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Llavia's Prismarine Forest (Offical Forum Thread) - Build in Progress


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EDIT: 05.10.2018



Thread has been moved to the 3DX-Modz-Page!

All Updates, Downloads and Changelogs will be posted there!


                                   Links:   http://northprojectz.com/3dxtest20/index.php?/files/file/413-llavis-prismarine-forest/








Greetings, curious one!

I'm Llavia, just one of the many builders out there.

This is a bigger project I have in mind and i'd like to share with you.

So I welcome you to:




This Forest is a rustic, mysterious environment where you can find a lot of things and relax,

or might get lost quickly. You will find caves, a treehouse, waterfalls and clearings, as the room progresses

even more neat things. This forum post is meant for all people that are already asking me daily how the

room is going and what i'm going to add next. So right here I'll be sharing progress, ideas, previews and

also use the commentary-section for feedback, impressions and criticism.

Your support and feedback really mean a lot to me; after all this room is meant for you - so let's do all this together!








Of course: a lot of talking but still no pictures? Yeah yeah, calm down. You'll get everything you want in time. =P

Here are a few previews. There are a plenty of Eastereggs to be found on the map! Can you find them all?


Here is the Link to the Gallery!:




(Gallery updated! - Now the new lights are included!)



And now about the Progress:



Current total progress: 31%
Building right now: Castle-Ruins (Custom Trees, Furniture and Walls)

ToDo-List: • Swamp-Area (With Bridges) (76%)
• Graveyard (0%)
• World Border (44%)
• Waysigns (0%)
• Cave / Mine (87%)
• Mansion (3%)
• Polishing (23%)
• Burned Church (0%)
• Treehouse interior (63%)

This selection will be frequently updated. But you can also find everything on a quick look on my In-Game Profile.

Those points are NOT in order!

Last Update: 03.10.2018

Map Version: 0.7.m



Votes and Quotes:


xCECILIAx: This room is so atmospheric that i would totally cold myself!!

MissEmme: makes me think of peter pan :3

Granit: *speechless*


more to come! =3







Question: Hey Llavi! Are you going to upload and share your world with us so that we can also use it?

Answer: Yes, I've changed my opinion on that recently. You can download the entire room on the 3DX-Modz-Page

(See Link above) or you can find single objects on Torax' Buildsharing-Page (Link also above)

or on my Modz-Forum Profile


Question: Say Llavi, aren't you going to add a simple chill-out area?

Answer: Other then the Fountain, no. I want this room to be a Roleplay-Room. If you want to chill

and hang out and just coldfuck people, then you can join any other Sex/Slut/BBC

/Cold/Porn/Gangbang/No-Chat - room. This one is meant for RP-only.


Question: Will you help me building stuff or give me advice?

Answer: I've never claimed to be a good builder. I just do that because it's fun. I can look at things

but everything I'm saying is just my opinion and not how things have to be done.


Question: When do you think will the world be finished?

Answer: *mumbles* Ughhh, that's a hard one. Probably not before May next year, just by looking at the

schedule. Maybe sooner, maybe later. I'm trying my best, but keep in mind that

I am also a working person.


Question: Ughhh, Llavi! Your room is lagging sooooo much!!

Answer: Hihi, too bad! I'm not! - No seriously, cheese aside; I'm trying my best optimizing the

room as good as possible, but please understand if you're playing on some

Nissan-Shitbox Computer, I cannot help you much with that. I'm frequently

running lagtests, bodyblock-tests, pathing tests and look for missplaced objects

to provide smooth coordination inside my room. =)

Still, I can only recommend using the 64-Bit-Client to provide better navigation.



I left a question out that is bothering you? Write me!




Oh wow, you've read all this? Respect! O__O


Well, in the end: Thank you for your interest and your support! I cannot discribe how much it means to me!

Oh and...my excuses for any grammar or spelling mistakes; I'm from Germany, so English is not my mothertongue =C


Stay tuned! - Yours Llavia ♥

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Thank you very much! ^-^/

Building works pretty good so far and I have a whole lot of ideas to make things even more fun for you, but I'm still not sure about how the game could work flawlessly.


I like this Seeker/Hunter thing, but I also thought about something like "Capture the Flag". Could be fun as well and it is easier to understand.


Since I'm not at home until 1st March, I cannot continue building now, but as soon as I'm back I promise that there will be more awesome stuff added!


Please make sure to always give ideas and opinions either here or ingame, so that I have some resonance from the players view. =)

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Hey hey! Just a quick Status-Update:

I got thrown back in the progress-bar;
The last time I was building two new types of lanterns for the swamp-area, made three custom plants (and was very happy with them), and designed a new bridge and a bonfire (the one in the cave you can see on the screenshots in the main post)... just to have everything deleted due to a saving error.
That were about 9 hours of detailed work.
Well, however. Next time things will go quicker and even better, but from now on I will save each step of progress on my computer, instead of letting the servers take care of it.

Please don't be mad if a few things are gone for now. They'll all come back! =)




EDIT - 03.03.2018


Most of the lost things are restored! Now it's time to move forwards again! ^-^/

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