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  1. Totally agree. At least, Devs could say to us what happening, honestly.
  2. My post of yesterday to confirm issues and bugs!
  3. As the title, we are experience many bugs and glitches since the DDoS attack AND 415 patch. I could understand massive disconnections (probabily another attack?) but empty friend list and, again, huge problem to load personal and other profile is inacceptable. I hope everything will be fixed soon! @Gizmo@Lisa@Juliet
  4. While wishing you to manage the problem very soon, there could be a chance to have a sort of offline client to build something without logging in and able to save it as world file to upload when everything is fixed? So people could keep busy in some way 😁
  6. Well, devs will choose the way for it, ofc, but i will be the one who are gladly to pay for a server space for my club 😃
  7. Hello everyone, i wish to have the possibility to keep an user location permanently opened and don't have a computer/account logged in forever to keep it like that. That's, probabily, requires a lot of server space and maybe that could be made as recurring xgold payment or a small subscription fee to add at the existing one (for whom like the idea)? @Gizmo@Lisa
  8. You can find me mostly every day between 6pm to 8pm gmt+1 in my club Slave Garden 2.0
  9. I hope you will find a solution for this issue very soon because, I'm unlucky, the "peak hours", are the only hours I have to stay connected.
  10. I hope you will find a solution for this issue very soon because, I'm unlucky, the "peak hours", are the only hours I have to stay connected.
  11. Nice update and not bad new things. About landscapes i already love them (i'm a builder so i have already new ideas when you develop everything) ---------------------------------------BUG------------------------------------------------------ Just one bug, probabily, that isn't already mentioned by other people here: MF or FF or MM have this icon duplicated (works both) -------------------------------------SUGGESTIONS-------------------------------------- This pose is ONLY anal and there isn't under vaginal section ------------------------------------IDEAS-------------------------------------------------------- Threesome poses are nice (the first one MFM on the couch is a bit strange, but enjoyable), just one thing, if that's possible: add the "switch role" button even in threesomes (and maybe not between same gender only like FF or MM). It could be very usefull. Thanks for everything. I will keep testing it Lord Arthas
  12. Welcome Silvia. I like RPing very much and your starting subject can be very interesting. You can find me online mostly everyday between 6pm and 8pm (GMT+1 Italy time zone) Looking forward to discussing this with you - LordArthas
  13. Greetings, I'm in to the Lifestyle and looking for a partner that live it too here. I'm not a casual player or a "random fucking Dom". I'm taking my role very seriously. My time zone is GMT+1 (Italy). Preferable girls and FUTAs but I'm quite opened to most everything. Thanks for reading this. - Master Arthas
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