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The Sexploits of V & B in our 3DX Chat World.

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Posted 14 October 2018 - 06:02 PM

The sensual creature before me, writhing on my rug, was undeniably the most exciting thing in that moment and my cock saluted her. I was rock hard as I slowly stroked along with her.


I took in the vision, allowing my lust to rise. She was so beautifully wanton.







I sipped from my whiskey glass which had been rim frosted with her pussy juice in front of my very eyes. She had enticingly prepared my glass only moments before by twisting the whiskey tumbler against her very wet pussy folds. I could taste and smell her pussy as I wanked.


“Fuck! That had been so hot!”  and I savoured her.







I liked and noted how her hair was splayed above her head. It sensually decorated her mostly naked form.


I liked how her open blouse was useless and under her back. 


I liked how her panties once at her knees were now on my lap.


I liked how she was bare legged and shoeless.


I like how she had shimmied out of her skirt and was discarded on my floor nearby.


I liked she was a slut wanking, on my rug for me! 


The gold chain glinted in the dim light, drawing my lecherous eyes to admire her. And admire her I did, quite boldly!



Her breasts were perfectly mounded and peaked. 


Her tummy, hips and curves were salaciously air grinding and those sexy little moans and spread legs turned her from the pretty and classy lady in public to my private lascivious and dirty slut. 


I sat back in my comfy chair and pushed my lower clothing down further. 


My hand gripped my cock and I settled in to an even and steady, relaxed stroking motion while I enjoyed the view.


She was an enchantress, binding me in her spell of rhythmic seduction. I could smell her need. The scent of her arousal teased me and I knew she was basking in my full male attention. I licked my lips and I tasted her pussy juice with my whiskey.


The sensual tension in the air caused her near naked body to up the ante and her performance excelled. Her nipples were taught and erect, showing prominently on top of her swaying titty flesh.


For many minutes, I continued to rhythmically pump the length of my rock-hard shaft with one hand working myself slowly further up on the lust scale.


I felt my semen begin to build and simmer in my balls.


I drank more whiskey, tasted more pussy and then put my drink down again on the side table. 


With my hand now spare, I began to massage and finger drum each sack to add to the sensations of self-pleasuring. It was fantastically erotic!


My genitals were stimulated perfectly by years of practice. The sex goddess before me fuelled my jerk-off Heaven! She was a masturbator's dream!


All men, at some point, should make sure and insist they see the glory of their woman self-pleasure and masturbate for them.

I was really into the moment now, stroking my engorged cock a little faster while focussed


on her writhes…


and moans…


and her hand and wet fingers between her legs…


and panting breath…


and to think all of this sexy play was happening no more than 3 feet away from me. 



It felt deliciously wicked and I knew she felt it too.   

The tiny devilish, masturbating voice in my head was in fine form helping my steely rod to harden that little bit more, for my hand rhythm to speed up and for my sacs to begin to bubble and boil like a waiting volcano.


The silent lust voice screamed into my licentious brain, pushing me closer to the brink of climax.


“Look at her flushed skin, her swaying tits waiting to be mauled by your hands and mouth!”


“Her cleavage would fit nice around your cock and as you titty fuck, the tip could push into her mouth!”


“She’s ripe to be bent over your knee, to spank and redden her bottom.”


“She wants you to push your exploring fingers …in both holes!”


“Look at her on your rug, fucking unashamedly on her hand. What a beautiful and sexy yet dirty little slut!”


“See how wet her cunt is for you. How her body chain and clamps widens her pussy lips. It would be easy to slip into her and fuck her brains out!”


“Put her on your cross or in a spreader and use her good and proper!”


“She wants you. Why deny yourself!”


I wildly masturbated the stiffest hard-on I ever seem to have had in my life. My pre-cum oozed and bubbled from the little slit on my tip.


My body was lust filled and I wanked harder. 


I was sweating and breathing shallowly and quickly. I could feel the pounding of my heart through the pulsing of my rigid cock still tightly gripped in my stroking hand. 


Another quota of pre-cum bubbles rose and leaked out. They collected at the tip of my cock while I squeezed and stroked.


All the time while watching my masturbating woman, I worked on my cock lewdly.



I stroked from the base to the top, encouraging and milking the constant drops of precum up the length and out through the slit. The forthcoming little bubbles formed into one bigger droplet, glinting as the light caught in the clear and slippery syrup.



Eventually gravity, motion and volume caused the precum to topple off my crown. It trickled down the sides. The trail it caused shimmered on my cock length and then my rising hand smeared the natural lubricant all over my cock.



At one point, my dick was held at an angle in my wanking motion and a glob of precum fell away from the tip. It hung for a moment like a pearl on a string and then my rising hand once more caught the cock juice and glazed the honey type consistency all over my prick. It was glazing nicely and becoming nice and shiny.



I began to alternate the rhythm from slow to medium and then to fast, speeding up and down my wanking hand as required. In this way I controlled and edged my high level of arousal without going past the point of semen eruption.


I wanted to time myself to cum a few seconds after B. I wanted to enjoy the experience of her orgasm first and then to allow her sexual joy to trigger my own. I only hoped I had the strength of will to hold back.


Suddenly and thankfully, her back arched, she was at fever pitch and I knew she had finally reached her pinnacle. She shook and mewled my name and then exploded in a rocking and awe inspiring climax.


In that moment, she was displayed in all her natural female finery. What a vision!


