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  1. Hello George, this person, i know they, can not hacked my account (not my email and definitely not my password) ... it must be an additional program, or a program extension
  2. Hello Nikki, I use a password generator and changing every day my password. I will leave this game ... maybe later there is a program to read the credit cards numbers ...
  3. it was definitely the names of the friendlist in game, not from the forum
  4. Ja chloe, ich bin mir sicher ... man konnte mir genau sagen wie viele Freunde ich habe und die Namen, sogar in der richtigen Reihenfolge
  5. Many thanks silverbackalphabull , i don´t mean the profil here in the forum ... I mean the friendship list in game ... 3DXChat Profil Jacquelin, online and offline friends. They could read my list and could tell me how many freinds and even the names . Please excuse my wrongly expressed
  6. Hello all together , some players can read here my friends list , probably a additional program. Who knows, how can i protect myself against this? Thanks for helping
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