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  1. Dear @gizmo and dear @lisa
    Thank you for coming to my assistance. I have been a customer since April 2018 on your platform. This morning I used the game correctly. And this afternoon I have a surprising message. My account has been blocked. Could you tell me why? I have a very frequented sim at times and I am thinking of participating in 3dxchat's economic model. Maybe I was wrong to advertise my room last night on the world chat. I beg your pardon. I won't do it again. only in private chat. Could you reactivate my account please to find my friends. Thank you. Thank you for the quality of the game.

    1. fnikon


      A mi también me ha ocurrido lo mismo. Mi cuenta ha sido bloqueada sin razón aparente. Nadie habla de porqué se bloquean cuentas.

      Me parece un abuso, no decir las causas del bloqueo...


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