mentioning @Gizmo @Lisa to make`em know about the idea. This is an old idea and it can be implemented in 3dxchat in my opinion. Just few new simple animations/pose spots and simple code needed with the same randomizer as we have in the /dice roll. I know that some people like to have X Gold just because they like to collect it or because they need this for anything that they can buy. We still have to pay for weddings and stuff. Some people isn`t good in hosting or they are not so known and pretty new here. It doesn`t mean they are bad. We are different and its okay. This idea is half a mini game and at half to help new people to show their room by increasing traffic. Gold Hunter. A Bank object should be created in the World Editor by developers for this idea. The room owner can place this item in the room and, by clicking on it, transfer any amount of gold inside from own pocket. All the games will be sponsored from this bank. Fishing. A fishing spot (a chair with a rod for example or just a fishing rod) should be created in World Editor. The room owner can place this spot (any quantity) somewhere where it will looks okay. Would be great to create a fishing animation. Would be great to make the rod clickable. So you sit on the chair, and your fishing rod appeared in your hands or just appeared. You`re clicking the rod, 45 sec timer appearing above the fishing rod. After 45 seconds ( just an example) - "ready" word shows you that you can take your fish. You click the rod again and take a fish. In a chat you can see what amount of gold you got from your fish. Use the same randomizer as we have with "dice roll".
  4. Please anyone help me with this problem. i try to load room but i keep getting this error. after trying few times room loads but when i share it for public. it again shows error. i need help. i don't know how to solve this problem. Help me.
  5. Does anyone knows why I can´t connect to the game?
  6. So now I'm trying the last fix which is uninstalling the game and deleting registry files and then installing the latest version. Things I'm encountering: Shared Worlds not appearing My world is always water Public worlds don't have any users in them my money is always 0 Didn't get any compensation for either gametime or gamegold but maybe that's because my subscription ended before the compensation dunno maybe it's related to the problems and maybe not I tried all the fixes I can find on the forums and reported these bugs for support but still waiting for response. @Lisa Please if you can help me out in any way I'd be very grateful.
  7. Hi all, Just updated the game and such, and as i was about to Pm someone, i always hit enter to send, and this time it did not work. and when i clicked the send button manually my message is invisible and any replies they may of sent as well? If there is a solution to this do let me know. thank you. Also this effected when i tried to type something in the "world" and "local" tabs as well for me.
  8. I have just Joined recently and although I'm extremely excited about the site, and love what it has to offer..I'm also surprised to see that the dress up part is seriously lacking, as a Virtual Reality you want your Avi to Look sexy and want to dress Her/ Him up to catch attention and the choices you have are basic and the Hair options are Horrible. I'm a Veteran of other Virtual reality sites Like SL and IMVU . And it took them awhile also to get more options But they have really upped their game in the past 5 years..I only wish I could bring my Avi from over there here, what a perfect Mesh that would be..I'm not bashing this site at all..I know this is a more sexually charged place and people probably prefer to be naked but I'm sure Most would agree that More options would be a nice touch.
  9. @Gizmo Hello. Can you please look at this as I am at my wit ends on what to do anymore. Edit: See the second post on follow up Since last day update my xgold, my profile, my friendlist doesn't work, talking, interacting etc all works fine. I know the issue is with my PC but I am not sure where or how to find it. It gotta be very specific perhaps or most likely a bug in client. What I tried: Connecting over my phone internet instead of my main ISP Using ancient laptop installing 3DX and using same internet down to same cable - worked on my laptop, not on my desktop Disabling firewall, opening ports, disabling windows defender Deleting registry in sex game devil twice Deleted AppData in user folder. VPN Reinstalling game to different drives and folders Downloaded game from different installers and updated Making new host file Refreshing IP address Logging with different account Safe mode with networking... It's not IP address either Hell even updated GPU drivers and network adapter drivers as well. I managed to isolate it under single user account on my windows 10, if I try different user account on my desktop it works without issue. So it's not internet and its not computer overall. It's a specific window account under which it doesn't work. So what can I do? Cause I tried everything. What can be blocking 3DX gold server on one specific account but not on guest or other window accounts? I am admin ofc I made these accounts for testing purpose. @gizmo in this topic you mentioned " This bug should be fixed. " could this be issue on your side? Did you changed some server or something in last update that could affect this?
  10. Really new on this forum so don’t know how it works sorry. I want to get whatever laptop would work best since I don’t want to get a desktop,(Not much space) any suggestions would be really appreciated. Also can I pay for a subscription with a prepaid card from Walgreens or something of the sorts? Thanks.
  11. Vaughan_Rarius