The excitement was too much! A few moments later, I felt the unmistakable tingle in my loins. It was that very special feeling of impending ejaculation.


My breath became short sexy pants and a growl began to rumble from deep within my core. 


I leaned forward and knelt by my woman, thrusting out my hips and my striking cock towards her. My knees were widely spread for balance and my balls bounced in my fervour.


“BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB”   I roared in my rapture at the point of climax.


A wave of cum rushed up and out of my cock. My balls imploded and the first shot arced up about a foot above my cockhead and fell heavily on to B’s shoulder. An instant later a massive ribbon of cum spurted from my bloated cock, wriggling like a snake and down on to her body. It landed in her cleavage.


This was followed by a cluster of cum drops shooting out just as far.


I gave my cock two or three quick pumps and three more thick wads sprayed out about half as far as the ones before.


I grunted and groaned from the exquisite pleasure centred in my cock and balls.


Cum oozed from the slit and rolled down the shaft and over my fingers. Two more bolts of sperm launched themselves in turn and momentarily hung suspended in the air before dropping and splashing on to B’s breasts.


My cock pulsed while my orgasm calmed and finally subsided but my dick was still pumping out more slippery sperm. It rolled out and dripped from my purple cockhead in long stringy strands.


I let go of my cock and leaned back on my haunches gradually catching my breath.


My still thick and swollen cock was much softer now but was still in a semi hard state. 


It hung twitching between my spread legs, a pearly string of cum dangling from the tip.  My climax did not disappoint. It had been volcanic and a warm glow engulfed me!


B’s torso and shoulders were covered in my seed and scent, undeniably marking my territory.


“Mine!” I growled.


I leaned over her, letting my cock lightly touch her mouth and smeared her lips in my semen just like a sexy lip stick.


I delicately fingered and touched her body chain. It pulled on her clamped nipples and clitoris and immediately sent her into climax aftershocks.


While she mewled and shuddered, I moved to balance my body over her. My cock dangled over her tummy and I moved my hips so the tip of my cock could draw on her.


“Guess what I’m writing on you, my hot little minx.”  I whispered into her ear.


As I wrote each letter with my cock, I growled at her. The movements were hardening my cock again and I knew I was going to fuck her.


I heard her whisper each letter -    “V   A   U  G  H  A  N  ‘S.”


When she voiced my name and answer, I growled, “That’s right. Now show me how you want me to fuck you!”




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Posted 14 October 2018 - 06:11 PM

As he growled his request I felt and heard the key turn in the chain that draped snuggly around my neck and I groaned softly. I close my eyes as he kissed the top curve of my breast and then the other as the chain pulled away from my neck. With each release of a clamp there followed a massage from his tongue to ease any irritation left behind. Slow and tenderly he removed first one nipple clamp and then the next. Normally I love to watch his mouth work it's magic on me but this time I rolled my head back and relished only in his breath and touch. His mouth followed the slow dragging of the chain down over my belly and his deep kiss planted there sent shivers that made me instinctively arch up. He growled in response as he continued his descent and again he has stole my breath.  As the chain and his mouth move down my body I am aware of how this is completely contradictory to his instruction and I am aware that he has lost his concentration. Smiling as he releases the clamps on my clit and lips I feel his tongue lead the way and just as I think he has all but forgotten I hear him growl "Tell Me...."
Free of the chain I am tempted to just raise my hips and grind his mouth but instead I smile at him and tell him "My turn."  I watch his face for signs of acceptance and see no change except the pulse on his neck. I decide to take my chances and pull away from him enough to rise up and kiss him softly and then move away with my eyes intently on his. Message sent and received.  I nudge him down further  while holding my lips a breath from his feeling his hands on my hips as I lean closer till his back is down on the floor and I lay on top of him. I stretch out with every part of me touching part of him. I sense his wanting to growl something else and I hold a finger to his lips and say "I am telling you without words. Do you hear me?"  And I watch as his eyes close in acceptance as he feels me.
My hands in his hair I brush my lips gently against his, feeling his breath fall in short swift breaths on mine. I reach up for the glass of whiskey and take a quick sip before sitting it back on the table. The fire has died down a bit the embers still glowed. Watching him watch my eyes my tongue slowly traces his lips and he smiles. "God this man", I think.  He will have his turn again but this is mine and I mean to make good use of it. I move my tongue from his lips to his jaw and follow it slowly, moving my tongue in slow circles to his ear lobe. As I suck and gently bite on the lobe I feel his hand rise up to touch and I stop to look him in the eyes and I hear him growl as he puts his hand back down at his side.  I whisper "My turn" and I swear he has rolled his eyes behind his closed eyelids as he clenches his jaw. 
I ignore the eye roll and swirl my tongue from his ear lobe to his neck and suck the spot where his next meets his shoulder and hear him groan. Sucking harder I mark him as mine with great satisfaction and whisper "Mine" in his ear before my tongue moves again along his collar bone and up his neck to his other ear lobe. As I feasted I heard the low growl starting and hurried to find the spot where the vein in his neck pulsed and kissed it softly before leaving my mark there as well. "Mmmhmmm" he responds.
Without removing my mouth from him I straddled him with a knee on both sides of him as I moved down his chest with my hair dragging slowly behind my tongue. Moaning as I moved I paid extra attention to the spots just inside his hip bones. I smiled as I watched his hands stretch in an extreme effort to keep them still.  I too like to feast and from time to time he lets me take my time in doing so.  I move slowly between his legs stretching them to make room as my tongue licks first one ball and then the other, swirling my tongue around each.  I moan as I slowly suck first one ball and then the other into my mouth with my tongue working its magic from inside till his hips squirm and his hands fist. Moving slowly back up I look him in his eyes and know I am most definitely pushing my luck and chuckle as I blow softly on his cock. I love watching it jump for me. I open my mouth and slip it over the tip without touching wanting him only to sense the warmth. I lift my head swiftly as his hips rise and grasp the shaft at its base as my tongue traces the ridge of the tip. I look up at him as if to ask "Are we in a hurry?" and he growls as he fights the smile of exasperation.
As he watches I tie up my hair in a knot so he can see me. Leaning down again I finally kiss the tip of his cock and slowly widen my mouth taking just the tip in as my tongue circles it. As he moans I hum to the music in the room letting the vibrations add to the sensation. I wait a few beats before beginning to gently suck on the tip and begin to slowly take more of his cock into my mouth till my forehead is pressed deep into his belly and the tip is so deep in my mouth I need to swallow it down or gag. I swallow and continue to grind and suck as he moans and begins to rock against me.  "Mine!" I hear him say and around his cock I murmur  "Mmmhmm"  Tightening my lips I slowly drag my mouth back up his shaft and feel his hand fist my hair and I suck harder as he moves his cock faster. Moaning I move my hand between his legs and massages that particular spot with my thumb.
Before I can complete my task he grabs me and with one swift smooth move, a fierce growl and I find myself on my stomach. As he pulls me up on my knees he bends over my back cupping my breasts and growls "Mine" in my ear. As he marks my neck to match his he enters me fast and hard and grinds hard as he holds me tight in place against him. Groaning I say "Yes, this is exactly how I want you to fuck me." Rolling my hips as he grinds my breathing increases feeling my walls constrict tight around him "OMFG V" I moan.
Not easing his hold on me he begins to move his cock in and out hard yet slow, making sure I feel each delicious inch of him. His hands on my breasts have a nipple pinched between his fingers and he twitches them with each thrust. Neither of us can control our desire much longer and I start to fight the hold he has on me to move faster. He growls with my attempts and increases intensity and moves faster as I slam against him as his cock slides easily into my core over and over. I turn my neck to look back at this magnificent specimen of a man who knows every crevice and curve and how to touch each one to bring me to heights never known before. As our eyes meet my body stiffens as the first waves of climax hit and he quickly moves one hand to insert his thumb into my ass and grinds it massaging as I start to shake. Exploding against him he grinds up hard pulling my hair and arching my back and growls my name as he fills me
Both of us remain in that position for several moments before collapsing. There on the floor in front of the fire attempting to catch our breath. With both his hands on my face we kiss each others souls.

