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Yesterday I went back to Santorini. As soon as I saw that the room was open I knew I had to go back there, it is soo lovely. I chose an outfit with colours to match the place; a deep Mediterranean blue skirt and top, blue and white socks and white shoes. I climbed the steep steps to the terrace bar, but unfortunately it was empty, so I bought myself a beer and sat at a table to watch the sun go down. Heaven.


After a while a handsome black chap came up to the terrace. We exchanged smiles and greetings. Turned out he is a Brit too, always a good start  :). He asked if he could join me and, of course, I told him that he could be my guest.


We chatted and soon the conversation got round to the game and what we liked about it - I referred him to my profile, which he had already read!! He confessed that he had a bit of a thing for married women, and when I told him that, yet again, my husband had gone sailing and left me on my own his reaction was, "Handy". This was going to be fun!


He asked me to dance and I was quick to agree and soon I let him kiss me. So cool, kissing and dancing in the bar, with the setting sun as a back drop. He turned me around and his big strong hands curled around my body. I began to melt. Even more so when he began to lightly kiss my neck - oh boy, what that does to me!! I was putty in his hands, especially when he slipped his hand under my skirt and began to rub me through my knickers, letting his finger trail back and forth along my slit. I was sure that my juices must be seeping through the thin material onto his finger. Oh my!! I shouldn't have concerned myself too much about his finger as, next, he slipped my panties aside and slipped a finger into me. Goodness, my thighs began to tremble and my knees went weak. This felt sooo good and he knew what he was doing with his finger, believe me. I was soaked. I could feel him getting hard too, his bulge pressing into me from behind. I had to have more of this!!


He didn't bring me off, but eased his finger out and I took the opportunity to turn around, so that I could grind against his blossoming erection and kiss him deeply. Mmmmmm.




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When we both came up for air, he said that we could take this elsewhere, but that it was a shame to spoil the view. I had to agree, that the view was spectacular so I let him lead me over to a cabana, overlooking the ocean and facing the sunset. I skipped across there like an excite teenager hoping to lose her virginity, kicking off my shoes, rolling down my socks and stripping off my little skirt and top. He was still dressed! Gosh, what was I doing. It might have been then that he told me that he was somewhat well known in the game and practically a porn star here - good grief girl, you've done it this time, I thought, but there was no going back and, to be honest, I didn't want to. 


He led me onto the bed, stripped off his top, then encouraged me to bend over, his strong hands on my thighs as he knelt behind me and started to lick my now very wet pussy. What a feeling! He certainly had an expert tongue, licking at my lips and occasionally flicking my clitty, which responded very nicely indeed! My legs were trembling again and I didn't know how long I could stand his wonderful attention before I either came or fell over!! He took his time, licking and sucking on my lips, all the time the delicious pressure building within me - he obviously wanted to take good care of me and keep going  - which he did until I exploded with am ighty O, my juices gushing all over his face, following which he very sexily referred to me as beautiful. God I was in heaven!!


I needed to get closer to what I was now craving, so we knelt down, kissed and I wrapped my little fingers around his beautiful erection, squeezing and pupming slowly. God I sooo wanted this thing inside me, and soon!! 


I wanted him in my pussy, but wanted to taste him too, so I kissed down his body and lightly pressed my lips to the tip of his shaft, kissed it and then eased him into my mouth. Mmmmm. He tasted manly, so good. I bobbed my head for a while before letting his shaft slide to the back of my throat. I felt a blob of precum ooze from his tip and trickle down my throat. Glorious. I didn't care that I was presenting a rather unladylike view to the setting sun!! 


He seemed to like what I was doing to him, but he soon shifted our positions again, lying down on the bed. I continued to grip his cock as we kissed and then....mmmmmm.....he suggested that perhaps it was time for me to get on board.







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This was IT!!! I straddled him, guided his tip to my lips and slowly sank onto his cock, feeling him gradually stretch me and slide further into me, until I was fully impaled.


