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God Does Not Like Evil

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 I have something I must say immediately. A few days ago I logged into my WildHoney account and found everything gone. Friends list, gifts, about me information, and all photos from the photo gallery. I did not do this!


I have not known quite how to deal with this, I know there have been glitches of many sorts in the game lately but this? This is truly a nightmare. NOT a good gift to anyone for Christmas.


I am making this known in public forum as there really is no other way to inform many others. 


I make this move as a result of a message in my inbox from a long time friend.


I will not share who sent it, It is not their fault that I have this issue but it is a message that helps me deal with and know that this is widespread in my account and all my friends, EVERY single one, was deleted and showed "blocked" or unable to see me even from tracking gifts given.


This is the message I received with the title of the message,




God dosen't like evil




Sent Yesterday, 11:35 PM

"Maybe not the best time to have done what you did by deleting me from your friends list, as God doesn't like evil and you do it at his time of year. This was my thank you for sending you a gift for the holidays. I have never done anything to you. Never spoke bad about you, have always respected you and gone to your places to support you and this is my thanks. Well don't let Karma come back to bite you in your ass. A real friend would have questioned before just deleting, and you really don't act your age at times. Best to you & yours"
Now I was stunned at first. I would NEVER do that. Then I realized this was indeed a glitch my account was hit with for whatever reason it was and is not intended for anyone. So this is what I responded and I mean this message for EVERYONE.  TRULY I have not done such an abominable thing. 
Sent Today, 01:23 AM

First thing.  A few days ago, I logged in to find my entire friends list GONE. My gifts Gone. My about me,  Gone. My Photo gallery, Gone. I did not delete anyone, did not block anyone, did not initiate anything at all for this. To be honest, it has been a nightmare of sorts as I would not ever do this to anyone, let alone a friend. Come to find out, I had disappeared from everyone's friends list to seem blocked, Even my long time love, JasonWilde, and there is no way I would do that to him EVER. 

Moreover, since I am lucky enough that he and I have multiple sources and ways of contact, I was able to have him meet me in one of 3DX public rooms and add him to my buddy list Then he found he had me on his ignore list. He did not do that, but nevertheless it showed me ignored.

I do not know why this was or what caused it. I do know however that those who I have on skype, kik or discord were informed as soon as I could through messages and in group threads in Discord.


I am truly deeply sorry you have thought I would be unkind. if I HAD done this I would not blame you one single bit. But since I did not I hope you will accept that I did not do this and forgive this glitch in the game and forgive the circumstances. I truly am sorry for this event. I had no control over this.

I send my love and my honest wish that you have blessings beyond measure. THANK you for telling me that you also have found this glitch in effect. It seems all my "friends" also thought the same, But a few did know I would never do it. 


With kindest respect, love  and regards,

Wild Honey.




I can only hope to reach out this way and effectively correct this "mistake" though I was not mean, or unkind to do this. I hold no ill will towards anyone who was counted friend. If this is Karma, I will accept it and say only I am sorry if you or others interprete this event as my just desserts. I would hope however that if ANYONE else has had this glitch or others affecting them, that it will give a heads up for others to know it has happened and perhaps help to get the situation cleared up. For any harm, hurt feelings or ill will you have felt, those of you out there that know me, know when I say, I did not do what I was accused of, know it is the Truth. 

I wish all of you the happiest and merriest of holiday seasons.



With love, 




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Actually I do not blame them. Truly. I believe their first and only reason to post it was out of a real feeling of hurt and loss. We have been friends a long time. Given what has occurred on my account, I might indeed think similar thoughts or WONDERED as she did "Why." 


This is, truly, straight forward communication seeking answers, not so much blame but to truly say they were hurt and upset. And to know for themselves, why it happened.


I am actually profoundly thankful. NOW I can do proactive things to deal with it and get to the job of making the truth known and mending fences as need be.


It could, and can, happen to literally ANYONE. 

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Well, I hope many read this since friend deleting on it's own happened many times prior to me deleting my old avi,but then again i had close to 1000 friends and just under 30 who earned their place on my ignore list. Glitches like these happen, best thing to do is ask if something occurred more often then not it is a tech glitch, other times it is due to rumors started by drama queens, either way assuming will end up putting one on a bad light so ask talk and re-add. :ph34r:

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Message Gizmo as well and post in the bugs thread as this happens and it's the only way they can look and see what's going on.  Otherwise they can't fix the error and it can happen again to you and others, I know as it's happened to me where people were removed I didn't remove.

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