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Posted 09 November 2018 - 04:11 PM


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Posted 10 November 2018 - 06:27 PM

I felt elated. I had just come off the phone with the owner of an old factory and she had agreed to sell it to me for a very reasonable price indeed. With the magic of 3DXChat the legalities and ownership papers would be exchanged in a jiffy.


I wanted to surprise B with my plans for it


I had seen it up for sale on the local web site and the history had intrigued me.

It had been a Soap Factory in it’s heyday, making exquisite luxury soap for the upper end of the market as well as everyday soap for the minions. It had been very successful but underneath lurked a darker history.  That fascinated me. The owners and management had been the most successful bootleggers in the area during the time of prohibition, when all liquor was made illegal.





They had made SoapShine, their own version of MoonShine, and were Rum Runners as well as supplying beers, cocktails and liqueurs for the lovers of alcoholic beverages. Their underground  business flourished as well as the Soaps.


The owners made sure, that the local community enjoyed some of their spoils, generously giving to the local hospitals, schools and providing employment to the men and women and even children if needed as long as they also attended school. The local coastguards and police were also handsomely rewarded in allowing their businesses to flourish. The town became more wealthy than most.


As a consequence, the Soapshine business seeded and grew unchecked. Where other such businesses had local turf wars, The Soap Factory had its own army of tough volunteers from the town and workers and any potential muscle who had thoughts of expanding or making a hostile take over were quickly disposed of. The town and community needed and liked The Soap Factory looking after them financially and in return they protected the owners and factory; their mutual incomes and their affluent lifestyle robustly.


The geography helped. The Soap Factory was located on its own little island, was guarded like a fortress and could only be approached by boat.





There was a large brothel barge that entertained gentleman – the workers or business associates in total privacy and safety. Only ladies of sin were allowed on board and the men’s women folk knew not of the shenanigans that occurred on the “Smuggling Barge”


There was also a secret smuggling dock for goods to be transported in the dead of night and a large sailing merchant ship to transport goods to other major ports. The Factory and sea vessels were all deeply involved in the sleezy business of liquor and sex.




The Soap Factory was indeed too dirty for soap but did certainly and successfully flourish, putting the sparkle in the bubbles of all who worked or became associated with the businesses.

It eventually became a victim of it’s own success. The seedier side of the business was so successful, the legitimate trade in soap became somewhat a cover story for the bootlegging and thus became more and more neglected and when the laws suddenly changed, legalising the selling and drinking of liquor again, just as suddenly the Soapshine trading ceased, almost overnight.


The factory went through several owners but was never ever again quite so successful. Now it was a shadow of its former self and there was a sadness that I hoped to lift and re-ignite life into the place.