I sat on him, rolling my hips and enjoying the wonderful feelings of his cock deep inside me, filling and stretching me. He told me to ride him and I was glad to oblige, bouncing up and down on his rigid manhood. Fuck.


Then he rolled me onto my back and began to fuck me deep and long. OMG. The second O wasn't far away now as he pounded me there, on the terrace cabana. I looked him deeply in the eyes and, between gasps and moans...one word at a time...I told him that my husband had said that if I played with anyone today I was to tell them to pull out of me when the time came. I read his eyes as I gazed deeply into them; they were full of lust and meaning, he obviously had no intention whatsoever of pulling out of me. Fuck - I was filled with alarm and excitement in equal measure. Oh my god - I was going to get creamed. My body took over, I wrapped my legs around him tighter and pulled him in - he was hitting my cervix with every deep thrust and I wanted it. I began to scream YES, YES, DO IT, Do ME and then something that I don't know where it came from, because I am such an introvert and conservative when it comes to sex, something like YES - FILL MY HOT MARRIED CUNT WITH YOUR SEED.


And you know what? He did. I felt him swell even more inside me, if that was possible, and spurt strongly into me, holding himself deep within me, his sperm spewing onto the neck of my married, unprotected womb. FUCK - the very act of him ejaculating in me caused me to explode, cascading over the edge into a second mind-blowing orgasm. 




In the afterglow, I asked him if he had any sperm left to spray me with and, with a wicked grin, he said 'Let's see'. I knelt before this guy who had just fucked me royally and he pumped away until I felt several splashes of warm cum hit my face and chest. So, so, good.


We kissed and cuddled as I collected my things. I put on my underwear and headed out - one load painting my skin and drying in the evening sun, the other inside me, slowly - I could now feel - trickling down my inner thighs. I got back down to the bottom of the steps with a big smile on my face, feeling well and truly fucked. My husband would surely know what I had been doing when I met him off the boat?


I love Santorini - I may have more adventures there!!


Love and light


Lynn xxx  :)  :)


[Note: my partner was aware that I write a diary for the forum and gave his permission for me to take screenshots of our adventure]   







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Last night I invited a special friend back to my place.


I put on some smooth music and then he told me that, in future when he comes to visit, after  putting on the music I should remove my panties, so that he is able to take me whenever he wants to. Mmmm. Sounds sexy to me, and of course I shall comply with his request.


We soon got down to business, we went into the play room, where there are various instruments of lust! We tried the strange green machine, where I lie on my back and he fucks my pussy whilst a large luminous green dildo plunders my bottom! Not the most comfortable to start with, maybe we should have worked up to this?


So we moved to the board - I love this one mmmm - he takes me from behind, whilst I am pressed face first into the rough wooden wall with my hands clamped together above my head. Now this gets me worked up - him too! I can feel him swelling more as he thrusts inside me and my arousal is building too. Eventually I can hold on no longer and he gives me permission to climax, which I do, in great shuddering spasms, as he fills me with his jizz. Oh my, what a delicious feeling. Mind blowing!


I had decided to cook for him, and I had left a pan simmering on the stove, so we went to check on it in the kitchen - but we never got to eat. He took me again - on the KITCHEN WORKTOP! It is so wonderful when a man has such need for you - he was insatiable. (Must remember to clean down the worktop this morning - giggle).


Next we took this outside, onto the beach, and had a lovely long, slow screw in a secluded spot, with the warm water lapping rhythmically against us. This was sensuous and intimate and so lovely. Naturally, we both came again, in a flood of juices and emotions. Afterwards we kissed and cuddled, and I stroked his hair and chest as his head rested in my lap. 


A clean up was necessary! So we headed for my bedroom where I took a shower as he watched. Well he watched for a while, but soon he joined me and took me again, under the hot, streaming water. Lovely.


Just then, I heard my husband's car pull onto the drive, so a quick disappearing act was on the cards!!


Shame, but my guest left me with some great memories - and a belly full of strong little swimmers......hmmmmm, I wonder?


Love and light

Lynn xxx  ;)  :)  :) 

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