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Found 14 results

  1. Hey ~ I wanted to ask if anyone here has saved avatar with dyeable cap for females. I know there's avatar for males with dyeable one, but wanted to know if there was a female one. Thank you kindly in advance for any heplful replies.
  2. Hey, I'd like to ask if there's anyone with avatar saved with headphones on. I know that there's an avatar for females with headphones on, but I simply cannot find any for males, so I decided to open a new topic and ask directly if there's any kind soul that still has this and is willing to share it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Can i change my avatar name? How do i do it? Thank You
  4. Just a thought... could avatars scale their body height? I know that may means a lot of work on re-animations but it's pretty cool to be shorter/ higher than other avatars.
  5. So I finally decided on sharing my avatar art here . Hope you enjoy it, I will try to add as often as I can. BTW I use two programs to achieve this art , that would be Gimp, which I have been using for years, and recently Krita , which both are free to download. Thanks for the love and support in advance.
  6. I have just Joined recently and although I'm extremely excited about the site, and love what it has to offer..I'm also surprised to see that the dress up part is seriously lacking, as a Virtual Reality you want your Avi to Look sexy and want to dress Her/ Him up to catch attention and the choices you have are basic and the Hair options are Horrible. I'm a Veteran of other Virtual reality sites Like SL and IMVU . And it took them awhile also to get more options But they have really upped their game in the past 5 years..I only wish I could bring my Avi from over there here, what a perfect Mesh that would be..I'm not bashing this site at all..I know this is a more sexually charged place and people probably prefer to be naked but I'm sure Most would agree that More options would be a nice touch.
  7. originally should write another text,and that is sometimes a little early, because some have been waiting for this answer. but right now I'm up to my ears, http://yourfetishsouls.tumblr.com/ the planned why it takes the shemale will come in time..... and sorry becose english are not my language
  8. I went to push the customize button and hit the delete. No prompt appeared and now it says i need to spend 10k xgold to make a new one?
  9. Hey 3DX, I'm having a massive problem after renewing my account for another month - my avatar is gone along with all my XGold I have no idea how or why it's gone, but the name was Hazel. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! EDIT: Just found a friend and he said that my avatar was not on his friends list anymore!!
  10. Rochi

    Your Avatar!

    Wanted to share, and see what kind of characters people come up with this amazing character creation "game" You can make yourself, or your fantasy self, or just go crazy with it xD And share what you come up with pweaase ❤ http://www.rinmarugames.com/game/?game_id=421 Here is mine, it would have a snowy background if there was one
  11. Here's to resurrecting old threads, and thank you Rochi-kins for the inspiration Your Avatar! Rather than break away from the original theme, I'd like to imbue this thread with new flavour, but using the same creation software. The premise here is to recreate the likeness of any famous character, whether from a movie, anime series, video-game, etc., by heading over to Rinmaru Games and combining the myriad of options available. Then, save the finished portrait and upload it to a website, Imgur for example, so that it can be correctly posted here I came up with the idea because, as Mikey pointed out in Rochi's original thread, there is no short (shaved) hair option, and I really couldn't settle on a particular style for my avi. So, I thought I'd instead post my interpretations of the wandering samurai, Kenshin Himura. One of my favourite anime characters, with a distinctive style and admirable demeanour, his stature though (at only 158cm tall), being a far cry from mine Posing for his picture in the park: No thank you, miss Kaoru: Hitokiri Battosai of the night: I'm curious to see what other characters people can bring to life here
  12. I know I'm not the only one who would think it would interesting if we had some unlockable content, Although gamification might not fit this genre well, I feel would give incentive to log on and draw in new players and keep the game interesting. On the other hand it may deter the roleplaying aspect. Would you feel this would improve or ruin the 3dx experience?
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