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  1. Just to add to the discussion, very interesting reading. I am pretty new here (around 2 months). But already had two experiences of group sex. Opportunist I believe. Got invited, hesitated then jumped in (MMF). In the end I had a lot of fun, although not being very experienced in descriptive, I think every one had their fun. Second time, I got ambushed while discussing with a woman and accepted her invitation to find myself in a room with her and a friend of her. I was a bit surprised but in the end after having a laugh and discusion agreeing, it was well worth it. Discussion and sharing is the key in the end. I believe for this kind of relation you have to be very openminded and willing to give and receive. And a certain degree of friendship and communications helps a lot. And yes for some combinations you have to be at ease with all genders. Not easy to find the ideal partners but still possible.
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  3. Yes sometimes you have to....


  4. You are probably right. But everyone has not been here for as long as others.....😉
  5. Samething happened to me recently. I was just with a friend. After she left, I wasn't able to see her profile anymore and upon looking she was now on my iggy list without me doing anything. I un-iggyed her. Since then I believe she can't see my profile but remain on my friend's list. I will have to check if this is still the case.
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  9. This site should answer all your questions...... https://3dxmodz.com/ Great place to get info and tips from builders
  10. That is something I didn't try yet.....I will keep an eye for some info that might help.
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  12. Did you cheched this thread in World editor ?
  13. Sweet Dreams to you


  14. always a nice feeling


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