Over the months, I refurbished the place, bringing it to its former glory. I bought 3 boats to replicate the Smuggling Barge, the Merchant Ship and the Smuggling Boat. It was amazing what a lick of paint, a bit of building and lighting and clean sheets and TLC could do.


It began to transform in to the nightclub I had envisioned it to be and I embraced the unique history of the place.

I knew B would love the place.  It had soul and magic and I knew she would also adore it’s naughty dark history as much as me.


At last came the day, I was to show my girl the finished club and for her to name it.

Of course, I made some SoapShine for the christening. She could smash it on the floor when she named it.


That morning, the sun lit up my room and I stretched, got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

20 minutes later, I was, showered, shaved and smelt fresh.

I picked up my mobile and clicked on B’s name. The phone dialled her number from its memory. She sounded tired when she answered but I was far too excited to allow her much time to wake up.

“B, get dressed baby girl. I’m coming to collect you in 15. I have a surprise to show you. Wear jeans. Kisses darling.”  Then before she could get her thoughts together and answer, I had ended the call and collecting everything I needed to show her our new amazing place.


A big beaming smile was on my face and it wasn’t going to disappear anytime quick.

She was ready and on the doorstep when I arrived and I stopped and stared, giving her a low wolf whistle. She really was the most stunning woman. I let my eyes undress her and savour her figure.



Then I made myself step out of the moment and get back to the task in hand.

I grabbed hold of her hand and said,  “Ready?”

When she nodded, I whisked her to the Factory Room. 


All my months of hard work, sweat, frustrations and searching for the perfect items were at an end. It was now time to show B  my master piece.

We landed and I held my breath.


The factory on first sight seemed tired and worn but when you looked closer, it was seasoned and had character. The open dock where we had landed was directly in front of the factory entrance.

In the open sea behind us was a raft with turtles nearby. Seagulls flew around the industrial island.  The Bubble fountain and bubble chimneys were bubbling nicely giving out the scent of Palmolive soap. It gave the area a smell of freshness with sparkly bubbles floating in the air. A faint smell of soap shine alcohol wafted every now and then.


To the left of the entrance as we faced the Factory was the Brothel Barge which now had an amazing dance floor, lounge and bar at the front which had a cosy and friendly atmosphere.  There were still Brothel rooms on the higher deck for those who enjoyed carnal times and dance poles for the ladies and their audiences on the lower decks.


Inside, the actual Factory was decked out with a raised dance floor and lounge area, a bar, a DJ booth and instruments for the band. There were toilets and the lighting gave the factory a feeling of having a soul and warm with friendliness.


To the right of the factory was an outside area to enjoy time with friends round a fire and dolphin watching.  Seating and picnic blankets completed that area. It could easily be converted for special events like Bonfire night when and where necessary.


Behind the factory was the merchant ship, now converted for private time, should a couple wish to take advantage. Dolphins were also playing round the hull.

There was also a secret smuggling dock underneath the factory complete with a flat boat where a couple could enjoy each other, making out, in relative peace.


The factory roof was also made for alfresco fun times with beds, cosy fire and sofas should a couple want more romantic times stargazing as they make love.

All in all, the club had been made with thought, adoration and TLC.   This gave the place soul, likeability and a magic that was hard to explain.


I lead her round, showing her my work, explaining the history and when I had finished we were standing once more by the factory entrance. I waited for her comments.

I held my breath, I wanted B to feel what I did, to see my vision, to sense the unusual history of the soap and sex and bootlegging story that gave our place history and made it unique and different from any other.  Would she like it?


“I want you to name the place,” I whispered. I handed her the bottle of Soap shine liquor.  “And to christen our new club and business venture but only if you like it, only if you want us to do this together.”

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Posted 10 November 2018 - 06:28 PM


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Posted 10 November 2018 - 06:32 PM

