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  1. dont know if this works- on shitty small mobile @ hospital... .. . as a visitor this time|| just sayn
  2. ...and swallow the toothpaste myself. Credo Revolution (Zardonic Remix) - lyrics and how only 8 words... .. . can summ it up at #once - #totally^^ (Amazing Discoveries) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uTn3DT3hxk
  3. or: ‘when one points a finger at someone, remember and always keep in mind. .. ... ... .. . that there are still 3 pointing back: at your- or oneself' n that was the last one 4 me #flag and #fingerwise #here *cancelled*
  4. all good rob - #allgood and well, the earth is still turning, isnt it!? ... .. . and jimmy - is still spamm'n in it aaaand besides that
  5. and besides that: [3dxchat-forum] always amazing and at its best: [starts as a flag topic], [shortly||then] turns into a [futaNgenderwars] thread on its way with some bear knuckle fights, to finally end up, [with other fallen bags of rice] probably made, or reimported in china, korea, vietnam or any country - of ur choice! ps: and btw, some ppl with a [straight]s [master race idiology] should maybe acknowledge, accept n realize, that they're NOT alone on this planet with there sexual preferences and, or, orientations and probably, maybe, eventually, should also #NOT always, put evrything into #1basket and #not: #calleverybody:
  6. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr frère - chill - tout ce que les petites queues - ça vaut le coup? une vie précieuse? l'espace disque du serveur? il y a seulement un bordel de place blanc aka WP depuis 2014 avec le proxénète, français, parfois proxénétisme tempérer du fraincais! ne pas être confondu avec le fabricant de clés #vous, nous petit et gros vr-piggy et devinez quoi: tout sauf 3DXChat et c'est si petit - alors gardez la balle plate ... ... un peu - contention hashtag (rires et bons week-ends et vous souhaite à tous)
  7. some german punk from my own punk days - 3 decades ago *caughs* and something newer of switzerland i think
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