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  1. You need in 3dx Just a Option to make costume controlls like in every normal *video game*. And WASD / Arrow Keys depends. I mean if you are *Right hander* , You Play with the right Hand with the Mouse and WASD Keys. If you are Left hander.. or at least.. know much they Play with Arrow keys (and left hand). Also must say.. you could improve some thing in 3dx. Like Have more Options in general like: 1. Set off/on that stranger peoples can friend you. 2. Set off/on that stranger peoples can add you as partner. 3. Set off/on that stranger peoples
  2. Jule1988

    Build 428

    Yes could be.. but like a feedback on discord.. like . Piercings canceled.. or peoples dont want.. i dont know.. would be at least a good way.. that peoples doesnt get frustrated about waiting for it.
  3. Jule1988

    Build 428

    @Gizmo @Lisa I wait since.. long about the Nipple Piecrings. Was Announced on the 3dx Chat on the 20. August 2020 all other.. like the nipples..nipplesizes.. and that came out.. but the piecrings not. will it come any day .. or not? i mean this one.
  4. Me too , not just disconnects if i log it it stand : To many attempts . Try again later. look for me like a : DDOS attack again , dont know why .
  5. You used the Words Wrong. It doesnt exist a Sex Boy or Sex Girl. Because these words also women/men have just to do with Gender identity. If you was Borned Male , you doesnt must be automatically a men/boy , same by Female person with girl/women. But that go than in the Non Bionary,Transsexual,Transgender stuff. But than you need Intersexual Avatars not Male/Female Male Avatars (exist) Female Avatars (exist) Male avatars with female gender Female Avatars with male gender (exist allready with the penis/strapon position) But general it should gi
  6. no they are not up , cant log in.
  7. server are still offine.
  8. Im no Expert in these Trans stuff. But i support/Help peoples with Transgender/Transsexuality so much i can, got also some as friends in Real. Know at least where you can Get HRT Pills/Do FFS Surgevy / Mastek stuff .(Im Not Transgender/Transsexual) , but thought before Years im Transsexual , taked also pills for HRT Before years, did experience with it. ( i identify myself as : Non Bionary). from google : The word “transgender” is an umbrella term that describes those who have a gender that's different from the sex assigned at birth: male, female, or intersex. “Transsexual” is a mor
  9. Its easy to Explain why its so by you. The Gametime is Frozen by Everyone also the Member Area doesnt work. Also if you Payed in the time , where Lisa froze the Gametime for everyone. So it count as *Unpayed* so your Gametime is still expired also by Peoples it frozen. It need just time within the server works, or write to the support /pm here to LISA/Gizmo. Tell them the situation and they will do anyhting.
  10. I see it coming, Server Launch 12 Hours later DDOS again ^^.
  11. Hermaphrodite called here : Intersex/ual (europe) And here its a Body/Gen defect you could tell it like this , people have a gender that is not Male/Female its something between that , also it will be mostly changed from doctor/if parents wish it , mostly to female. If you google it by Google Picture , people looks not Male/female , its something between that. Just if you type in futanari japan in , it come any porn/wrong/sex stuff out. its by Wikipedia bad explain ecause also Androgyny exist in different kind /ways .
  12. Think it exist much ways and how good/bad the person/s are also if anyone Hack a Server , you can find out the IP of the person if the one doesnt protected /hide it with different servers/ips and the stuff. if anyone wrote in a forum or so , they ddos this and this game or wrote it , they can check it too. But that must do IT Experts /Police and these stuff.
  13. 1 Way exist, do it like Blizzard Entertainment https://securityboulevard.com/2019/09/world-of-warcrafts-suspected-ddos-attacker-has-been-arrested/ ^^
  14. *headshake* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futanari A Hermaphrodite/Intersexual Person is no Futanar if you show it biological.
  15. Sorry but the people they work on the Servers are Stupid . It exist Game Server they are Ddos Protected, Why dont rent a Server with ddos protection?. If that happen again and again and again and again and again? https://www.ovh.com/world/anti-ddos/game.xml if that happen allways and the server are more offline as online ,the Game will lost subscripper more and more ^^.
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