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Frog's Fake-Profiles


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Great topic!  It is amazing how many intelligent people fall for these fake photos simply because the person has a variety of pics in their gallery.  This happens all over the net though and not just on 3DX.

I've gotten pretty good at spotting the male operators.  I don't catch them each time mind you, because some have refined it down to a fine art.  Smarten up guys.  If your gut says she is  a dude you are most likely correct.  Your instincts are there for a reason.  Don't ignore the red flags and then whine about it later.

There are hints.  Example any female avi you meet with the largest boobs on the dial is most likely a guy.  No woman I know would do that to themselves even in VL.  Now this does not mean there are not a few RL women out there who, in RL have no boobs so live out their fantasies here.  So if this is the only red flag I wouldn't worry about it.  But if added with 2 more red flags I'd count on it being a guy.

Another example:  Any female avi with spread eagle pics of 'themselves' in their gallery is most likely a guy.  There are always exceptions to the rules of course so again, count the red flags. 

Pay attention to the way they talk and their interests other than sex.

Now I have to add that I really do not care how people play the game.  It's their dime and if they wish to play this way fine.  I just don't like the lies being told and pulling guys in on an emotional level to the point someone gets hurt.  There are plenty out there with the same fantasy as theirs so why not just be honest with at least your partner?  

Thanks again for a great topic.  I hope it helps some learn how to be wiser on the internet.

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Thank you very much for your comment Susan,

I played 3DX-Chat for some time and by most of the women I got in contact, my red flags waved. And so I found it difficult for me to enjoy virtuell sex in 3DX-Chat. And as one evening a female Avatar presented me some pics in his gallery with a girl holding a piece of paper with a name written on it to convince me that he is a girl in real life, then I had the idea for this topic. And I found out, that I have much fun by creating such pics.

I agree absolutely with you, that we shall not judge any people about their way to play this game, but the the red line is the Moment you play with emotions of other players. 

Have fun whatever you are doing

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