    New Forum

    Thank you for improving Forum. It does seem much better. Unfortunately I was unable to see where to post for queries to be addressed. So I opened this to ask... 1. Signatures - Are Signatures no longer allowed? They made forum very colourful before and some were very witty, wise and some downright dirty. But they were fun to see and read. If they are allowed, how do we re-add them? 2. Please do not remove the fun silly games. I appreciate that some may think they are pointless and spam but... they are a fun way to encourage members, especially new joins to post and to learn to negotiate their way around the forum topics. They are also a good way to make friends and again see the witty sense of humour of members. Please allow them and re-open the one you closed - Change one word. 3. Is size of pictures when posting in a topic limited and if so what is the maximum allowed? Some pictures have been distorted. 4. Are the number of likes still limited or has this silly limit been eliminated? I was never sure of the point of the limit. 5. Has the forum now been opened to new members again? Is there any limitations when their / our subscription ends? 6. Do we have to have our forum activity and friends on public view. Can we hide this from public view? I'm sure I or others will have more questions. LOL.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm not sure where to post this, but I was wondering if there's anyone who could build my club/house? I can draw up some blueprints. PM me if interested.
  13. I have a gift subscription to 3Dx, but when I tried to install the update it failed and now I'm getting a message that my account doesn't exist. Can I get some assistance, please?
  14. Hi, I’m planning on joining the 3dx community as soon as i figure out what laptop i should get that’s under $1500. And what kind of specs should i look for to play this game? Any help?
  15. Really getting tired of randomly crashing 3-5 times every 30 minutes its making this game un-f-ing playable its not my system or internet as 3DX is the only game that does this
  16. I am a new member looking for some friends and have questions on how to navigate chat
  17. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/6970-technical-supportpatch-375-can-not-be-downloaded-0/ i did all the things in there but i can't still update my game i'm going to scream soon xD i need help please
  18. So... I'm not clever like you builders but I would like a little home for private use (not for public/group share) and I'm wondering if there's anybody who'd be up for sharing a template/file? If you would, please PM me ♥ If not, I don't blame you, all that hard work you put in x
  19. well, im brazilian and my english not the best. I installed version 2.5 and most rooms are all black. Many rooms. I cant play the game! Someone had suggestions? thanks! (my room number two its normal) beach My home number one My home number two
  20. Someone please HELP!! I recently downloaded 2.5 and now all I see is this purple haze on the floor, my Avi and the furniture. I also cannot go into most rooms it loads up as pitch black and all I see are other Avi names. I tried reinstalling and that did nothing. I also tried updating my video card, but it is up to date. What can I do to fix these problems? Thank you!
  21. My daily rewards start over randomly. Sometimes they do not show up for days. I am logging in daily at approximately the same time. I am new to the community (a few months now) and have had this problem since I joined. If anyone has a solution to this issue, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.
  22. The problem has been going on for like the past few hours. I have not been able to enter 3DXchat at all. It keeps saying: " Could not connect to the server " ,and on the whats new section it states: " Please check that your internet connection is enabled. Try to turn off firewall and antivirus software. Because it can block the game." I have rebooted my computer afew times. Please notice that i cant enter the 3DX website at all it. Could it be that 3DX has been blocked in my country? Any help would be lovely. I cant stand it when things dont worry and this is getting on my nerves.
  23. Is it possible to acquire a 3dxchat account using an ordinary card without being international? I have many friends who want to join the community but not all have an international card only Brazilian.
  24. RoxyFuta

    A new hope

    So I have been thinking, while I aimlessly wander the internet trying to find a good sex RP that could wet my appetite and get me through some more dry months of gaming. I have unfortunately found only a couple, I like games where the description is good but also has graphics on top of it. A few games I have seen have come up but they do not entirely fit the bill: COC, TiTs : Great writing but no graphics. SexDevilGames: Great graphics but no real writing Monmusa Quest: Great story, anime pictures - no animations There are tons more, but I wanted to use these examples. No single player game out there seems to have found the formula between great graphical animations and good story, if they have please let me know. So after a while of playing these games I thought to myself what is close to what I want, and 3dxchat was it. There are times though I just want to get lost in a universe and to read things written. Basically I do not want to write back but actually play an RPG game that gives me choices. My idea / proposal. A user story created game - Basically a few people think up the story universe and main plot lines. The rest of the community can fill in the gaps with random encounters and characters. Coders and designers to animate, code and do simple animation - This is basically like what 3dx chat is but more in a sense of RP, you have your characters at the screen having their fun, but on top of that you have the communities RP to read while it is happening. The mix of the two would be great, graphical animations may need to be simple though, since there is a good balance between graphics and RP. As of this moment 3dx Chat does a great job of this. Let me know what you guys think. I would really love writing for something like this and would like to think there is an outcry of perverts everywhere wanting the same thing. See you in game as RoxyFuta, and keep smutting. Disclaimer: These are just ideas, I am not trying to request anything, but to build an interest in something like this.
  25. INTRODUCTIONHello everyone! My name is Naïke. I've been around on 3DX for quite some time now and I wanted to give something back to the community as a thank you for being so amazing! The service I'm trying to provide grew out of the experiences I've had and those of friends and other people within 3DX... Hopefully I'll be able to help out as many people as I can. WHAT IS TLE (THE LISTENING EAR)"The Listening Ear" is a service provided by me and me alone (for now :3). The idea is to provide a place for people to come to and talk privately and discretely about issues or problems they are facing. We've all encountered bad experiences while playing 3DXChat and some of us struggle finding solutions or dealing with some of these experiences. "The Listening Ear" will not only give you the ability to talk and vent, it will also actively persue a possible solution for you to try without forcing anything. The pace is set by you, TLE adjusts accordingly. CONCLUSIONSo have you recently ran into a bad experience, give "The Listening Ear" a try... Talking about it does help! And remember: Everything happens privately and discretely. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone outside the conversation. MORE DETAILSTo prevent dealing with fake services check for the following consistencies: Room name will always be: TLE - Talking HelpsRoom will always be hosted by: NaikeAfter each conversation, there will be a very short survey. If you wish to help improve the service, fill it in.. It only takes a minute!Can't find me? Try getting in contact through this chatbox: https://tlk.io/tle (My name will be naike_se) Any further questions can be posted here or you can always talk to me inside the game for more information! Thank you so much for your time to read this! Love, Naike
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