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goooooooood day, noon night and or afternooooon


gooooooooooood mooooooorning 3Dx'naaam


And if its also a "morning" or a getting up 4 you?!
maybe u wanna join me @ breakfast and some music to kick off the day^^



The name of the topic says it all and only sometimes, only sometimes, you find a coverversion or a remix of one of your fav song(s) and its maybe even slighty better or as good n nice as the original. then hell yes, share it with us, just like the other good and cool music stuff you guyz post here also in other well known threads^^ so, be it an acoustic guitar cover or an electronical remix version, just blow our minds here away and please dont post only the cover/remix version but also the original first, cause although others and i listen to nearly everything from j.hendirix up to prodigy and down, and up aaaaaand aaaaaall the waaaaay down and up again.....ops im feeln a lil sick now^^ me and others dont know everything of all that good stuff outthere you hear, that is still unknown to us! to start off, ill take one of my fav bands tool with the song : 46 & 2






Cover I


and once i also play guitar and used to sing more ofen,
ill jlust hit a nother one off here from tool acoustic cover god, ernesto schnack^^

cover II


And if u prefer it more electronical check out this song that gave me the idea for this thread

thx ash, listned to it 4 times now^^



feel free to share if u like the idea and if not, just move on or delete it, but still, have a nice day, peace!
and if you still didnt register here in the forum, altough ur fuckn around @3dx since 8 months,
nuff ppl here to spank u here 4 that^^
 so, have a nice day, hugn kiss - over n finally out!

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I really like the Newton Faulkner Accoustic Cover of Teardrop By Massive Attack, which is one of my favorite songs.








thx 4 reminding of me newton faulkner again janaX....your cover was a prof made up video version of that song, but the org and 1st version, was the one i once saw...its somehow more real, intense and nice^^


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