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Vakker Media- Hiring (Serious RP group)

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We highly encourage role-play in local chat rather than PMs so that others can be included and join in, and you don't have to be part of the company to role-play with us. We openly acknowledge and integrate other players' rp companies, groups, backstories, plotlines, e.t.c., into our own. So please, drop in and join us any time! Familiarity with the /me command is a must. Please note this is a descriptive long-term role-playing scenario and NOT the place to drop in for a quick fuck (Unless you play your cards right, I guess). Also, if trolling or rude players become an issue we will go private, but for now it's public so come on! Message Erica or Vakker in game or look for the Vakker Media labeled rooms when they're open.))

In case it wasn't clear, feel free to PM out of character with questions. Approach us IN character in local chat to apply.

This IS a modern day realistic setting role-play, so we don't recognize any supernatural creatures or abilities, sorry.


A little side note: We do tend to play to a slightly higher standard of writing ability than other RP groups on 3DX, so if using the /me command and typing at least a complete sentence isn't your cup of tea then this probably isn't the place for you.


((The following info is entirely in-character. Vakker Media is a role-playing group and office RP in 3DX that meets in the room Vakker Media (Office RP).



Vakker Media is an alternative adult entertainment media company. We host a weekly tv show and web stream with the latest news on the adult entertainment industry, as well as exclusive interviews with stars, models, creators and more. We also host a website with regular news and editorial articles, as well as a monthly print publication.


(Please feel free to pitch us other ideas for positions or ways you'd like to interact with the company! We're always open to ideas.)

(Positions with a slash / can be occupied by multiple players)

--Staff (updated regularly)--

-Position- -Character name- -(Player's in-game name)- 



CEO -  Mr. Alexander Vakker (Vakker)

COO - Ms. Erica Hunter (Erica)



Personal Assistant to Mr. Vakker - Alyson (alysonYorke)

Executive Assistant -  /

Head of Staffing/HR -  Mrs. Olivia Sinns (MrsOlivia)/ 

Head of Human Resources - Veronica (Veronicanov) /

Chief of Security - Asher Jacobs (Asherboy) /

Security - Nikki Shepard (CNikkiS)

Security - Paul Drystan (PaulDrystan)

Receptionist - Sayana Monbleau (Sayana) /

IT - Raethar Morrigan (Raethar) /




Social Media Designer - Chris Odell (Odelly)


Production Staff

Weekly Show Host- Erica Hunter (Erica)

Host of "Zommer Dreams" travel and fitness show- Byra Zommer (Byra)

Audio Director - Talon Xaero (Xaero)

Producer/Videographer - Liam Winstrom (LiamWinstrom)

Executive Producer - Erica Hunter (Erica)


Asst. Editor - Clara Lloyd (Claraly)

Wardrobe/Makeup- Autumne Milani (Autumne) /

Hair Stylist- 


Writing Staff

Editor in Chief

Head Show Writer

Creative Director - Erica Hunter (Erica)




Social Media Content Producer- Byra Zommer (Byra)


Other possible positions that need fillin':


 - Blogger
    -Brand Ambassador
    -Brand Manager
    -Community Manager
    -Content Manager
     -Digital Content Manager
    -Digital Media Manager
    -Digital Media Producer
     -Director, Social Media
    -Internet Marketing Coordinator
    -Internet Marketing Manager
        -Online Content Coordinator



If you made it this far and you're wondering where all the pornstar and model positions are.

We are trying to fill out more of the roster BEFORE we really get into that, but if you're represented by another agency within 3DX feel free to contact us to set up interviews and other possible business interactions.

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Interesting what you're doing but were I to give some advice, I would reduce it to something more simple. From what I seen and experienced being here as roleplayers there a niche size group of really dedicated more persistent hardcore roleplayers here, by making things very indepths. I think you will potentially leave yourself in both situations where you will have to explain certain areas in introductery manner several times over, also suspect if it becomes too detailed or complicated and large. you're likely going to struggle to attract room visitor let alone for longterm RP.


Both the City when it was more actively around under Suzie but also Alcatraz sometimes struggle to keep steady base of longterm roleplayers going, But that just my advice and thoughts here.

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Just wanted to say I'm REALLY happy with the quality of role-playing that's been going on in this room with this group. If you came from a tabletop, MMORPG or chatroom role-playing background and you're looking for more in-depth, more descriptive and more character-driven role-playing then this is the place for you.

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