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  1. Can you just stop to call him a 'hacker'? Hackers have a bit of creativity and originality. Here is just a kid playing. To much attention for this poor little one. Thank you
  2. oh putain. j'ai déjà entendu ça. je suis désolé. je peux comprendre cela parce que la musique en particulier appartient à l'espace créé. merci pour votre réponse! charl
  3. Hey, sorry for the disturbing. What are these radio problems at the moment? I do not stream at the moment, but 'm interested, when i am someday back into. Thanks and take care. Charl
  4. Or a new contestent in the world of 3d sexgames...
  5. Happens here too, after a long time, back at Beach. It feels like every 5seconds whole game stands still. Is the only Room where i had this issue.
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