Dressed in sweats and t-shirt I began the house chores of the day with a resolve to not let my mind wander.  Opening the curtains in the den I could not help notice what a beautiful day it was.  The sun was shining in a perfectly blue cloudless sky and I wondered what V was doing on such a gorgeous day.  Pushing the thought again from my mind I went to the kitchen and began the task of making a list for the market.  Normally I would take into consideration dinners out with V but he'd been distant and quiet lately. Growling at myself I again pushed thoughts of him aside and focused on my list.  After all why shouldn't he busy himself elsewhere?  Putting the pen down I grabbed my list and purse and left the house.  Perhaps the fresh air would help distract my thoughts of exactly where and how he was 'busying' himself.
Just as I reached the car my phone rang. The caller ID noted it was V and I was tempted to hit the ignore call button. As much as I did not want to give the impression I'd been waiting to hear something from him I had missed him way too much to play games. I answered the call as I was getting into my car and before my brain could absorb more than '15 minutes wear jeans' he had disconnected the call. Catching my reflection in the car rearview mirror panic set in and I quickly ran back to the house not knowing who I was more frustrated with...him to assume I'd just drop everything to go to him...or me for doing so.
Mumbling words my Mother would have been upset with I ran back and forth between the bath and the closet like a mad woman. Ending my tirade with a loud "S.O.B. HOW DARE HE?" at the mirror I realized I had a smile on my face which only infuriated me more as I wondered "How does HE DO THAT?"  One last look and toss of the hair brush and I once again left the house. I took a minute to calm my breathing on the stairs.  There was no way he'd know I had not looked like this 15 minutes ago or that I had a care in the world.
As he walked towards me I noticed he sure had had enough time to pull himself together nicely and as he always does he took my breath away.  My skin flushed and tingled with the touch of his hand on mine and just like that nothing else mattered and again I wondered "How does he DO that?" Looking into his eyes I could tell he was both anxious and excited and before I could do anything more than nod his hand tightened and he pulled me with him. His excitement was contagious but I knew he was not about to explain till he was good and ready.  V enjoyed letting all things simmer. So instead of voicing the many questions in my head I silently enjoyed his presence and the sound of his voice as he sang with the radio.
When we stopped I was sure he was lost and needed to check his GPS. We were at some run down docks at the waterway.  Instead the grin on his face beamed at me as he jumped from the car and opened my door. There was what looked like an ancient fishing boat waiting for us and after a short trip just off the coast we stopped at a small island I did not even know existed.
As we stepped off the boat I was sure he had most his mind.  What were we to do here?  Taking my hand I swear he nearly skipped as he led me towards what was surely a very old abandoned factory. When he started to speak I was mesmirized more by the tone of his voice than his words. Never had I heard V so enthused and animated but there was something else. He very much wanted me to be as well. Again I remained silent, listening and hanging on every word as he pointed out the significance of every corner.
I took notice of small things he had done just for me without his pointing them out. I felt the love it took to do such things. I saw the hours of thought and work.  I saw the dream in his eyes and heard the passion for that dream in his voice. With each step the implication of it all compoounded and I had to hide the tears in my eyes. Midway through the tour I was convinced he had made a deal with the turtles and the dolphins simply because he knows how they touch my heart. He had even added a raft knowing that is where I'd want to spend many a long nights hours alone with him under the stars.  When we climbed the stairs up to the roof and I saw all he had designed there I believed he had hung every star in the sky for me. In Yiddish they would say I was verklempt...overwhelmed not quite the fit.
The history of the property fascinated me and I wanted to do more research on the V's who walked these floors in the past. I could feel them around me wanting me to admire what they and V had created. Was there ever a question? How could I not be under the spell of the magic of this place with it's bubbles and it's sparkle and it's V?
As we finished the tour and we stood in the spot we had begun. He handed me a bottle with our new logo on it. I looked at the logo imagining again the thought and time on what must seem a small detail in the bigger picture of all that he had created. As I looked from the bottle to his eyes I could not speak without letting the tears flow. I could see his expression change when he saw them and I immediately smiled at him to let him know these were good tears. When I could finally find my voice I said "Most men just bring roses and rope when they want to surprise a girl yanno." He laughed and held me close as he told me I was to name the place and we would operate it together if I liked it...only if I liked it....if I wanted to.
He watched me slowly open the bottle with the question still in his eyes. I held the bottle to my lips and the first sip burned the back of my throat as good moonshine always should. Offering him the open bottle I said "To The Soap Factory" and there on his face I saw such reief and joy my tears started again as he sipped from the bottle.  Wrapping me in his arms he tenderly  kissed first one eye and then the other.
Walking hand in hand we walked just inside the building and as I let the bottle fall to the ground we said in unision "We now christen thee The Soap Factory!"  To this day I am sure there are still pieces of shattered glass from that bottle laying there.  But we do not care.  It only adds to the mystery and the magic that is The Soap Factory.
As we walked back out into the sun I whispered "There is more than one way to christen a property yanno..."


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Posted 22 November 2018 - 12:08 PM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  V and I celebrated by counting our blessings last night. 



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Posted 08 December 2018 - 12:32 AM

 "There is more than one way to christen a property yanno..."

That whisper hung heavy with promise in the air.

“Yes Indeed!”  I growled and scooped her up in my arms.

Little did she know I had every intention of doing so and... I had come prepared!



I wanted to take her hard in a place that every time she looked at it, she would blush, her breath would catch and she would feel that tingly naughtiness in every inch of her, exhibiting the sensual woman she and I knew she was.


I knew just the place of course and I had deposited my special bag of tricks earlier close by.


I carried her, cradle style, straight to the specially strengthened glass dance floor inside the Soap Factory, underneath of which was the golden metal pentagram.


It was a very special symbol.




Each point of the star would be symbolised in my sexual taking and claiming of her.


I placed her on the dance floor and growled, “Stand there, while I strip you.”


I walked round her first as she stood still and let her feel the alpha male prowling in her vicinity.


I stepped in close behind her, nuzzling her ears and neck. I raised her arms up level with her shoulders, so they were outstretched sideways from her body and ground my groin into her soft buttocks.


“Do you feel the spirit and magic of The Soap Factory?” I whispered and continued. “See the upward point of the star in the pentagram underneath us, it is representative of the spirit here. I will tell you the other 4 points soon.”


Then I ran my hands over her clothed body taking my time to explore her. When I came to her breasts and buttocks, I ensured my palms were filled and that I massaged and squeezed her until she groaned in arousal.


I growled, in her ear, “When I push my hands into your panties… what will I find?”  



My hands stroked down from her tits to her Jeans and I popped open her top button and slid the zip down on her crotch, purposely pressing into her pubis mons as I did so.


“Will you be damp?”  I continued, not really expecting an answer.


Her uneven breathing told me, she was shakily drawing air into her lungs.

