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With the last two solo sex poses, one seems to have brought  a few problems. *Men Masturbation*


So, I will try to in a pleasant way, not usually my forté, to advise our male players.


In the last few days the complaints are considerable, from ppl who have been subject to *bad taste* *lack of respect* *infantile behaviour* and a few other negative adjectives I have at the tip of my tongue but unfortunatly can not post them or I, myself would run the risk of being banned :(


Jerking off/Cumming on other people, without it being consentual, is one of the poorest male behaviours I have come across. It shows a total lack of respect for others or their choices in the matter.


I have to let you guys know, Im not going to let this type of *harrassement* go easily, so you will be asked to stop once, if you dont you will be banned, without further warnings. For this is what anyone who treats another player like this, deserves.












Ofc this applies to the ladies also :P

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Groups in your Apartments (More than one person)






Bran inviting 3 ppl, can be more:


  • Bran invites 1 ( 1 does not accept untill all have been invited).Bran click on floor (to clear counter from inv from screen)

  • Bran invites 2 ( 2 does not accept untill all have been invited).Bran click on floor (to clear counter from inv from screen)

  • Bran invites 3 ( 3 does not accept untill all have been invited).

  • Bran would continue to invite if more...bearing in mind counter time from first.


  • When all have been invited, Bran tells them its ok to hit ACCEPT (Each will then accept Invite).


And VOILÀ you will all be teleported to Bran's apartment. Have Fun !!!



If someone crashes or arrives late, or timer ran out and you need to do it in more than one go. Bran returns to the starting point (club, bdsm or...) and invites again.

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Has everyone forgotten the use of the IGNORE BUTTON (Block Button) ?




On a daily basis we listen to and receive complaints that could so easily be solved by a simple *click* on the IGNORE BUTTON!!!

Someone spamming you cold invites = Hit the Button

Someone splamming you with unwanted pms = Hit the Button

Someone spamming world chat and pissing you off = Hit the Button



All these and many more can be solved in a sec, and its reversible. Making a formal complain is not reversible. :ph34r:

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We are about to close the first Pole on *your favourite sex position* and I cannot help but see that 73 players voted out of 342 reg. on Forum.


This forces me to say like *hey peeps, after don't complain if devs are not bringing out what you want * !!!


You are given an opportunity to directly let us know what you like, want, well...... USE IT!!!



The most voted will be handed to Admin. as the players suggestion.

However, it does not mean it will always be done, as we do not know what it implies in development.

I'm saying this before hand, so there is no complaining, it will serve as a mere suggestive players opinion for Admin.



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Running issue  has been fixed, we now have a button (RUN) that you can click for running and click to stop.


As we can see things get fixed asap, we just need to allow our Devs the necessary timing, instead of all the commotion that was done last night:(


Thank you all for your patient.

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We have now recieved several severe complaints about abusive harrassement to our ladies from players, who make alts to carry out this type of behaviour and after relog onto their main avatars and delete the one used to harrass.



For *those* who have no idea how things function, I would like to clarify. EVERYTHING  gets saved on a Data Base, so its very easy for Admin to find your accounts and delete them.



So, please do not play these type of games, their are childish and futile,and you can only loose your money by getting your accounts banned for such degrading behaviour.


Treat people with respect please, this is a MUST to be part of our community. You can have all the fun, sex and rock n roll without ever loosing respect for mankind.










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New Functions of Ignore Button (Patch 16/02/2014)






  • You can now MUTE the person who harrasses you = You wont be able to read anything he/she writes in any chat
  • you wont receive  any type of invites
  • It will also make that person invisible to you.
  • It will affect that person entire account, so it becomes useless for him/her to change avatars; the account is IGNORED not just the avatar.
  • Note that when that person engages in any activity, he/she will become visable during that period; sex, sit, couple dancing etc


You will need to un-ignore that person to b e able to see/hear him/her again, relog might be required in some instances.




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