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  1. Dear Gizmo,

    I am facing problem in game i have not received any new patch and when i try to login and go any public or my room i found my self in between sea, i cant see or write in world chat and local , i cant see my friends message and cant even able to reply i try to download patch from MEGA which Lisa post in 3Dxchat discord server ..but after few second that file stop downloading  and ask for update which need money i write my issue on your twitter account and PM too ..please help me today is 5th day i am not able to play 3Dxchat and my 2 month subscription is available now i am attaching the images for your better understanding


    2020-05-19 15-37-33_2205.png

    2020-05-19 15-37-42_2275.png

    1. clie


      same here. hope there will have any solution

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