I gripped her breasts and said, “The Air that you are drawing into your body, making your breasts heave like this, is another element on the Pentagram.”  I pointed to a point on the star and knew I was exciting her like never before. I enjoyed building the anticipation


My hands returned to her waistband and loosened her jeans. I spread the fly open as far as it could go and then paused. I allowed her to feel the naughtiness of the moment.



She stood there aroused in the middle of an empty dance floor with her clothing dishevelled and undone. As her man, I was fully enjoying her slutty state, while I was clothed.

I was also confident in the knowledge, this woman would allow me to do anything sexual that I wished. The moment was intoxicating.


And I was going to.


I had plans to push her boundaries and make her spread her legs whimpering for me to fuck her.


I growled again. “Are you damp?” 

My hand then dipped into her panties Cold fingers touched her heated skin and I wickedly inched down. I felt her heart racing.


“Wet?”  I nuzzled her ear wickedly.

I knew she was going to be gushing from the inside out.

“Or will I find that you are drenched, Sweetheart?”


I felt her shaking as my words hit home. My exploring fingers spread open her labia and popped out her swollen clitoris from its little hood.

She was indeed sopping wet and perfectly aroused for me.


“mmm Good, sexy, little slut,” I complimented her in delight and without warning, yanked her jeans and panties down!


She stood obediently still as I had instructed, arms still outstretched with her panties and jeans down at her ankles.


I walked round her, admiring her heaving bosom and nicely trimmed and wet pussy.


I gestured for her to raise her arms upwards and slowly and seductively removed her top, grinding on her tits as I did so before eventually throwing it to the corner of the dance floor.

She was now topless, breasts exposed and nipples perfectly pointed.



I gestured again to kick off the clothing at her ankles towards another corner and while she did so, I busied myself with massaging her gloriously bared tits.


She now stood naked over the pentagram.

Naked and at one with Mother Earth and Nature.

“You are so beautiful.” I whispered. “You are naked, naked as the day you were born. Naked as Mother Earth intended.”  I pointed to the pentagram.

“Earth is another point on the star” and then I pushed 2 fingers into her sopping pussy.


I pushed her legs apart to accept me deeper and as I frigged her with one hand, my other hand gripped the back of her neck. She was held firmly in place.


“Do you trust me?”  I asked her.

She nodded.

“Good. I am going to enjoy you very much. Stay here.”  I moved and collected a stool from a nearby table and picked up the sports bag atop of it.


I indicated for her to bend double, using the stool for balance.  She did so and in order for her legs to be spaced how I liked them, I placed a spreader bar on her ankles.

She was beautifully displayed for what I had in mind.


I walked to her front and pulled her head up, making eye contact.  I saw the desire in them. It blazed as bright as mine.

“See the fire in our eyes?”


B nodded and I allowed her head to drop.


I guided her head. “See that point on the star, that represents Fire.”




I walked behind her to admire her buttocks. “We have one last element to cover. Soon I will tell you the last one.”


Then I rummaged in my bag and smiled when I found what I was looking for…

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Posted 08 December 2018 - 12:42 AM

The words had barely left my mouth before I found myself lifted off my feet and in his arms.  What woman has not dreamed of that moment?  A burst of laughter escaped and I grinned into his eyes as he quickly carried me inside the building again. 
His eyes told me this was no laughing matter but his grin told me it sure was going to be fun. As he placed me on the floor on top of the pentagram and told me to stand as he stripped me I saw and heard the Dom in him. I always know that side of him is lurking just below the surface but I rarely see it so forcefully as I saw it now and it made me catch my breath. These moments make me anxious. In all of my past sexual experiences I have had some level of control. In these encounters I know I have none.  None, that is, but one word. The so called "safe word". I know that should I use it it will be respected and honored.  The question was always whether or not I wished to use it.  I find V's ability to take me out of my comfort zone not only exciting, but part of his charm.  There are many who do not understand it but how is a 'safe word' and different than the word 'No' during a vanilla encounter?  And how many of us women have had it not only ignored but disrespected with taunts?
Never have I felt a man's eyes so boldly on me.  Not vieled. No pretense. Just pure lust. He made no attempt to hide his appreciation as he circled me and I had no urge to look away from him.  Because as he was assessing me I was free to do the same. And I did. From his tosseld hat hair that managed to still look perfect to the tip of his perfectly polished shoes he was all a male was intended to be. As he walked around me it felt raw, instinctive and animalistic and I found it very sensual.
When he finally lifted my hair and let me feel his breath on my neck my own breath quickened as my body responded to him. He knows that he can ignite my heat simply by being in the vicinity. He knows too that at this point I will not deny him. As he spoke of the spirit of the Factory we stood in I wondered if he knew what his voice in my ear did to me and that the words mattered little as all I was aware of was the tone of them and his hands as they roamed slowly, freely squeezing  and pulling.  I wanted nothing more than to lean back against him with my head over his shoulder but this was not part of his plan. My moans of pleasure were met with voiced questions of what he would find should he feel inside my panties. I did not answer as I knew he would find out for himself no matter my response and my anticipation grew. I knew his excitment matched my own as he ground his hips in hard against my ass making it clear that his control was just as much on himself as over me.
Slowly his hand found it's way to the zipper of my jeans. My arms, stretched out as they were, kept me from reaching for him as instincts screamed to do. His voice strong, purposeful, his hands taking and giving pleasure made me crave more. As I felt the zipper open by his hand my breath caught again and he was very aware of my state.  He stood there looking at me and I looked straight back at him and licked my lips as he watched. Taking a step closer to me he again  asked if I was damp. Again there was no need to answer as he slipped his hand into my panties to feel for himself. My eyes never left his as I tipped my hips up and towards him. His fingers knew my body well and he knew exactly where and how to to touch. He found exactly what he knew he would find and I could not help but return his grin.  I am quite comfortable with being his slut and as he showed his pleasure I showed mine by rolling my hips against his hand. With quick skill he had my pants down around my ankles in one swift movement and I wondered if any magician could have done it with more grace.
Again he circled me. My arms feeling the strain of being held out so long were begging to be lowered but I'd not let him see this, or any other, weakness.  He knew I'd not stop him now and that I'd do as he wished and take as much pleasure in it as he. I again followed his eyes as he stared at me like an animal stalking it's prey.  Freed from my jeans and panties I could feel my excitement dripping down my inner thighs.  There was a slight nip in the ocean air and  a slight breeze from the open door but it did nothing to stop the sweat forming between my breasts as my heart started to pound faster
Raising my arms made it easier for him to remove my shirt and I was quite relieved to be finally freed of it.  As I kicked away the clothing from my ankles he allowed us the indulgence of his hands on my breasts.  I closed my eyes and rolled my head back as he cupped and squeezed them roughly. Moaning my body began to tremble as my hips rocked back against him.  As my need for him increased he whispered again in my ear about the damned pentagram. I sure hoped there was not going to be a test about it or I'd need to study up some. And then he finally dipped his fingers deep inside where I needed him most and I ground down on them hard with a loud moan. "Do you trust me?" he growled in my ear. I could not speak but managed to nod despite his tight hold on my neck. My eyes told him above all else, yes I trusted him. But then, just as I thought I was going to have the release my body needed so badly, he walked away and I groaned my displeasure. Such a tease!
Then I saw the stool and I smiled softly at him. I bent over and the coldness of the stool felt amazing on my almost bruised breasts.  My hair hung down and draped on the floor from the back but I had a perfect view of the aparatus he was now attaching to my ankles.  Now this was new...  He picked my head up and I saw my need and desire mirrored in them.  God, I loved this man. Yes, of course I can see the fire.
And then he started to speak of the fucking pentagram again and I wanted to scream.

