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  1. Oh no you've started something now!!! You have to keep it going! Haha
  2. Oh great one!? * turning round to see whom is behind me* Vertigo maybe?
  3. I only play as myself, as this<<<<<<< can't be duplicated!....... haha;) But I've been around a little while and have seen many people play both ways, depending on mood, or perhaps living thru fantasy. Or someone they couldn't even fathom in their real lives. Its entirely up to you. Just enjoy it really!! But if someone is being real with you? Imo you should atleast pay them a courtesy and let them know your playing a character.
  4. 'No mom I don't want to go to school today' *wakes up* " Oh what a nightmare"
  5. 'Twisted'

    Questions ?

    Why only you, can't you share?
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