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    Im a shy woman but dreaming some kinky fantasies that I can not do in real life...

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  1. I agree with JeanMi. or some kind of black/white board to write messages in the user room.
  2. Let people "pop" in the room by the door please(as like "bot" characters). Its more realistic and less disturbing I think.
  3. How about if we could change "time" or "lights" in our rooms, early morning, midday, twilight, or night as like changing wallpapers or floor colourling? I would like to sleep alone in light of morning sun after all night party.
  4. mutsumi

    User Reviews

    1) What 3DXchat feature do you like I like such a reallistic 3D models in the game, relatively light data and smooth cliant, updating from time to time, nice mood and atmosphire in the areas. 2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXchat yet? You can have two nice apartment flats of your design. And you can talk to nice people from all over the world includes me.
  5. I think Park seems nice too. Glasses fields, gravel walkways, trees, flowers, water falls, ponds, caves, bridges, or so. And I would like to see some kind of Aincient Ruins in the park. Broken stone pIlliers, a shirine, an alter for sacrifice, or a stone circle or something that making spiritual or mistical atmosphire.
  6. I would like to see just "a street" relating other rooms. You can just walk outside or sitting on roadside benchs, seat of open cars, or open air stalls. city/town noises of atmosphire would be nice.
  7. I would like to see morning sunrise of Love Island, or sunset of The Beach. Small boat or raft on the water would be nice.
  8. Im interrested to see standing against the wall with two hands on it, then another grabs or doing things on her/him from behind.
  9. Im interrested to piearcing on nipples or rabbia. Also Im interresteed to that not tatoo but some kind of "doodling" on thighs, belly, or butts for humiliating?
  10. For my personal fantasy, I would like to see some animations about "hesitating", "resisting a bit", sobbing".
  11. Its really great work for my eyes Erdrick! I'm a newbie here but I can tell you are so talented. It looks creative and I like that seems your models are your frined. It is communication and friendship at there I think. I would like to see more nice pictures about people in the game. : ) I'm sorry for my poor english.
  12. mutsumi

    Let's Rock: Encore

    oh, 21 GMT means 5am in Japan. >< But I would like to be there. I hope I can wake up.
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