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Posted 20 December 2018 - 04:30 PM

Merry Christmas Everyone!





With much love and bubbles from BW and VR

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Posted 21 December 2018 - 12:58 PM

And, of course, a VERY



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Posted 26 December 2018 - 02:42 PM

I adored this woman and enjoyed seeing her displayed over the stool.  She was naked, legs forced apart by the spreader bar attached to her ankles.  Her beautiful ass and pussy in full view and of course was totally vulnerable to me.  Her tummy was over the seat of the stool and as she waited, curious to my actions, I rolled a nearby barrel towards her head.


As I pushed it upright, it was just the right height for what I wanted.




“Hands out in front.” I ordered her. 


She obeyed positioning them like a diver might at the poolside.  I quickly cuffed them and folded her  fingers onto the farthest edge of the barrel.




The top half of her body was now nicely supported.  Her legs were nicely parted and she was now my prisoner.  I admired her nude body. I liked the pose I had created and that she was under my power.  As a dominant male, I rejoiced in the trust she had bestowed on me.


I reached for the lubricant and squirted it on her beautiful buttocks, taking my time to massage the oily substance in to her buttocks, rimming her sexy little star and feminine slit.




I enjoyed this pleasure and indulged myself. My fingers and palms rubbed her intimate skin. My thumb rimmed and dipped into ass, stretching her, widening her making her ready.




Eventually my right hand began to masterbate her in a steady, regular rhythm. My index and middle fingers were pushing into her asshole and my ring finger and little finger were frigging her pussy.




Using my left hand, I pressed down on the small of her back to ensure her pussy mound and clitoris ground down against the stool.


It was stimulating her nicely as I felt her pussy flood with sexual heat and need.  Her pussy and ass clenched on my fingers beautifully, just like I intended.




She was nearly ready for the next stage of my play.  


“Moan for me baby girl”    I growled. “I want to hear the beauty of your female heat.”


Her soft mewls filled the factory.  There was no doubt she was in heat for her man.




I stopped for a moment and had to smile at her murmurs of protest. The wanton little minx didn’t want me to stop!   Perfect.  It meant her need was so great, she would not rebuff me.


I reached into my bag & fetched out a special tin. It was luxuriously decorated in aqua and silver. Inside were just what I was looking for.


Anal Beads and Jewelled anal plugs.







I  chose the Anal beads and dipped them generously in the lubricant and stuffed them one by one, smallest first into her anal cavity.  She groaned and moaned, enjoying the new strange sensation.  They were a tight fit but my gentle and stimulating anal play had prepared her well. She was not in any pain. She was finding the sensation of wanting to poop strangely invigorating and deliciously exciting.  One by one the beads filled her until eventually only the small pully ring was visible. She was stuffed ready for fucking.




I sat down, bent backwards so my back was supported by the stool and French kissed her pussy, gripping each of her cheeks in my palms and circled them so her anal walls ground on the beads inserted inside her.


Her moans told me she enjoyed this naughty play, maybe more than she liked to admit!




Just when I thought she may cum, I stopped, stood up, released my raging hard on and pushed into her sopping pussy,


Her wet heat on my cock was glorious.




In, out, deep and fast.   I fucked her in my V rhythm. I needed this woman. I wanted this woman and I indulged my desire.


