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Qween tesla

Need help with pic

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Hi Qween, welcome to Forum.  

There is another way… instead of limiting yourself to an image by size you could just resize it yourself. I am not a techie so I let the Geeks do it for me, using a web host called  IMGUR for all my photos and GIFs, it’s free, private, easy n versatile.

I can easily resize any image without distorting, but does not do so well altering GIF's… kinda F’s them up. 🙄 

Though this is what I use... know there are others. Vaughn_Rarius, “V”, has a thread in here somewhere with helpful tutorials, websites n other goodies. Just do a search or shoot him a PM. He knows lots and is helpful. Good luck, happy hunting n most of all have FUN. 😁

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Hello Qween,

if you already have the desired picture stored on your computer, you can resize it or save it in another format.

For example simply reduce it by 50% and save it as a PNG (which can be uploaded into your profile).

I use the built-in graphics tool "Paint" in Windows for that.


Good luck!



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