I fucked her hard over the metal pentagram. The glass floor wickedly reflected our lustful bodies. We both feasted our eyes on this spectacular vision!




Selfishly I hard fucked her, gripping her hair as I rammed into her body.  I felt the anal beads through the adjoining wall of her pussy and ass. The beads ground along the length of my cock as her pussy walls gripped me tighter & tighter.  The sensation was amazing, stimulating me into total lust mode.




I pounded her pussy. I pulled her hair. I slapped her ass cheeks in turn. I was fucking & claiming my woman in the middle of the dance floor of our new club!




Then when I heard and felt her first signs of orgasm, I pressed in and down so her clit squeezed mercilessly onto the stool. Her fingers gripped the barrel so tight her fingers turned white and she shuddered in climax




At the same time, I pulled the anal beads, slowly from her body. She screamed her joy! And I fucked & exploded inside of her. She was seeded and marked with the red slap prints on her ass!






We hit the heights of pleasure in sync. I roared her name. She screamed mine.    

Eventually our climaxes subsided and I stood her up, back to me. 


Kissing her neck, admiring her body.

I whispered in her ear,


“My Da always said to me:

“Son, find yourself a girl who’s nice and mild who’ll stay at home with my grandchild.

Once you’ve found her, hold her tight and thank your lucky stars at night!”

Now I love my Dah (I cross my heart) but man, that girl’s a boring sort.

To stay at home all day and night and wait upon her Mr. Right?

No thanks, not her- at least for me

I want a girl who wants to see the 3dxchat world with me,

and more besides!

A girl who’s brave and never hides her energy and passion.

Who likes to be tied up,

Kissed and teased and made corrupt

In short- you love me, and I love you.

While you’re a wonderful girlfriend- (it’s true)

Let’s make the plunge!

There’s no one else I want, for virtual life’s wild ride,

than you beside me as my awesome bride!

Well I know you want a man who’s brave and bold and strong,

Who’s handsome, with a heart of gold,

but sadly, he’s not me – or so I’m told!

I know you want a man who’s smart and wise and clever,

Who’s quick and witty, with dancing eyes-

but sadly, he’s not me – or so I’m told!

So though I’m not a perfect man  - winks -  but you know that I am!

I’m here, on bended knee. This question now my heart demands:

BrandiWine - Will you marry me?”




The 5th point on the Pentagram is complete...   but is the Water...   Tears of Joy  or Tears of Sadness?

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Posted 26 December 2018 - 03:51 PM

This man.


He has no idea how my breath catches in my throat each time I see his eyes dance at the sight of me.


He has no idea how my heart grows so big it brings tears to my eyes when he tells me he loves me.


I treasure each corner of who he is.  Even those that frustrate me.


When we first met, this creature that oozed sex and made me laugh to tears, we swore we would never marry again.  Been there done that we said. It was agreed and set in stone. To be honest I knew upon first meeting my 3dx life would never be the same.


As time passed I knew I loved him like no other and that there was no one else I'd rather share the hours and days of my 3DX life with.  A man who knows my thoughts at times even before me.


I found a man who shares the stars with me, born on the same day of a different year, but my match in more ways than not.


I found a man I treasure more than my own breath.....


And he wonders if the tears will be of joy or sadness?


The water from the 5th point have me so blinded I can barely see the words I type.


THIS is how he asks me?  THIS is how and where he wants his answer? And I am reminded that no one does anything quite like V does so why should this be any different?  Here in the soap. Naked and flushed from climax with bubbles floating around us....feet from where shards of glass lay in the corners.  And I realize it really is quite perfect.


On shaking feet I look down into his eyes so he can see mine.


Look into them and see my answer my love.


Legs no longer able to support me I slip down onto my knees so I am eye to eye with him.


No longer shaking from climax but with joy.


I walk on my knees so I can lean on his bended knee, mesh my fingers with his, and bring my mouth a breath away from his and I whisper to him


"We were created for each other. Without you I am nothing. You are my everything. I am yours and you are  mine. A truth undenied. Our souls, hearts and hands are already united. To be husband and wife would be another perfect beginning."  


As our arms envelope each other we kiss each others smiles with tears shimmering in our eyes. Enjoying the colors of our bubble.

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 05:30 AM

To Him:
Words are not enough
The words to tell you my heart
seem to not exist!
Looking in your eyes
I see the questioning hope
and my heart takes flight
From the first meeting
I knew we were meant to be
I knew I was yours.
You looked at my soul
As if you knew me forever
and my heart whispered.
The touch of your hand,
your breath on my skin was like fire
and my heart whispered.
Laughing till we cried
Hours and hours felt like minutes
Good Night was painful.
Loving till we cried
our souls joined and rejoicing
my heart screamed your name.
Not an easy path
we have traveled hand in hand
Never looking back.
We chose our colors
And created our bubble.
We are our bubble.
A day without you
Is a day without breathing,
A day with no joy.
In your arms I'm home.
When I am with you I am complete.
With you I am me.
So to your question
there really is no question
it is destiny.
My heart hears your song
Do you hear the harmony?

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 12:15 PM






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Posted 01 January 2019 - 09:24 PM


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Posted 11 January 2019 - 12:48 PM

We hope all our friends and fans will join in the celebration of our joy....




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Posted 28 January 2019 - 11:44 AM


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Posted 05 February 2019 - 05:51 PM


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Posted 07 February 2019 - 08:36 PM


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